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Saturn-Neptune interesting conjunction in Navamansha

Saturn-Neptune interesting conjunction in Navamansha

Can you imagine a life without mystery and magic, the key ingredients that keep up the charm of our day to day living? You must have experienced a trailer of a spectacular drama of Saturn-Neptune conjunction in Navamansha on November 12, 2007 at 10:34. Your dreams and imagination are ruled by Neptune and Saturn is the planet of limitations. The fragile illusions of Neptune would be shattered after a clash with hard Saturn. Both planets are in fiery sign. Sun is ruling planet of this sign. You might have to compromise with your snooty plans and you were in the swamp.

At the time of conjunction, Moon was placed in Saturn’s Navamansha. On the other side Jupiter, Mars and Venus are in conjunction in Pisces Navamansha. The event was an ideal for the spiritual regeneration of the self. This would intimate you of your inner powers (till the date you may have been little guy for any reason). Saturn is practical and this could make you scared for no apparent reason. Neptune’s roaming without any plan can either make you a focused gazer or you could be a disorganized lock, stock and barrel.

This conunction in Navamansha took place during Sagittarius Ascendant with Virgo Navamansha. One interesting outcome of the Neptune-Saturn conjunction is that nightly dreams may be more lucid now. Through these symbolic images of your inner life, you may be getting valuable and practical guidance from the dream world. The bottom line is that not all of Neptune’s illusions should be acted on as real, and this opposition helps sort that out. And when there comes a time to revisit those broken dreams, you might benefit from Saturn’s reality check. It is a rude awakening to be ejected from fantasyland, but it can be a relief to let go of mission impossible in favor of more attainable goals.

Saturn will become retrograde on December 20, 2007 and will change the Navamansha on January 27, 2008. Once again Saturn will be entering Leo Navamansha on July 29, 2008 but Neptune will leave Leo Navamansha at that time. A conventional astrological reading of Saturn in Leo uses words like “determined” and “creative” to suggest a struggle to express and be recognized. Saturn, on the other hand, has to do with obstacles, difficulties and overcoming them. Leo has to do with celebrated entities and leaders, and when Saturn moves through Leo, such people face new problems-or problems that were until then unrecognized-and are in danger of being toppled from prominence or political power.

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