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Rahu Ketu Transit 2020: Effects and Predictions for 12 Moon Signs

The shadow planet Rahu and the malefic planet Ketu are all set to transit on September 23, 2020, Wednesday, and will not change signs until April 12, 2022. Yeet, according to Indian Method, Rahu and Ketu are changing signs Rahu transit in Taurus and Ketu transit in Scorpio.

Rahu will transit in earth sign Taurus and Ketu will transit in water sign Scorpio at 12:54 on September 23, 2020, up to 06:21 on April 12, 2022.

Well, the date of Rahu Ketu Transit 2020 differs as per the Western Method. Yaas, according to True Position Rahu will enter Taurus and Ketu will enter Scorpio on September 19, 2020, Saturday.

According to Vedic Astrology, the nodes of the Moon brings significant changes in 18 months, but it can be favourable outcomes for some and a bumpy ride for others. In the last transit of Rahu in Gemini and Ketu in Sagittarius, there were many rare conjunctions, solar and lunar eclipses, and planets galore. So the upcoming Rahu Ketu transit in September 2020 is worth watching. Why wait? Let us get ready to find out what Rahu Ketu transit 2020-2022 has in store for you.

In this journey, Rahu will pass through three stars namely, Mrigasira, Rohini, and Krittika in Taurus while Ketu will pass through Jyestha, Anuradha, and Vishakha stars in Scorpio.

Rahu, the north node and head of the dragon indicates lust. On the other hand, Ketu, the south node and tail of the dragon keeps you detached from the materialistic desires. The combination of Rahu and Venus-ruled Taurus sign may help you elevate your creativity and attract wealth. This inspired creativity can make you ambitious and make you prone to find new ways to build wealth in this transit period.

The combination of Ketu and Mars-ruled Scorpio sign may bestow focus, out of box thinking, and detailed insights in finding solutions to all problems. You may accept new challenges willingly. This may help you to improve and progress in the field of your interest. Also, you may feel inclined towards spirituality.

The impact of Rahu Ketu transit is likely to be intense on everyone. But it may be more challenging for Taurus, Gemini, Scorpio, and Sagittarius signs. So guys, now it’s time to delve into the effects of Rahu Ketu Transit 2020 on your Moon Sign.

A practical approach in the family business is a piece of advice for those who are connected with the family business, as it may help you in making appropriate decisions. Working patiently and avoiding hasty steps for business expansion is likely to be a smart move during this transit period. Although a few of you may have heated arguments for inheritance related matters at the family front, it is best to avoid them for the time being. You may go for long-term investments, as you are likely to get a favourable return in the long run. Hence, it is best for you to short-term investments due to feeble chances of getting promising gains now. However, it is advisable to have proper rest because you are likely to feel tired due to work pressure and burden. Get ready for facing some obstacles if you are in search of a soulmate and planning to have a lifetime network.

At the workplace, you are advised to watch your words and be thoughtful while conversing with colleagues and senior officials in this transit phase. Constant issues with business partners and subordinates with no reasons are likely to arise, and hence it is advisable to handle them tactfully. Else it may affect your professional relationships, and in turn, impacting your business. Strict discipline in terms of spending is suggested to you as your expenses are likely to increase. You may feel worried due to financial and inheritance related issues. There may be challenges in maintaining healthy relations with your beloved ones, so it is best for you to spend quality time and negate all misunderstandings. Health issues may disturb your schedule and daily tasks. Taking proper care of your health is the right thing to do during this transit period.

This phase may demand to handle the situation practically and tactfully, This may help you to fix it in your favour. On the career front, there are chances of some constraints in your career as it may hamper your professional progress. Additionally, the influence of Rahu in the first house may demand you to pay more attention to personal relationships. Those who are in committed relationships may need extra attention to avoid problems. Challenges are there in maintaining a better well being for a few of you. So a healthy diet, proper rest, and routine exercise may immensely be needed to keep fit. Your energy level and vitality may not match your usual standards. For this, practising yoga and meditation may do wonders for you.

Level of uncertainty may start diffusing here on some occasions, so it is advisable to be prepared for it. Constant issues between you and beloved may arise in this phase, which you may overcome with undue patience. Spending quality time with your partner may be helpful to grow intimacy and clear all misunderstanding resulting in a strong bond. However, you are suggested to continue putting your sincere efforts, as it is likely to help you in fulfilling your financial desires. Yoga and Pranayam may be the best choice to reduce mental stress and anxieties that you may face in this transit phase. Additionally, extra care may be required for handling your love life. You may not get the desired response from your partner, but rest easy and wait for the favourable time.

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Avoid risky investments or projects to save yourself from financial losses. Scrutinize all the ideas of getting quick gains to refrain the losses likely to happen in this phase. Investment decisions are suggested to be taken after forethought, so that you may not have to regret later. Natives working import-export sectors may have a favourable time, as the influence of Rahu in the 12th house is likely to bring some better professional opportunities for them. Take a front seat and stay focused on your goals, as the transit foresees the chances of stiff competition and resistance at the workplace. Unexpected expenditure or commitment pressure may be there when Rahu is passing through the 12th house.

