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Sun and Rahu Conjunction in Taurus & Its Effects on Moon Signs

Sun is the yellow dwarf star that holds the entire solar system together. Sun is considered as Rama of planets- Source of Its Power. Amongst the directions, Sun governs the East direction.

In the zodiac wheel, Sun is the Lord of the Leo zodiac sign, one of the biggest reasons for Leo’s strong personality! The Sun exalted in Aries and debilitated in Libra. The influence of the Sun on the body is on our bones. Sun is on good terms with the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, neutral with Mercury, and a Dushman with Venus, Saturn, and Rahu.

In terms of Nakshatras, Kritika nakshatra in Aries, Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra in Leo, and UttarAshada nakshatra in Sagittarius- ruled by Sun. Sun in the 10th house of the kundali blesses to get a high position in a government job, a high place in politics, and elevated public organisations.
Sun is also a significant planet of Vedic knowledge, luminosity, reputation, gold ornaments, eye, heart and headache. Sun will conjunct with Shadow planet Rahu – the Lord of Ardra nakshatra in Gemini, Swati nakshatra in Libra, and Shatabhisha nakshatra in Aquarius.
Rahu is the significant planet for Gaarudi, tantra knowledge; it rules the black market, illegal businesses, gambling, snakes, and relationship with your father.

Rahu is also the significator for Guth knowledge but weakens after 42 years. Rahu is exalted in Gemini and debilitated in Sagittarius. Rahu is friends with Mercury, Venus, and Saturn and enemies with Sun, Moon, and Mars.

So Sun and Rahu are loggerheads, it would be even more interesting to know how two enemies under one roof affect our lives.
The conjunction of Sun-Rahu would transit in Taurus from 14/05/2021 (23/26) to 15/05/2021 (06/42). Sun will transit from 15/05/2021 to 25/05/2021 in Kruttika nakshatra. From 25/05/2021 to 08/06/2021 (08/48) in Rohini nakshatra From 08/06/2021 to 15/06/2021 (06/42) in Mrigashirsha nakshatra, whereas Rahu transits in Rohini nakshatra.

Let us cross our fingers and understand the effects of this transition of Sun-Rahu conjunction on all the 12 zodiacs in detail.
NOTE: All these predictions based on moon signs.

The Sun-Rahu conjunction will transit in Aries and will pass from second place for natives of Aries.

For the natives of Aries, this transition from 15/05/2021 to 25/05/2021 may create obstacles in financial matters. Hence, try to start saving right away, so you have for your rainy days. The period from 25/05/2021 to 08/06/2021 may also be stressful because of finances.
You may experience disputes and conflicts in the family, which may stress you. Hence, make sure you try to resolve issues amicably. Also, try to do yoga and meditation to calm yourself. This time too shall pass!

There may be a delay in ancestral properties tasks; disputes related to ancestral property may frustrate you. Natives doing Sadhana or Aradhna (Atmik or Tantric) may experience obstacles during this time. From 08/06/2021 to 15/06/2021, natives are advised to be cautious about their health, as it may deteriorate, and you may also face bone-related issues. The health of elders in the family may deteriorate and might result in chronic ailments as well.

We suggest you stay away from any legal matters related to the government.

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The transition of the Sun-Rahu conjunction will be in the first house for the bull. This transition from 15/05/2021 to 25/05/2021 may affect your confidence. Whenever you come across situations where you feel low on confidence – be Fearless, remember Doubt kills more dreams than work. Buckle up; you can do it.

Take care of your health, as health may deteriorate. You might experience a decreased morale during this period. Try to enhance your skills, read more books, try to go for walks, stroll in nature! Your nephew, maternal grandfather, and paternal grandmother’s health may also deteriorate. You may experience dissatisfaction and restlessness during this period.

From 25/05/2021 to 08/06/2021, you may experience unnecessary worries and frustration may also see symptoms of depression.

Try to do yoga and meditation to reduce the symptoms, or even speak to your loved ones about the gloomy feeling. Try to take consultation to get out of the melancholy surrounding you always. Due to excessive anger, you may suffer from hypertension. Hence you are advised to maintain your calm.

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For Gemini folks, the transition of Sun-Rahu conjunction in Taurus will pass through the twelfth position. From 15/05/2021 to 25/05/2021, there might be some unexpected expenditure.

Hence make sure you start saving money, try to avoid unnecessary and lavish expenditures. There may be a delay in Government affairs as well during this time. You may have to travel a long distance because of the sudden illness/death of a relative. You might experience some worries related to paternal or maternal relatives’ health.

Your secret enemies may be victorious in overpowering you during this period. Hence, make sure you stay alert and put at all times. Don’t trust anybody easily. From 25/05/2021 to 8/06/2021, you may experience unnecessary mental anguish. Out-of-budget emergency travel or medical expenses can be a source of anxiety.

