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Rahu Mahadasha Effects & Remedies

Rahu Mahadasha Effects & Remedies

Rahu is known as the most destructive planet as per Hindu astrology which brings many ill effects in one’s life. Anyone who is said to be subjected to Rahu Mahadasha will have to undergo many hurdles in the normal course of life.

One of the worst effects of Rahu Mahadasha is that it makes the native undergo highly unstable and distressed mentally. In many combinations, Rahu has highly malefic effects.

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What is Rahu Mahadasha?

a) Rahu is also known as the demon God plays the role of a mastermind, a magician, illusionist or the one who has huge desires like a luxury, foreign articles, hi-tech things, and everything good in abundance.
b) Rahu Mahadasha is known to last for 18 years. It is a period in which one loses the direction of life and cannot differentiate right from wrong. It is because of this that one gets carried away by different forms of addictions like drugs, gambling, alcohol, etc. and completely gets blinded by the worldly pleasures that one loses the sense of time and religion.
c) It has been seen that the native gets highly influenced by negative or fake people and in his ambition to achieve more wealth that one loses a general sense of good and bad.
d) Whenever Rahu is seen to associate with any planet during Mahadasha, it drains all its energy and leaves it completely lifeless.

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What are the Effects of Rahu Mahadasha?

a) Huge financial losses due to which one may have to settle for a lowly job.
b) Health issues like weakness, asthma, urinary ailments, cough, etc.
c) Strong disagreements with family members, children, and even partners.
d) Mental pressure, a fear of possible cheating by friends and even destruction to one’s family.
e) Fear of people of authority and problems may incur over some fixed property and assets.
f) Many obstacles and hindrances in the way to progress.
g) Sudden loss of wealth and injury due to an accident.
h) Lack of good food and deception by family members.
i) Conflicts with people of the immediate community.
j) Increase in chances of deception by close friends
k) Separation from family members

Four Good Effects of Rahu Mahadasha

a) Blessings in the form of life-partner, children, new house, vehicles, etc.
b) Acquiring new land and properties
c) When Rahu is well placed with its friendly planets like Taurus, Gemini, Capricorn, Aquarius, Virgo, it will lead to great wealth gains, increase in comforts, sudden marriage, foreign travel and even one can expect permanent settlement abroad.
d) Also, it is said that if Rahu is present in the second, third, fourth, fifth, seventh and tenth house in either Venus or Sun sign then it can bring extreme luck and fame.

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Role of Rahu Mahadasha in Rahu Antardasha

a) This phase of Mahadasha generally doesn’t bring good results. You may suffer from mental depression, quarrel with friends, fear of snakes and water, straining relationship with your own people, the tendency of doing suicide and bad company.
b) If Rahu is placed in the Scorpio or Sagittarius sign in your horoscope it may bring more harmful incidents in your life.
c) It will give harmful results if Rahu is conjoined with Marak planets.
d) You may feel lazy, get involved in legal cases, the threat of enemies and experiences a lot of hindrances in your life.

Role of Rahu Mahadasha in Saturn Antardasha

a) This phase is considered to be the toughest period of your life as both Rahu and Saturn are malefic by nature.
b) If you are going through this phase, you need to be very careful and try to avoid legal issues.
c) You may have health issues, face bankruptcy, loss in your business, straining relationships with friends and enemies, harm from your enemies, divorce, adverse effect on the health of children, receive bad news of the demise of your dear ones.
d) If Saturn is well placed in your birth chart, then you can get beneficial results. Saturn in its sign, exalted, friendly placement and in the tenth or eleventh house can give you immense success in your life.

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Role of Rahu Mahadasha in Mercury Antardasha

a) You may get good results in this phase of Mahadasha.
b) You can get achievement and success in your profession, buy a new property, financial gains, chance to travel foreign country, fame and health benefits.
c) If your Mercury is well placed in your birth chart, you can get beneficial results. The placement of Mercury in Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius sign is considered to be good.
d) If Mercury is conjoined with Sun, then you have Buddha Aditya Yoga in your chart. This yoga will give you the knowledge, intelligence, success in science and research and will be gifted by good speech.
e) Malefic mercury can give you bad results like mental unhappiness, loss of speculation, fear and depression.
f) The Mercury in your birth chart should be free from malefic planet Mars, Rahu, Ketu and Saturn to get an excellent result.

Role of Rahu Mahadasha in Ketu Antardasha

a) As both Rahu and Ketu are considered as destructive planets, so this specific conjunction has nothing positive in its store, specifically in mental and physical health conditions.
b) There are many associated complications in physical and mental health. Even the financial condition of the native suffers a grave setback along with many linked problems in relationships.
c) There is an apparently felt detachment from close family members and other close relations. It is thus highly recommended that the native under such a condition should keep away from weapons, fire, poison and all kinds of infections.
d) It is also possible that this period also brings in a lot of misfortune in terms of career. Native can suffer a great loss in reputation in society.

Role of Rahu Mahadasha in Venus Antardasha

a) In contrast to the above, the conjunction between Rahu and Venus is considered as auspicious, and Venus Antardasha is said to lift the negative effects of Rahu Mahadasha. It is said to help the native to overcome all the problems and obstacles.
b) Venus is said to bring to the native a stroke of luck. The native will soon experience a lot of abundances in lifelike luxuries, vehicles, and other kinds of comforts.
c) There is an apparent improvement in the married life of the native. There is also a strong possibility of promotion in this period.

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Role of Rahu Mahadasha in Sun Antardasha

a) If Sun is afflicted by Saturn, Mars, Rahu and Ketu in your birth chart, then you may not get good results in this phase of Mahadasha.
b) During this period of Mahadasha, you may be involved in enmity, legal issues, fear from fire, health issues and ailments related to the eyes.
c) Both the planets are fiery in nature; it may create fear of electricity and thunderstorm as well.
d) You may have issues in your job, demotion in your career and power, position and authority can also be reduced.
e) If Sun in your birth chart is placed in its sign or exalted sign, it can give good results. The Sun in the Kendra Sthan is beneficial and can get success in this phase of Mahadasha.

Role of Rahu Mahadasha in Moon Antardasha

a) If Moon is afflicted by Saturn, Rahu, Mars, Sun and Ketu, you can get the negative effect in this phase of Mahadasha.
b) The Moon is associated with your mind, and so you may suffer from anxiety, depression, panic attacks and obsessive-compulsive disorder due to the malefic effect of the Moon.
c) You may not be able to make firm decisions, aggressive and tendency to do suicide if the Moon is placed in Scorpio sign.
d) You may get involved in a family dispute, loss of money, the problem with spouse and children and difference of opinion with people.
e) This phase can give beneficial result if the moon is placed in Kendra from Jupiter or Jupiter is well-placed in your birth chart.

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Role of Rahu Mahadasha in Mars Antardasha

a) Rahu Mahadasha is highly adverse for the life of the native and brings in many malefic and strong effects which stay on with the native for 18 years.
b) The planetary positions determine what will be the real effects of the Dasha. There are certain remedies which are available, but they vary as per the other planet which is involved. Some astrologers also recommend gemstones to overcome the same.

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