Overall progress at the job front may get affected due to the health issues related to seasonal changes. Avoiding junk and doing light exercise and taking all other precautions that may help you to keep fit is suggested during this transit phase. Moreover, focus and sincere efforts may help to get success in your daily tasks. Adopting a practical mindset while signing business deals is advised to professional experts. Stepping forward with systematic planning is the best thing to do for avoiding problems during this transit phase. Some old health issues may resurface during this period, so it is advisable to take necessary precautions. Your love life is likely to remain neutral and hardly flourish.

You may expect a promotion at higher elevation and growth at the job front during this phase. Your business may boom. Signing profitable deals at the professional front may happen under the influence of Rahu on the 11th house. So it is advisable to make the best of it. Domestic and international trips may be there in this phase, so be ready for it as these travel plans are likely to be beneficial for your professional growth. It’s a time of joy to behold for past investments as this may real better financial returns now. Your immunity power may boost and likely enjoy a healthy life. You are likely to regain your vitality and also be more productive in everything you undertake.

Unknown fears and insecurities in your relations may be there, and hence it is best for you to control them. The influence of Ketu in the 5th house may help to maintain cordial relations at the workplace. This period may not allow you to settle down in a meaningful relationship, so you are suggested to postpone it. The proper analysis may be required while making crucial investment-related decisions to avoid mistakes as it may lead to heavy losses. It is advisable to drive carefully in this transit phase, as there are chances of some accidents or injury. Your health may demand strict discipline and proper precautions to keep fit.

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Cordial relations with your senior officials and immediate bosses may be maintained effortlessly during the transit of Rahu from the 10th house. You may be able to crack some favourable professional deals, so guys go for it with proper analysis. Harmonious relationship with your beloved is foreseen as you may not miss a single time fulfilling their desires. In case you are facing some health issues in the recent past, rest easy, your health may improve during this period. Systematic investment is likely to be a favourable choice at this moment.

You may maintain cordial relationships with colleagues, immediate bosses, and senior officials at the job front, only if you put sincere efforts for it. There may be constant disturbances in personal life in this transit phase. Proper analyzes and having forethought before investing in real estate and domestic projects are advised. Mixed results in terms of financial inflow may be experienced, which may make you feel frustrated at times. However, it is suggested to take care of your health as ignorance may enlarge later.

You may feel fatigued as responsibilities at the workplace may enhance. So be mentally prepared with high morale to fulfil everything with high efficiency. Some changes are likely to be experienced in this transit phase. There are chances of internal transfers, or you may have to change your location. At times, you may feel frustrated as your partner may misunderstand your emotions despite the clarity of thoughts and sharing of feelings. In such a situation, it is advisable to spend quality time to control your frustration and patiently clear up everything. You may need to control extravagant tendencies and have prior planning at the finance front. Seasonal changes may affect your progression and growth, so it is suggested to keep a watch on these changes and take the required precautions. Investment and transactions in real estate should be only after proper analysis as it saves you from making any wrong decision.

Hard work and sincere efforts only help you to achieve success. Be confident in business meetings as they are likely to remain fruitful for future prospects. Finance and money may remain favourable because Ketu transiting in 3rd house may help you to strengthen overall financial status. This may be a promising phase for building new financial strategies and reviewing all prior plans. In case you have feelings for the potential one, then you are suggested to express it to them. You are likely to get a positive response from your beloved.

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Desired success may come your way only if you put extra effort and work relentlessly to achieve it. Emotional/physical distance in your relationship with your partner may be there during this phase, so plan to spend quality time. Limited income or income resources may frustrate you at times. Natives facing disputes related to inheritance wealth are suggested to handle matters with proper systematic planning. You may face viral infection under the influence of Rahu in the 8th house, and so it is best for you to take due precautionary measures to save from it. Surya-Namaskar or Yoga may help you to boost your immunity level.

There may be unwanted arguments with your senior officials or associates, so you are suggested to be careful of it and try to avoid as much as possible. Business progress may remain slow but steady. In such a scenario, being patient and keep working on your routine plans may help you a lot. It is advisable to watch your words and observe your dialogues, especially while interacting with your friends and family members. Avoid being extravagant and taking care of pecuniary changes is advised on the financial front. Having prior financial plans may help you a lot. Health issues may come up, and so precautions are the best way to save yourself from it.

