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5 Zodiac Signs Likely to Have a Love Marriage: Are You One of Them?

Blast from the past: Imagine it is the ‘70s. Everyone is riding long cars and donning bushy moustaches. Bell-bottom pants and fluorescent headbands are a rage, and you are walking down the street with your loved one in your arms. Sounds like a setting of a Bollywood banger, ain’t it? There is one problem, though. One generation was adapting to changing times, their parents weren’t. If you got caught, “Log Kya Kahenge?” was inevitable… That really took a turn like a Bollywood Masala now, didn’t it?

Love marriages were slowly making their way into our culture at that time. Something everyone wanted for themselves, but only handfuls were lucky enough to succeed with it. Five decades later now, (yes, ‘70s are five decades old. Deal with it.) Love marriages are common, less frowned upon, and comparatively easy affairs than what they used to be. Among us, though, there are some who have aced the art over the years. Did you know some Zodiac signs are more likely to have love marriages than the others? Well, the stars (planets, more precisely) don’t lie. Today, we are spilling the secrets out, finally.

Here are five of the zodiac signs that are most likely to have a love marriage:

aries love marriage

The Ram with the Horns as their zodiac symbol stands, Aries are romantic by heart and easily fall for the people they are friends with. Known for their aggressive traits, there are some mellow emotions that they are hiding under their hard shells. You just need the patience to get in!

Aries are also likely to value their relationships religiously and prone to do anything when it comes to maintaining them. If that sounds like a good catch, Aries usually are. All these qualities made them more likely to go for a Love Marriage.

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capricorn love marriage

The thinkers that Capricorn are, they put a lot of thoughts into their relationships as well. They tend to fall for the people they have known since childhood. That means they are also believers of the ‘First Love’, ‘One Love’, and all those dreamy ideas we have heard songs about! Whatever may be the case, they are most likely to stick to you.

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taurus love marriage

This 2021, the bulls are anyways much in the trends! And looks like they are here to cash in the tides as well. While they are known to be attached to their materialistic possessions, they are the same with their people, too. In short, Taurus are as stubborn as they are with everything when it comes to their marriage.

These independent decision-makers are likely to decide for themselves, and there are very few people to whom they will listen to once they have made up their mind. So when it comes to tying a knot, they will go for what they want. Go Taurus!

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sagittarius love marriage

The archers never miss when it comes to bow and arrows, even if they are fired by Cupid. Slaves to their own methods, Sagittarius like to plan their life on their own terms, and marriages are no exception. They are also some of the most romantic zodiac signs when it comes to expressing their feelings!

Since planning is what they like to do the most, they will hate if someone else will plan something as big as their marriage. If you know a Sagittarius, there is a big chance they have decided on love marriage, and there are very few chances of them backing out.

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gemini love marriage

They are a little infamous for not keeping up their friendships for a long time, but hey, cut them some slack. When it comes to relationships, they will be there. Party loving, attention-grabbing Gemini love to marry someone they already know, someone they have been in a relationship with.

They will also be choosy, and will always prefer to marry the partner they choose from themselves. Many a time, it will be another Gemini because it will need an equal amount of tolerance to take the Gemini Tantrums! Though they always make up for everything with their fun-loving nature.

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That’s all folks. These are the five signs, who are likely to shoot for the stars, break the mould, and go for love marriages. However, love is blind and can very well skip a notion or two. At the end of the day, soulmates always find their other halves, one way or the other. On that beautiful thought, it’s a wrap.

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