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Want a stable love life – check your Punarphoo Yoga!

Want a stable love life – check your Punarphoo Yoga!

Every living being desires to remain happy and contented all the time. Each one works towards the same too. But then too, there are phases in life when people have to face problems and struggle a lot in every aspect. In such a situation, one takes shelter with India Vedic Astrology which suggests the effects of yoga, doshas and the related remedies. Yogas and doshas are just planetary combinations present in the horoscope. One such yoga is the Punarphoo Yoga.

The conjunction of Saturn and Moon forms the Punarphoo Dosha in Astrology. While Moon indicates the mind and sensitivity towards home and family, Saturn is the indicator of discipline, rejection and delay.

When sensitive Moon conjugates with harsh Saturn, the Saturn seals the positive qualities of Moon. This results in turbulence in the peace and harmony, love and sensitivity in the relationships.

  • The native may feel. lack of emotional satisfaction from your life. Emotional insecurity is dominant.
  • The native becomes selective about relationships. He/She may feel the lack of love from the mother.
  • The native may get diverted towards spiritual deeds only as he finds peace on that path.
  • The individual may think excessively which may affect his psyche.
  • The individual may lose interest in the worldly pleasures and materialistic needs too.
  • The native ends relationships quite often without any valid reason.

During the college days, we often hear and see that two people fall in love. But very soon they break up and move on. Is this their character or there is something in their Kundli that forces them to do so? According to Love Astrology, many planetary combinations can lead to a broken relationship. Punarphoo Dosha is one of the culprits in a broken relationship.

The seventh house in the birth chart is the house of relationships. The Punarphoo Dosha has greater influence if Saturn is posited in seventh house and Moon is the Lord of Seventh house. Under the influence of this dosha, the native’s mind does not get stable and he/she might break up the relationship abruptly. The person does so without any valid reason. Such people are quite unpredictable and are often confused about their relationship status. Hence, it is advisable to look for the Punarphoo dosha while matching horoscopes for marriage.

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Since every individual desires for stable love life and married life, the presence of Punarphoo Dosha can be a great disappointment for the native. Hence, the individual tries to mitigate it as soon as possible by the below-given remedies.

  • The native should perform the Punarphoo Yoga Shanti Tantrik Puja.
  • Punarphoo Dosha Shanti Puja negates the effects of this dosha and promotes the wellbeing of the native.
  • One should conduct the Punarphoo Yoga Dosha Nivaran Tantrik puja to reduce the malefic effects of shani and Chandra and enhance the benefits of Saturn and moon.

One thing should be kept in mind that if Jupiter aspects in the Moon, the effect of this dosha is profoundly reduced. Also, if Saturn and Moon do not have direct connection with the seventh house, then the result may be different.

Is it correct to break up with a person who has Punarphoo Dosha in his Janampatri, even if he/she is a gem of a person? The qualities that once attracted you, have they become a reason for strong repulsion? The decision is left to you. But remember there are remedies for Punarphoo Dosha available in astrology. Love makes you understand the person, not his doshas. Nobody is born perfect, not even we ourselves. So, focus on the positive qualities and don’t worry about the doshas in the horoscope of your lover or spouse.

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