For the next 18 months, it is advisable to avoid new startups/joint ventures. Proper analysis is needed before initiating new tasks or projects to accomplish it efficiently. Keep calm and composed while interacting with close ones to avoid all possible disputes and misunderstandings. This may be a favourable time to understand the likes, dislikes, and thoughts of your loved ones as Rahu in the 7th house may help you to strengthen your bond. Additionally, it may help you to eliminate past issues between you and your partner if any. Your partner may take uncertain time to settle down with you, which may create confusion for you. It is best for you to give complete space to them until they feel secure and comfortable. Unnecessary expenses may disturb your financial planning during this phase so try to have control on it.

Avoiding arguments with your colleagues, subordinates, and immediate bosses at the workplace is a piece of advice during this phase. Career progress may get hampered, but rest easy with sincere efforts and determination, you can come out from this challenging situation. Tackle emotional issues between you and your loved ones with patience and having proper forethought as they are too sensitive to deal with. Your health and vitality may not remain average, which may have an impact on your productivity at the job front. Additionally, your energy level may fluctuate. But stay cool, with required precautions and a healthy diet, you may optimize it.

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This may be a favourable time to remain involved in tasks diligently and have an eagle’s eye to achieve your goals as the influence of Rahu may help you to win over your hidden enemies at the workplace. So there may be hardly anything that can stop you. You may confront some problems with ease and may also manage the issues smartly. It may be a time where you can expect a compatible and cooperative response from your partner. The source of money inflow may remain satisfactory during the transit of Rahu from the 6th house. Your powerful immune system may help you to recover fast if you are having any health issues.

It’s time to depend on your efforts only as your business associates/partners may not help you in your professional progression. So be confident in your abilities and continue working relentlessly. Uncertain cash inflow may hamper your financial commitments. So it is best for you to have prior plans. You are suggested to avoid crucial financial related projects that may give only short term return. A thorough analysis of deals may save you from committing mistakes. Feeling uneasy and having a low energy level are likely to be on the cards. Drinking ample water and healthy drinks at regular intervals may help you to stay high spirit and keep fit. Some temperamental problems may raise stress levels resulting in health issues.

Avoid new business start-ups/expansions in this phase, as you may not get favourable results. Maintaining cordial relations with your business partners/vendors/customers may be challenging, but patience and sincere efforts may help you a lot. There may be emotional turmoil in relationships on some occasions, which may cause distance. However, you can plan for a date or go on a trip with your beloved later and sort it all out. The difference of opinions with your partner may create friction in your love life. Hence you are likely to feel stressed at times. This period may bring some commitment pressure.

Forget all setbacks in the past, your performance may improve at the job front. Ketu transit in the 11th house helps you to get good support from your seniors and subordinates can be expected. This may be a good time for long-term financial planning and strengthening your financial status. So try to have a proper investment plan for your handsome earning. Trip at a romantic destination may strengthen your bonding between you and your partner. Your vitality and energy level may start to become more powerful. It is best for you to channelise in the right way. You are likely to give electronic gadgets to your beloved ones. All crucial investment decisions may remain promising, and hence making it out the maximum from this phase is a smart thing to do.

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Burden of responsibilities in personal and professional life on your shoulders may make you feel tense or worried. Your routine tasks may get hampered due to some constraints, but focus and determination will always help to fulfil your goals. Take an expert opinion before making vital investment-related decisions as short term gains are less favourable now. Couples are suggested to avoid lengthy discussions/arguments as it may keep you stressed and hamper your relationship. It is advisable to have strict discipline in financial matters and keep a watch on your expenses. Otherwise, you may face problems in maintaining your budget. You are advised to take care of your health in this transit period.

You may be high-spirited with a healthy and positive mind, and this may help you to work relentlessly at the job front. In these 18 months, businessmen may purchase new land, property, or office. Investing in real estate, agriculture, or domestic projects may reap favourable returns later. You may have an inclination for socializing with friends and relatives. Those who are feeling low spirited, cheer out now, as you are likely to regain your vitality under this transitory influence. Additionally, your productivity may also enhance at the workplace. Over the top of this, you are likely to control the majority of your stress level.

Some opportunities for growth may come in your career so go for it. Make the best out of the projects as even crucial business deals may remain profitable during this phase. Financial security and stability are likely to be foreseen when Rahu is passing through the 3rd House. Family relations and marital life may remain harmonious as misunderstanding and arguments may hardly arise. In case there is any, it is likely to sort out soon. Plan for short-distance travel or trip if possible because it may help to boost your emotional bonding. Finally, your overall productivity and enthusiasm may also enhance.

At the workplace, there may be challenging situations during this phase, which you need to handle tactfully. Some kind of viral infection may catch you, and hence it is advisable to take proper precautions and have a healthy diet. Hard work with full endeavours is required to achieve expected financial rewards. Those who are facing disputes in family-related matters are suggested to have peaceful communications with your close ones. You need to control your dominating nature in the love life and try to see a situation from your partner’s viewpoint. Otherwise, you may mess up everything. You may tend to be very demanding during this period, so it is best for you to channelise properly. However, it is suggested to follow a strict diet plan and light exercises.

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