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Shravan – The holy month

II Om Namah Shivay II
The month of Shravana is the fifth month of the Hindu calendar, beginning from Chaitra and is considered the holiest month of the year. Almost all the days of Shravana month are considered auspicious. The Shravana Month signs the blessings of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. This month is beneficial for those who believe in the glory of Lord Shiva. During this month, Bili patra are offered to the deity and the Bilwastakam mantra is chanted. ‘Shiv’ means welfare. Lord Shiva is considered as the prime Lord in the Panchdev Pujan. In the Shiv Mahima strot, Pushpadant has described him in a wonderful manner. Pushpadant says that though he is the unborn, by his powers he exalted to the position of creator, nurturer and destroyer of mankind. He is also the reason behind everyone’s existence.

All important religious festivals and ceremonies like Bodh Chaut, Nag Panchami, Randhan Chat, Shitla Satam, Janmastami and Raksha Bandhan fall in the month of Shravan. From Shravan Sudh Ekam to Shravan Shudh Atham, ‘Hindola’ festival is celebrated. A swing is made and is decorated with flowers, fruits and dry fruits. Every night the idol of Lord Krishna is placed on it and swung. By chanting the following mantras the devotees offer their prayers.

II Shi Krishna Sharanam Namah II

II Vishnu Shahastra Mantra II

All Gods are worshipped in the form of an idol. But Shiva is worshipped in both the idol and the ‘Linga’ form. One gets salvation by worshipping Lord Shiva. The ‘Linga’ is the symbol of Lord Shiva’s formless nature. From the root of Lord Shiva originated ‘Om’. Hence, when one chants ‘Om’, one indirectly worships Lord Shiva.

Things to do during the month of Shravan

  • Chant Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra.
  • Offer Bili Patra and Panchamrut (mixture of milk, curd, clarified butter(ghee), honey and sugar) on Shiva Linga.
  • Offer Tambul to Lord Shiva and get good results.
  • Wear Rudraksh and use a Rudraksh mala for chanting.
  • Offer darbh (a kind of grass) mixed in water and get rid of diseases.
  • Ablution of Lord Shiva makes your soul pure.
  • By coronating Lord Shiva with the holy water of river Ganges, one can attain salvation.
  • Offer honey, ghee and sugarcane and attain wealth.
  • Offer Naivedya (food) and get blessed with a long and satisfied life.

If these mantras are chanted in Lord Shiva’s temple or in his presence, then one can attain salvation.To Get Your Personalized Solutions,
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