How will Sun Transit in Aquarius Affect Your Zodiac Sign?

How will Sun Transit in Aquarius Affect Your Zodiac Sign?

The Sun is transiting out from the conjunction with Saturn in Capricorn and entering the last air sign, Aquarius on February 13, 2020, Thursday at 3:18 p.m. The Sun will be progressive in Aquarius until March 14, 2020 and then transits in Pisces zodiac sign. The planet will conjunct with Mercury in Aquarius. When the Sun transits into the mentally active and social sign of Aquarius, it’s time to come back out and reconnect with the world. The transit provides an opportunity to step back from our individual identities, and realize that every living thing on Earth is valuable and feel connected with them. A favorable Sun in a native’s birth chart makes the native courageous, majestic, helps to garner respect and blesses them with authority and power. On the other hand, the malefic Sun represents a lack of confidence, arrogance, jealousy, weak eyesight, etc. To overcome the malefic effects of Sun, an individual must carry out Sun remedies to appease the planet and gain benefic results. An individual can also offer water to the Sun in order to overcome the malefic effect of it.

Changes will begin in your life when the Sun is transiting through idealistic the Aquarius! Let’s look at how you can embrace and mark an impact on various aspects of our lives through the powerful transit of Sun in Aquarius.

Effects of the Sun transit in Aquarius on all zodiac signs

Sun is the lord of the 5th house which will be transiting through the 11th house. The eleventh house represents friends and social acquaintances, wishes and dreams.

This period seems to be favorable for you, and you are likely to expand your horizons in this phase. You may bring forth your qualities that have been suppressed for long. All pending projects are likely to reach a suitable conclusion. You may receive promotions and recognition of your sincere efforts on the job or business front. Chances are that some auspicious functions may be organized at your home and your social standing would also increase during this phase. The influence of the Sun in the 11th house shows strong indications of travel, which may be manifested in the form of a pilgrimage. Practical issues permitting, you may even find yourself on a trip to foreign shores. Overall, it would be a progressive period, says Ganesha.

Sun is the lord of the 4th house which will be transiting through the 10th house. The tenth house signifies career, fame, and ambition.

The transit of the Sun in Aquarius may have a direct impact on the matters related to your career. Ganesha feels that the period may be quite eventful for your career. You may get the signals to improve in certain areas or to rectify certain mistakes. But, if you did not take the warnings seriously, then this can be the right time for you to make up for the mistakes. The influence of the Sun in the 10th house expects you to exhibit the right amount of attitude. Ignorance of it may lead to harsher outcomes or a painful transformation process. If you refuse to change or refrain from learning something new – then it can be a rough ride during this period.

Sun is the lord of the 3rd house which will be transiting through the 9th house. The ninth house is a house of religion, pilgrimage, and intuition.

The transit phase seems to be favorable for you and also foresees fair chances of progress to be achieved on the career front. On the academic front, you are likely to perform well. Financially, this seems to be a good year, as your occupation ought to show spectacular progress. If you are employed, you may find yourself tackling challenging projects successfully. Your social status may also be enhanced. You may find yourself going on a pilgrimage due to the influence of the Sun in the 9th house. Chances are that you may attain some auspicious functions within the family, says Ganesha.

Sun is the lord of the 2nd house which will be transiting through the 8th house. The eight house represents inheritances, occult learning, and spirituality.

The transit period may not be favorable for you. You may face financial problems during this phase. Loss of valuables is indicated, but you would try your best to keep them secure. Problems related to joint accounts, inheritances, and ancestral properties can become significant all of a sudden. You may face difficulty in dealing with such issues and may have to strive to maintain your sanity. Alternative therapies are likely to help during this period. The influence of the Sun in the 8th house can enhance your interest in the occult, spirituality, astrology and allied sciences, says Ganesha.

Sun is the lord of the 1st house which will be transiting through the 7th house. The seventh house signifies partnership, open enemies, and lawsuits.

