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What are the planetary configurations that make Roger Federer a peerless champion? Ganesha analyses.

Calling him a great player of the game of Tennis would be a ridiculous understatement, calling him the King of Tennis would still be somewhat unconvincing. May be calling him the Emperor of the world of Tennis would probably be able to do justice to his astounding greatness and wizardry! Roger Federer – the Swiss Tennis champion is undoubtedly a Living Legend and he is unanimously considered the best player of all time. Commentators, players, spectators and the tennis enthusiasts all over the world can’t resist getting enamoured by his brilliance! Naturally, a Leo that he is and also the Leo Ascendant that he has, he is the brightest and most dazzling amongst the contemporary players of the game of Tennis and he has innumerable awards, credits and honours to his name like – the World No. 1 for a stunning 302 weeks, Winner of 17 Grand Slam titles, Winner of the most number of Grand Slam matches (291), being named the Laureus World Sportsman of the Year for a record four consecutive years (2005–2008) and so on! The list of the achievements of this man is the last thing one would want to prepare, as it seems infinitely long and unendin! Such is the wonder of Roger Federer! Obviously, for a person to accomplish so much in life and that too in such a blazing fashion, there has to be some divine script already in place and there have to be some astrological factors responsible. So, Ganesha gets to the roots and lists out some of the greatest highlights in the horoscope of Roger Federer and explains what are the astrological reasons which can catapult a person to such pinnacles of glory! Read on and immerse yourself in the ocean of astrology and find out some very interesting aspects of astrology…

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Date of Birth :- 08 August 1981
Time of Birth :- 08.40 am
Place of Birth :- Basel, Switzerland



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Astrological Analysis of the Highlights of Federer’s Natal Chart:

Roger Federer is born with Leo Ascendant and the Lord of the Ascendant Sun is placed in 12th House with Rahu and Mercury in his Natal Birth chart.

The Yogakaraka planet and the Karaka (factor) of sports Mars is placed in the 11th House in his chart. He has a well-placed and a fortified Mars in the 11th House (Vijay-Yoga/Vijay-Prapti Yoga), which gives him great success in sports and competitive spirit. Mars is also placed in its own sign Aries along with Saturn in his Navmansha chart. It is a great sign for an indefatigable fighting spirit and all the qualities to flourish as a sports person.

The Lord of the 3rd House of strength, fighting spirit, courage, skills and capabilites and the 10th House of success, ambition and prestige, who happens to be Venus is posited in the Ascendant itself and this in itself is brilliant placement and activates the Ascendant in a very positive way.

Roger Federer’s Sixth House Lord Saturn is with Jupiter, the Lord of the 5th House and 8th House and both these Planets are being aspected by Mars, the fourth and the ninth Lord (Yogakaraka). This shows that the Lords of the houses which are important for a sportsman to excel, are all beautifully inter-connected and tuned. The case of Roger Federer is a very interesting case, as there are a lot of points which would appear to be overwhelmingly amazing! For a Leo Ascendant native, Saturn is not considered a very beneficial planet. But, in the case of this Tennis Stalwart, the very Saturn has blessed him with marvellous success and a supremely prominent position in the world of Tennis. As mentioned earlier, Jupiter and Saturn – the lords of some of the key Houses of his chart are in a combination, but, this is not an ordinary combination, this conjunction is a Rajayoga as the Lords of the 5th House and 7th House are conjunct! So, Roger rose to dizzying heights in the very Mahadasha (major period) of one the planets involved in the Rajayoga – Saturn. Moreover, it is said that the glory and position that Saturn blesses a native with shall always be special and distinct from the ordinary or comparatively hollow goodies that other Planets may give. Saturn gives permanent results and these are long-lasting ones, which may even stay for centuries. Thus, it is seen that any person having a favourable Saturn in the horoscope, is most likely to achieve great things in life.

He achieved most of his glory during the Mahadasha of Saturn, which is on the verge of getting completed in some time. So, those wondering about the exceptional success of Roger Federer have a thing to note in his case: when there is a right combination and inter-relationship of planets, with the appropriate placements of the Karakas (factors) and with the required power of the Planets even in the divisional charts and detailed charts, and to complement the above, if the Mahadasha of a key planet is in operation during the important stages of career and life, then the person is sure to achieve stupendous success and prominence! And, Ganesha says that, even astrologically as well as generally Roger Federer is blessed one!

Ganesha wishes a great time ahead to Roger Federer and wishes him a most happy Birthday.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
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