Gemini Romance

Gemini Romance

Element: Air

Quality: Mutable; Masculine; Positive

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Declaration: ‘I think’

Lessons to give in love: Awareness and intellectual stimulation. Versatility, readiness for experimentation and open-mindedness.

Lessons to learn in love: Appreciation for the intangible, warm and tender side of love.

Gemini Love Personality:

Gemini-born understands, appreciates and values his liberty and new-found independence. Communication is new and very enchanting and intoxicating, as it allows them to catch others’ attention. Most Gemini loves to talk, and manage to leave others struck in the process. Gemini wishes to break the barriers of familiarity. Gemini-born have an intricate quality, which enables them to run faster at the very first instance and explore the world straight away; and thus, comes double mindedness. First Gemini runs away, then after moving some distance, stops and looks back at the security of his/ her home, and is confused between the world that promises a lot and the safe abode, which is quite familiar and safe. Alert, perceptive and versatile, Gemini wishes to traverse the mystical path, and keeps analysing and dissecting the actions of the world. For comprehensive advice on how to go forward in your life with full confidence to choose the right life partner try this online horoscope matching for FREE to take the right decision, or check out our Horoscope based service Personal Ask A Question – Detailed Advice OR Remedial Solutions for Personal Issues.

Love for Gemini is:

Conformity that does bring happiness and pleasure, yet can be a hindrance to complete freedom. In a positive sense, love becomes an enjoyable bond for the Gemini. When negatively viewed, it may cause resentment, as the Gemini may come to view love as restrictive. The negative traits of Gemini – shallow behaviour, glib talking, deception, duality, unreliability – may become pronounced, if a Gemini continues to see love and relationships as binding, mere obligations that are barriers to his freedom and independence. If you are a Gemini, and are prone to such confusing emotions, grab a tailor-made astrological answer to your love questions. You will get a 100% personalised solution to your problem or query based on your Birth Chart - just opt for Love Ask 3 Questions, and get the right solutions for your future based on your Birth Chart (Horoscope), and a reading based on it is most reliable and complete. Find true love now and complete your life! Read more on: Gemini Compatibility

When Gemini in Love:

Gemini are versatile, entertaining, inquisitive and stimulating. Their candid, amicable personalities make them great companions. Spending hours simply chatting and interacting with their loved one is always on their agenda. Gemini, however, are prone to bouts of restlessness and recklessness. Impractical, impatient and inconsistent when under such spells, they may attempt to run away from love. As mentioned above, they are also prone to feelings of duality about love and relationships, they may love the pleasure, amusement and warmth that love brings to them, and the next moment may resent it with full force. If you are in love but unsure of whether the relationship will last for long, you will greatly profit from trying the Horoscope based service Couple Analysis.


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