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TCS Q4 net jumps 44% on strong demand

TCS Q4 net jumps 44% on strong demand

Tata Consultancy Services Limited has found jump of 44 percent on strong demand. Numerological total of Tata Consultancy Services Limited is 2 ruled by Moon, which indicates faster growth. However, the short form i.e. TCS totals down to 1 which is ruled by Sun, quite promising for progress of the company. The current year i.e. 2007 totals down to 9. Combination of Number 9 ruled by Mars with the full name Tata Consultancy Services Limited ruled by Moon is creating Laxmi Yoga for TCS, as Mars and Moon whenever combined give tremendous financial boost. Ganesha feels that not only in 2007 but even in 2008, TCS will progress much more when the total of year is 1. In short, Numerologically Ganesha finds the current as well as the next year to be progressive for TCS.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,