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Vastu Tips For Navratri To Invoke Prosperity In Home

Vastu Tips For Navratri To Invoke Prosperity In Home

Vastu Tips For Navratri:

Are you able to rejoice in Navratri 2023 on its nine nights by welcoming Maa Durga and praying for universal power, unity and retention?

If not, what are you expecting because it’s just a few days away from Navratri?

Navratri festivities start with something unique this year. How to wonder? How?

We give you some of Navratri’s fantastic Vastu tips, so you have a friendly and fun festival.

After Navratri Vastu Tips, you can begin the Festival and become the next Navratri Special. Therefore you will do more good with the commemoration of Vastu Navratri 2023!

Vastu Tips For Navratri To Bring Peace & Prosperity

The easiest and best way to improve Navratri’s harmony and happiness is to offer Divine Durga prayers. In addition, you can decorate your puja rooms so that you and your family get plenty of constructive energies to improve your prospect of success.

The Direction Of The Idol

On the first day of Navratri, the idol of Goddess Durga should be placed (Sthapana) in the northeast corner of your home. This will increase the effectiveness of your worship. In addition, sthapana and no other material should be performed on the wooden board.

Devotee Should Face The East & North Direction

During Navratri, devotees should face the East or the Northside while praying to Mother Goddess. This is because the Eastern compass is thought to bring on courage, bravery, and success. During the nine days, all Goddesses should be dressed in red.

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The Direction Of Akhand Jyoti

If you light an Akhand Jyoti for the whole nine days of Navratri, keep it facing southeast toward the place of worship (as per Micro Vastu principles). If you do this, your home will be filled with joy and wealth, and you will triumph over your adversaries.

Chandan: The Source OF Positive Energy

Vastu Shastra considers Chandan to be a source of good energy. As a result, devotees can use Chandan for puja. It has the potential to improve the success of rituals.

The Colour Of Sthapana Place

If you want Goddess Durga’s blessings, store your worship materials in the southeast direction. The room where the Goddess’ idol’s shape is performed should be light yellow, green, or pink.

Remove All Negativities From Home

Make garlands of mango and Ashok leaves and tie them on the main door. It will help remove all the negative energies from your house. It can be done for all nine days of Navratri.

Place A Water Vessel

Fill water in a vessel by the house’s main entrance or shop during Navratri and place a flower over it. Please Place it to the east or north of the entrance. Doing so will lead to results.

Conch Blowing Will Purify The Environment

According to Vaastu Shastra, the Gods and Goddesses are appeased by blowing the conch and sounding the bells. This would result in greater environmental purity. Various bacteria are often said to be killed when a conch sound is made, according to science. Learn more about the conch’s significance.

Keep Your Property Clean, and Welcome Goddess Durga to Your Residence

During Navratri, keep your home tidy and safe. Goddess Durga is said to frequent homes where Ghat Sthapna is performed.

Purify Your Environment by Lighting Dhoop

Dry cow dung and Guggul are combined to make light dhoop. It is said to clean the air and environment of homes and workplaces.

Use the Gau Mutra to attract wealth, health, and happiness.

Cow urine (Gau Mutra) may also be sprayed outside your home to attract money, fitness, and enjoyment. If you feed the cows every day, you will keep all doshas at bay in your home and workplace. Has your life evaluated? Get your free birth horoscope report.

Invite Divine Blessings by drawing Swastik.

During the night, you should draw a Swastika with Kumkum on your doorstep. This marks a lot of heavenly blessings. You can also purchase yantra online to invoke Goddess Durga’s divine blessings.

Do Not Dispose of Puja Waste Anywhere

When you finish your puja and other rituals on the last day of Navratri, make sure to dispose of the waste properly. Mother Nature (Mother Earth) is to be revered with absolute reverence, according to the Vedas.

To Remove The Malefic Effects Of Planets, Read Devi Bhagwat.

It is recommended that you read “Devi Bhagwat” every day of Navratri. This is the perfect time to counteract the evil influence of various worlds.

Chaitra Navratri Tips As Per Vastu

Chaitra Navratri begins to tell you about the first day of Navratri and the placement of Devi Maa’s idol and Kalash Sthapana in Vastu Shastra today. According to Vastu Shastra, both the mother’s standard and the construction of the urn should be performed in the northeast direction of the tower, and the wooden outpost should be used for idol installation. It’s much more relaxed if the outpost is made of sandalwood. Bear in mind that installing idols should never be undertaken around toilets or bathrooms.

If there are any questions about the sthapana, you can talk to an astrologer now!

Aside from that, Vastu Shastra states that when worshipping the Goddess, you should guide your mouth to the east or north. Honouring in the east contributes to enlightenment while worshipping in the north brings financial and grain benefits.

Navratri puja, also known as Vasanta Navratri, is celebrated in honour of the goddess feminine Devi (Durga). It is considered as one of the common revered Hindu deities, pujas and takes place in the month of Chaitra.

The practises and rituals observed during Shardiya Navratri, such as Ghatasthapana and Sandhi Puja, are also observed during Chaitra Navratri.

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