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The Aghori Sadhus in Hinduism

The Aghori (Sanskrit aghora) are a limited group of ascetic Shaiva sadhus based in Uttar Pradesh, India. They bewitch in autopsy rituals. They repeatedly live in charnel grounds, smear cremation ashes on their bodies, and use bones from human corpses for crafting kapalas (skull cups which Shiva and other Hindu deities are repeatedly iconically depicted holding or using) and jewellery.

Their practices are sometimes considered contradictory to orthodox Hinduism.[2]

Many Aghori Sadhus declare grand esteem from rural populations, as they’re assumed to possess healing powers gained through their intensely eremitic rites and practices of renunciation and tápasya.

We all have to know more or less about morality as per our knowledge of Hindu scriptures; however, The Aghori Sadhu defines morality in a distinct manner. They have their unique way to reach that ultimate state of the human form, which we call” Morality.

The principles that drive us in differentiating between precise and wrong, from excellent or bad, have forever been a necessary aspect of living a sound life. Yes, moral values do play a fundamental role in living life aside; we live on this planet.

There are several who rely on the prescription of God in elucidating what is precise and wrong, several who deem the action regarding the results it may produce, while several others assume that good/bad and right/wrong are extremely individualistic and that the beliefs may differ from person to person.

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However, there is a definite set of the populace who do not contemplate setting up moral values and principles and are not driven by them at all. They’re the Aghori Sadhus of Bharat, who are basically the devotees of Lord Shiva! An Aghori lives an ascetic life and is repeatedly considered to be ruthless, wild and intense, in terms of how he leads his mystic life.

Aghori or Aghora intends illumination, which is why they all are connected with living a definite sort of lifestyle besides performing different rituals to remain the closest to the realities of life. Aghoris or Aghori Babas are the devotees of Shiva and contemplate him as the creator and the destroyer of all.

Usually living in and around the crematorium area, they’re said to compose rituals and tantras with the insensible bodies, though they do not harm anybody in the process of doing so. They’re closely connected with Bhairava (a figure of Lord Shiva), a Hindu Tantric deity who serves the Supreme Reality. Aghori Babas in India are found in grand numbers, next to the river banks of the Ganges in Kashi (Varanasi).

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They are frequently regarded as one of the, more importantly, disgusting natives as they eat human flesh, imbibe from their skulls, smear their bodies with cremation ashes, sit on top of insensible bodies to compose rituals in the cemetery ground, eat faeces, eat contaminated meat and imbibe urine as well! In contrast with other Sadhus who are prohibited from performing particular actions, Aghoris do not contemplate moral values and ethics to be a portion of their lifestyle.

There is something known as the 5M conception or Dakshinachara, which they succeed as a portion of their process in arriving at the ultimate. These 5M have been considered as the prominent factors to reach morality by the Aghor.

  • Madya or absorbing wine
  • Mansa or consuming the flesh
  • Matsya or consuming fish
  • Mudra or performing Kundalini Yoga and
  • Maithuna or Sexual intercourse

Thus, Sadhus who normally abstain themselves from the above-mentioned attributes, are practised rigorously by the Aghori Sadhus, smashing the shackles of what is known as being moral and ethical.

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Despite living such a bent and amoral life, where nudity, cannibalism, indecency, ribaldry, and unscrupulousness are involved, they’re yet known as beings who transcend physical barriers in arriving at the ultimate. This is because Aghori Babas feel that only by accepting what is genuine and only by going through the realm of darkness can one perceive the clarifying light of God.

While practising such a lifestyle, they intend no harm to anybody else, but it’s just aside with which they advance life and its possibilities. They have faith in indulging in the “Left Hand” Tantric worship, where Lord Dattatreya is said to be the founding deity of Aghor. As such, Aghori Sadhus are not entailed in the context of the society or how the society feels about them as they’re incredibly enmeshed with themselves and their process.