You may feel like a troubleshooter as chances are that problems keep on popping every now and then. The moment you deal with one issue, another is likely to crop up. You may get entangled in legal wrangles. It would be best for you to avoid taking risks as gains are unlikely to materialize during this period. There is a chance that you may be betrayed by someone close to you. Your views on religion are likely to become gloomy. Under the influence of the Sun in the 7th house, your prime concern would be your partner and your prestige, but Ganesha advises you not to worry unnecessarily about them.

Sun is the lord of the 12th house which will be transiting through the 6th house. The sixth house is associated with health, daily routine, and debts.

You may experience constraints at various spheres of life. At the work front, you may also stay under pressure to perform because of the influence of the Sun in the 6th house. If you are not aware of the situations and problems, this period may bring some adverse impact on your career growth. You are advised to keep your expectations low in order to stay away from anxiety and disappointment. There are chances of financial losses during this phase.

Sun is the lord of the 11th house which will be transiting through the 5th house. The fifth house is considered as a house of love affairs, creative self-expression, and bliss.

This transit would give you average results in various areas of your life. Chances are that you get distracted often, hence, you are advised to stay focused. It would be better for you to avoid spending time on futile activities, as this may cause frustration later on. You may also face commitment issues in your love life due to the influence of the Sun in the 5th house. This transit of Sun may enable you to think very differently and you are likely to come up with unconventional and novel ideas.

Sun is the lord of the 10th house which will be transiting through the 4th house. The fourth house represents domestic affairs, family and relation.

You may face emotional challenges during this period. Your social and cultural values may demand attention. There is a possibility of facing conflicts at work or you may have to relocate under the influence of the Sun in the 4th house. Chances are that problems within the family and with close ones may arise during this phase. On the health front too, you may suffer from headaches, joint pains, or blood-related diseases. You may feel irritated due to mood swings. Emotional connections may be at the fore throughout the year, says Ganesha.

Sun is the lord of the 9th house which will be transiting through the 3rd house. The third house signifies mental inclination, communication, and local travel.

Your intellect is likely to be the key to success during this phase. You may earn lots of name, fame, and money due to the wellspring of creativity, and the wide range of ideas that spout within you. Your plans may be executed efficiently, and you ought to progress materialistically under the influence of the Sun in the 3rd house. Despite some problems, you are likely to have social acclaim during this period, says Ganesha.

Sun is the lord of the 8th house which will be transiting through the 2nd house. The house is associated with personal earnings, possessions, and self-worth.

This transit is likely to give you mixed results. Your main focus during this phase would be on family and organizing finance properly. The influence of the Sun in the 2nd house may crop up some issues related to money, joint bank accounts, properties, and inheritances. You are likely to find yourself infusing lots of effort for bringing positive changes in your lifestyle. Chances are that you may not be satisfied with the pace at which you are progressing financially. You may face delay in recovering pending dues, but all these problems are likely to be sorted out in due course of time, says Ganesha.

Sun is the lord of the 7th house which will be transiting through the 1st house. The first house is a house of self, a worldly outlook, and a soul purpose.

During this period, you will focus entirely on yourself. You may feel the need for actualization and also desire a stronger identity. You are likely to define new personal goals in this phase. Your mind would be preoccupied with the thoughts for doing things to achieve new goals. You are not likely to think about others’ expectations and desires under the influence of the Sun in the 1st house. You may find yourself possessed by a strong and unshakable desire to work harder for accumulating material possessions. Keeping negative thoughts at bay would help you immensely. You are likely to emerge a winner on account of the hard work and sincere efforts you put in. But make sure you do not capitulate to health issues on account of all the stress, advises Ganesha.

Sun is the lord of the 6th house which will be transiting through the 12th house. The twelfth house represents unexpected troubles, limitations, and silent sufferings.

You are likely to face a hectic schedule and may find yourself hassled by various minor issues in different areas of your life. People around you may demand you to be on your toes constantly, and pretty soon, that effort is likely to overcome gradually. The influence of the Sun in the 12th house would lead to a consequent lack of energy and is likely to leave you low on vitality. You may also feel irritated and be short-tempered, and those around you may have to bear the brunt of your rage. Your mind may be preoccupied with all these worries, and you are likely to end up losing focus from your goals, says Ganesha.

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