The Aghori Sadhus in Hinduism

the aghori sadhus in hinduism

Morality And Its Role In Human Civilization

The principles that guide us in differentiating between right and wrong, from good or bad have always been an important aspect of living a sound life. Yes, moral values do play an essential role in living life the way we live, on this planet. There are some who rely on the prescription of the God in elucidating what is right and wrong, some who judge the action with respect to the results it may produce, while some believe that good/bad and right/wrong is very individualistic in nature and that the beliefs may vary from person to person. However, there is a certain sect of people who do not consider established moral values and principles and are not guided by them at all. They are the Aghori Sadhus of India who are basically, the devotees of Lord Shiva!

Life Of An Aghori Baba Ji

An Aghori Baba Ji lives an ascetic life and is often considered to be ruthless, wild and intense, in terms of how he leads his conscious mind. Aghori or Aghora means illumination, which is why they all are associated with living a certain kind of a lifestyle along with performing varied rituals to stay the closest to the realities of life. Do you want to know what reality will you face in your life? Get your Free Astrology Reports and know more about your life. Aghoris or Aghori Babas are the devotees of Shiva and consider him to be the creator as well as the destroyer of all that is. Usually living in and around the crematorium area, they are said to perform rituals and tantras with the dead bodies, though they do not harm anybody in the process of doing so. They are closely associated with Bhairava (a form of Lord Shiva), a Hindu Tantric deity who represents the Supreme Reality. Aghori Babas in India, are found in great numbers, near the river banks of Ganges in Kashi (Varanasi). They are often regarded as one of the most disgusting people as they eat human flesh, drink from their skulls, smear their bodies with cremation ashes, sit on top of dead bodies to perform rituals in the cemetery ground, eat feces, consume rotten meat and drink urine as well! Unlike other Sadhus who are prohibited from performing specific actions, Aghoris do not consider moral values and ethics to be a part of their lifestyle.

There is something known as the 5M concept or Dakshinakara which they follow as a part of their process in reaching the ultimate. They are as follows:

• Madya or consuming wine
• Mansa or eating flesh
• Matsya or eating fish
• Mudra or performing Kundalini Yoga and
• Maithuna or Sexual intercourse

Thus, Sadhus who usually abstain themselves from the above-mentioned attributes, are practiced rigorously by the Aghori Sadhus, breaking the shackles of what is known as being moral and ethical.

Purpose Of Living Such A Life

In spite of living such a bizarre and amoral life, where nudity, cannibalism, indecency, ribaldry, and unscrupulousness is involved, they are yet known as beings who transcend physical barriers in reaching the ultimate. This is because Aghori Babas feel that only by accepting what is real and only by going through the realm of darkness, can one witness the illuminating light of God. While practicing such a lifestyle, they mean no harm to anybody else, but it’s just the way with which they approach life and its possibilities. They believe in indulging in the “Left Hand” Tantric worship where Lord Dattatreya is said to be the founding deity of Aghor. As such, Aghori Sadhus are not involved in the context of the society or how the society feels about them as they are immensely enmeshed with themselves, and their process. They leave the worldly pleasures behind and are totally self-involved, for their own well being. Even though they go through so much austere penance, their only motto is to not divide creation with right or wrong, good or bad, holy and unholy because, for them, undivided attention and perception of the world will make them break through the cycle of birth and rebirth.

The real Aghoris are a sect of people who embrace life as it is, without being judgemental. They get accustomed to whatever others generally consider impure, disgusting and evil. They befriend the darkness, the mystical, the terrible and the magical not with compassion, but with the idea of non-rejection. Experiencing life the way it is, and not being driven by good or spurned by bad is what makes them revolt against the moral orthodoxy that pertains throughout the Indian culture!

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