Gemini Relationship

Gemini Relationship

As a Lover
The Gemini as a lover can be considered to provide you lots of fun and excitement. Gemini-born are enthusiastic, fun-loving, and have a sharp intellect. The beginning talk and discussions are just as important as the actual contact for this Sign, and when it comes to wit, this Sign holds nothing back. Flirtatious and curious, they will spend time with a variety of lovers till they ultimately find one which matches to their intellect and energy levels. The Gemini wants to experience excitement, versatility, and stimulation to feel completely gratified. Once the perfect match is found, they can settle into a lifestyle that is suitable for both for the long term. Try the fully personalised Natal Chart based service Compatibility Assessment Reading to find out if the person you love is cut out for you. Read more on: Gemini best compatibility or find your best horoscope matching for absolutely FREE.

As a Father
As a father, the Twins are loving and caring and treat their children as their best friends, and so the children love them very much. There will be absolutely no generation gap between a Gemini father and his children. His nature is very flexible, and he will give his children a lot of freedom to explore their in-born talents. From time to time, he will keep a constant fatherly eye on his children, and guides them in the right direction. Perhaps his only drawback is that he seeks perfection in whatever his children choose to do.

As a Mother
As a mother, the Gemini is soft hearted and very much attached to her children and so she won't be a strict parent at all. She will give her children full liberty to live their lives in their own way. She would prefer to stay close to her children as their best friend, much like the Gemini father does. She is truly devoted to her children and even if she is working, she will not ignore her children, their studies or their games and hobbies. She wants all-round development for her children. If you want some tips on how to bring up your kids, try the fully personalised Birth Chart based service Parenting Profile.

As Children
As children, the Gemini individual will be very independent, says Ganesha. They will refuse to stay confined to one place or thing or friend. It would be very difficult for their parents to handle them (as their parents are too orthodox in their thinking and not flexible enough to understand them). These children do respect and love their parents but do not want their parents to interfere in their life. They will listen to their parents, they won't rebel but will do only what they want to do, even if they have no clarity about what they want to do with their life and career. For clearing your doubts related to studies, avail the Birth Chart based service Education Ask A Question – Detailed Advice.

As a Boss
As a boss, the Gemini person would be quite lenient, says Ganesha. He or she will not be a strict boss. They believe in healthy interaction between all departments and team-work, and make work as much fun and interesting as possible. They will also invest in technology to make work as easy and efficient as possible for their employees. The Gemini boss will provide all the freedom to their juniors, but will strictly ask for good work and perfection. Facing problems with your boss? Check out the fully personalised Birth Chart based report Boss and You!

As a Friend
The Gemini make good friends as they like to keep everyone in their circle happy, and wish to be in the good books of everyone. They will win everyone's heart as they are the charm of the group and are loving at the core. They won't stay away from appreciating others in friendship neither they will ever stand far at the time of need. They make excellent relations and possibly would have many friends around them. Get the Friendship Report – it is FREE!


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