Make sure you practise yoga and meditation during this time. Try to have calm and soothing tea to deal with the uncertainty faced. Also, whenever you feel overwhelmed, try to journal the overwhelming thoughts.

From 08/06/2021 to 15/06/2021, Gemini peeps should take special care while driving as accidents may be a possibility. Ensure you practice calmness and take control over your anger as it can cause unnecessary distress in your personal/professional life leading to it affecting your health majorly.
There may be some delays in foreign trip-related tasks.

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Cancer folks will see the transition of the Sun-Rahu conjunction in Taurus pass through the eleventh house.
The transition for them will be from 15/05/2021 to 25/05/2021. Be cautious about the health of elder siblings, son-in-law, and daughter-in-law, as their health may deteriorate here during this period. Natives involved in business may experience financial problems, especially related to government work, especially sales tax, income tax may increase.

From 25/05/2021 to 08/06/2021, your elder siblings, son-in-law, daughter-in-law may have health issues or other problems that may cause you to worry.
There may be a decline in name and fame, and due to social notoriety, you may experience anxiety, which may also lead to depression. You may experience anxiety or restlessness due to your ambition not being fulfilled. At work, you may face troubles from your superiors. However, keep yourself strong, as this time will also pass; the planets are continuously moving and changing equations in the cosmos. Times also change, moving to bright and better days.

From 08/06/2021 to 15/6/2021, business class/service class natives may experience stress. Do control your anger, as your anger could have recuperations on your personal and professional life.

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For the natives of Leo, the transition of the Sun-Rahu conjunction in Taurus will pass through the tenth house and will be from 15/05/2021 to 25/05/2021. Folks from the service sector may experience disagreement or conflict with their superiors during this period. You may end up as a target when your boss is in a mood to reprimand at some point. You may experience defame related to your work.
Hence, try to make sure you do not lose your cool at work. Do not get into disagreements with your seniors. Ensure your work is up to date and do not indulge in office gossip, as the blame may end up being on you. Hence make sure you stay away from it. Take care from 25/05/2021 to 08/06/2021 and 08/05/2021 to 15/06/2021, as you may feel frustrated and angry, which may lead to things falling apart for you. Hence, being alert does not make it easier for your enemies to get back at you. If you stay calm, it would be difficult for them to get at you. As bad days give you experience, learn from these days the experience that can help you lifelong.

For Leo business people, government policies or government interference may cause difficulties in their business. Try to be up to date with the government work, and always be on their right side.

For the trader natives, there may be mental anguish due to the competitors. You may be distressed related to the health of your father and mother-in-law. You may be concerned and worried about your social status during this period. For the natives involved in business, impulsive decisions taken due to agitation may backfire. So think before you take any decision.

Unnecessary disputes may happen with father and mother-in-law. So, make sure you take care of it.

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For the natives of Virgo, the transition of the Sun-Rahu conjunction in Taurus will pass through the ninth house, and this transition will be from 15/05/2021 to 25/05/2021. From 25/05/2021 to 08/06/2021., take care of your paternal and maternal relatives, guru, as their health can deteriorate. The health of the father can also deteriorate.

Please make sure you take necessary precautions and also regularly check in on them. You may feel anxious and depressed because of this, but you may have to put yourself together as everything relies on patience and strength.

There may be some obstacles in religious work during this time, and you may see a lack of determination for natives doing Sadhana or Aradhana. For the folks planning to travel abroad, there may be some government interruption. Obstacles may arise for natives intending to marry again, leading to mental anguish because of the last min obstacles.

From 08/06/2021 to 15/06/2021, there may be delays in going abroad for higher studies. However, keep faith and trust within the system and in your talent.

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For the natives of Libra, the transition of the Sun-Rahu conjunction will pass through the eighth house from 15/05/2021 to 25/05/2021. Take thorough care of health from 25/05/2021 to 08/06/2021, as health can deteriorate. You might be concerned regarding the health of in-laws as well. Make sure you are following all the health guidelines, and make sure everyone in the family does.

If going on a long-distance trip, take a driver and not drive yourself, as there are chances of accidents. Do drive carefully, follow all the rules, and also avoid overspending. If you feel unwell or have not slept, refrain from driving. Take no risks. A long-distance trip may be on the cards.

There may be a delay in the legal proceedings related to ancestral property and your partner’s property/finance during this time, leading to controversies making you feel vulnerable and anxious. Make sure you do yoga and meditation during this time and remain positive. Female Virgos may face gynecologic issues. Make sure to keep a tab on your lifestyle if you have ignored diet and exercise. Time to rekindle with them again!
You may be concerned about your in-laws during this period. From 08/06/2021 to 15/06/2021, despite having issues, real estate natives might taste some success. Bearing the fruits of your hard work is always spectacular. It is a good time for natives involved in spiritual practices.
There is another conjunction in the Taurus zodiac sign, and it is Venus and Rahu conjunction in Taurus.