They depart the worldly pleasures behind and are self-involved for their well-being. Regardless they get through so much austere penance; their only motto is to not partition formation with true or wrong, excellent or bad, holy and unholy because, for them, undivided attention and insight of the earth will make them burst through the cycle of genesis and rebirth.

When we mention Aghori Sadhu, one thing for sure pops up in our head, and that is their mystical powers. Mainly we all call it Tantra practice.

It has been a mystery about the powers claimed by the Aghori Sadhu. Also, it has been debated if the powers claimed by the Aghoris are genuine or not, but if you see someone practising such activities, then a sense of fright gets in the intellect. What if these powers are real? Whatever it may be, millions of devotees have faith in them and repeatedly worship them for their powers. Let us look into some of their intense powers.

  1. Power related to sexual activities: Aghori Sadhu has an extremely diverse approach. In Shamshans, ban sexual activities is practised by Aghoris. That may even add having Sex with insensible Bodies! (Necrophilia)
  2. Cannibalism: Aghoris are known for their peculiar consuming habits. The peculiar consuming habits add consuming insensible Corpses in the Shamshan. As peculiar as it may sound, but it’s true. They eat the corpses either by consuming them raw or cooked on the seared pyre.
  3. Meditating: Aghoris eat corpses only in a definite quantity. Formerly they assume that they have eaten sufficient to come over here closer to their god; they then begin meditating by sitting on the half-eaten corpses.
  4. Black Magic: Black Magic of Aghoris Calling the DEAD! The Aghoris are devotees of Lord Shiva and Maa Kali. They compose several rituals and are said to even compose Sunless magic! They say that this delivers them the power to heal. They say that due to this, they abscond the diseases in their bodies, but they do not use Sunless Magic on anyone to harm them.
  5. The Tantra of the Aghori Sadhu: The Tantra of the Aghoris.The Aghori entails a lot of sadhana and tamasic rituals that make their practices fairly hard to succeed and understand. They’re not even tantric. They’re farther from all these and much more considerable at times.

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They extract Human Oil from the dead body burning from the pyre and use it as a medicine. These bizarre traditions and lifestyle of the Aghori Sadhu are what incite the crowd into being fearful yet reverent of them. Despite these cannibalistic diets and rituals involving the dead, the Aghoris have the same motive for their practices as any other theist—seeking God. No wonder Aghoris are also known for their practice of medicine.

The Aghori Sadhus claim that they have medicines that can treat some of the most stubborn diseases such as Cancer and even AIDS. This may shock you, but the medicine they use is made from the dead! These patients believe that the Aghoris can treat them by transferring health to their bodies.

Most Hindu ascetics can be broadly categorised into one of two groups – Shaiva sadhus, who are devotees to the deity Lord Shiva, and Vaishnava sadhus, who have dedicated themselves to the deity Vishnu. However, countless divisions and subgroups exist within and beyond these two.

As we know, there are many types of Sadhus or saints in the Hindu religion and of these are Naga Sadhus and Aghori Sadhu. But what is the difference between Naga Sadhu and Aghori Baba? Interestingly the first person to take a bath in Kumbh Mela is the Naga Sadhus.

When we see Aghori Sadhu and Naga Sadhu, they look similar. Even during the Kumbh festival, several people visit the Akhara’s of Naga Sadhus to take their blessings. There is a great difference in the process of becoming Naga Sadhu and Aghori Sadhu, like their ways of doing penance, living, meditation, food, etc. Naga Sadhus are often seen in Kumbh Mela. There are 36 different tilaks that Vaishnava sadhus will use and 14 markings with which they will brand their bodies. However, countless divisions and subgroups exist within and beyond these two.

The genuine Aghori Sadhus are a sect of citizens who embrace life as it is, without being judgemental. They get accustomed to whatever other people overall contemplate impure, disgusting, and evil. They befriend the darkness, the mystical, the abominable, and the magical not with compassion but with the thought of non-rejection.

Experiencing life aside and not being guided by excellence or spurned by bad is what compelled them to revolt against the moral orthodoxy that pertains all over Indian.

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