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Top 07 Mantras all Geminis must remember….

Top 07 Mantras all Geminis must remember….

The Sun enters the Zodiac Sign of Gemini – the Twins. Ruled by the planet of Mercury, Gemini is dual, versatile, communicative, expressive, vague and amiable. Gemini individuals are known to possess an active alter ego! Many would ask, don’t we all have? Yes, but nothing in comparison to what a true Gemini has. The Geminian duality of nature is legendary!

(Note – But then, a person’s overall personality also depends on other Astrological aspects, most importantly the Moon Sign and the Ascendant Sign – and thus, a Gemini born may even not be so clearly dual sided).

== Getting back to Gemini – Whatever be the case, the Twins will usually have a marked streak of vagueness, confusion, inability to take sides or a tendency to make ambiguous choices – and yet, they can make wonderful speakers and excellent friends.

In short, to make the most of what they have, and to get rid of what they don’t need, the Gemini must always remember these things –

1. You have a Gift of the Gab…
Whatever people may say, you know you can Talk and Speak. Make it your biggest strength. Your Sign ruler Mercury is the significator of Communication and Expression – so employ its help and gifts to the maximum. If need be, polish your skills with some classes, learn languages and mingle with the right people.

2. Your Strength lies in your Sweet Talk…
Please others, impress others, convince or persuade others or simply out-speak your rivals! You can also use this gift to bail yourself or your loved ones out of troublesome situations – just flash that sweet smile of yours, and talk it out – only a few can do it better than you!

3. Rein in your Duality…
Yes! You know you have two sides – but that shouldn’t necessarily be projected proudly at the world. People like solid, stable and reliable individuals – especially in relationships and professional situations.

4. You can excel in professional roles like Secret Agents and Diplomats..
Given you work on your personality and hone those naturally splendid communication and networking skills, harness your vastly creative side and effectively suppress the vagueness and ambiguity. You will manage well here because you have the ability to wriggle out of tight situations, given your quick wit and original ideas.

5. Stay away from idle gossips and fruitless pursuits
Although, this is true for almost everyone, it applies especially to your Sign, as given your talkative and friendly nature, you may end up getting too deep into such stuff. This, besides wasting your time and energy, may also tarnish your reputation. When you talk too much and with everyone, you tend to give away your vulnerable side to people – do not do that or you may be in trouble. Plus, given your dual state of mind, you may even forget sticking to the same side, you had been a day before – people may then see you as frivolous.

6. Find Stability – as far as possible
A Gemini is often restless and as a result, reckless. Try to find stable, firm ground and foundations – wherever, whenever and in whomsoever you can – be it in profession, relationships, public or personal life. Restrain your restless attitude, and give way to your extra energy by channelising it to creative pursuits.

7. You know how to make the best first impressions!
Whether it’s in love or profession, Gemini are extroverts or at least manage to flash a beaming, confident smile right in the first meetings. And, when that smile and natural charisma are at full display, who can say no to the winsome combination. The problem arises only when you have to maintain that great impression. Given your ingenious nature, that ideally shouldn’t be a problem, though.

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