For Scorpio folks, the Sun-Rahu conjunction transition in Taurus will pass through the seventh house from 15/05/2021 to 25/05/2021.
During this period, married Scorpions need to take care of their health. You may feel restlessness until 08/06/2021, so make sure you avoid things that can get worked up and do meditation after you wake and go to sleep. Watch and read light content and not the dark, heavy or ll make you more anxious. There may be a delay in proceedings related to the government, or the courtroom may delay due to obstacles.

In public life, there may be a decline in your name and fame. Disputes and disagreement may be experienced amongst the partners during this period for natives involved in partnership business. Your enemy may overpower you during this period. Try to maintain your calm and be composed, and always work. Make sure you remember you can change things with the right attitude.

Female natives might face urine infection or gynaecology-related problems, whereas male natives might face stone problems. Drink plenty of water; hydration is the key.

Court-related matters may cause you to be distressed. You might worry a lot about your social status and position. From 08/06/2021 to 15/06/2021, natives should be extremely cautious about their health. Think twice before taking any decision. A wrong decision may cause damage.
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For the natives of Sagittarius, the transition of the Sun-Rahu conjunction in Taurus will be in the sixth house from 15/05/2021 to 25/05/2021.
During this period, service sector natives must be cautious at work, as unnecessary friction with superiors may happen. Try to avoid confrontation or getting into arguments with them. There may be some health issues related to maternal and paternal relatives. You must be cautious about your health; there is a chance of falling sick. You may experience pains associated with the stomach or lower back. Keep health your priority.

From 25/05/2021 to 08/06/2021, service sector natives may be mentally disturbed related to their work.

Proceedings related to bank loans, court-related matters may get disrupted, causing you distress. From 08/06/2021 to 15/06/2021, natives may easily succeed in proceedings related to court and bank. Relationships with your help may also improve.

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For the goat, the transition of the Sun-Rahu conjunction in Taurus will pass through the fifth house from 15/05/2021 to 25/05/2021. During this period, you may be worried due to kids’ health. Be cautious about your health as well. As there are chances of health deteriorating, digestive organs may suffer. Be careful about the eating habits.

Do not do anything from outside, and try to stick to light and healthy meals. You may have disagreements with your father lth. Also, his health may deteriorate during this while. It is not a very favourable time for Ishq vishk Pyaar vyaar. The wait may need to extend, as there may be unsuccess in love relationships.

Students may also find this period challenging; even in sports and games, you would experience adversity. From 25/05/2021 to 08/06/2021, you may be worried and concerned about your kids’ health and education. There may be a loss in the share market/gambling.

Due to continuous agitation and frustration, you may experience depression. From 08/06/2021 to 15/06/2021, natives need to maintain calm in their relationship with children and father, as agitation and aggression may lead to bitterness in the relationship. You are prone to hypertension during this period. Extreme control of anger is advised during this period.

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For the water bearer, the transition of the Sun-Rahu conjunction in Taurus will pass through the fourth house from 15/05/2021 to 25/05/2021.
During this period, you are advised to be cautious about your mother and father-in-law’s health, as the chances of their health deteriorating are very high. You may experience issues related to your liver during this period. Make sure you eat food that is healthy for the functioning of the liver. Maintain a balance of nutrition and exercise throughout. You may encounter obstacles in government matters about the self-owned property and foreign trips.

From 25/05/2021 to 08/06/2021, you may be worried and concerned about the health of your mother and father-in-law. Due to properties, higher education, or vehicle-related worries, you may be worried and tense. Try to relax and calm yourself during this time.

From 08/06/2021 to 15/06/2021, Aquarians may be successful in real estate deals. However, they may get success in matters related to self-earned properties. Mother and father-in-law’s health during this period may improve. Higher studies chances may get better. You may get relief from physical complaints of the liver and lower back as well.

All’s well that ends well.

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The fish will see the Sun-Rahu conjunction’s transition in the Taurus pass from the third house from 15/05/2021 to 25/05/2021. During this period, be cautious about your younger siblings’ health, as the chances of their health deteriorating are very high. Ensure you take care of them, keep a tab on their eating habits, and try to let them not consume food that could make them ill. You may experience obstacles and difficulties in court-related matters.

Documentation related to government matters may face disruption. Your secret enemies may overpower you during this period. Hence be alert, and make sure you know and understand people and things around you. Be careful about transportation, as there are high chances of sudden accidents. Do drive carefully, follow all the rules, and also avoid overspending. Be mindful of how you talk or communicate, as it may lead you to difficulties related to your personal life or business.

From 25/05/2021 to 08/06/2021, you may be unnecessarily worried and concerned about elder siblings, neighbours, and friends. You may also be worried about court-related matters, government-related matters, and documentation matters.

From 08/06/2021 to 15/06/2021, elder siblings’ health issues may improve, and you may taste success in matters of court, documentation, and government proceedings. To enjoy the good times, you may go on a long trip. Your secret enemies may face failure during the time. It is a favourable time for writing letters or telecommunications.

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