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Planets and Gemstones

It is known that planets affect our energy levels, and thereby, our lives. As per principles of Vedic astrology, gems, also known as precious stones, gemstones and ratnas, are associated with nine planets, namely Mercury, Venus, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu and Moon. The therapeutic powers that the gemstones possess help balance the planetary effects and thus enable us to deal with problems on the physical, mental and spiritual plane in a better manner.

Since they absorb and radiate varied energy, gemstones have different effects on the human body. How the gemstones will affect a person depends upon the planetary transits and placements in his/ her birth chart. And therefore, it is necessary to use the gemstones correctly and as per the guidance of an expert astrologer otherwise they may generate reverse results. The expert astrologers at GaneshaSpeaks.com also advocate the fact that choosing the right gemstones is more important than wearing them. Gemstones should never be worn on experimental basis, as they can cause more harm than good if not chosen wisely or worn correctly. Buy authentic and energised gemstones from our Store. Also, if there have been issues regarding career or business, wealth or property matters, don’t hesitate to seek Remedial Solutions & Speak to our Astrologers.

There are a number of gemstones, but let’s have a look at the main ones, and also which planets they are associated with.

Sun – Ruby. Sun is the signifier of health, self-confidence, assertiveness and independence. Ruby represents the powers of the Sun and gives you name, fame, command over life, virtue, vigour and helps enhance lifestyle as well as status.

Moon – Pearl. Moon governs the mind, moods, emotions and contentment in life. Pearl is said to have the power to eliminate evil effects of the Moon. It helps you improve your mental strength, popularity fortune and health.

Mars – Coral. Mars influences your drive to make a mark in life and ability to take things over the finishing line. Experts believe that the red coloured Coral, the precious stone that represents Mars, instils courage in the person who wears it. It also ensures material pleasures.

Mercury – Emerald. Mercury governs intelligence, commerce, investments, education and ability to handle things tactfully. Emerald, the precious stone associated with Mercury, improves brain power and faculties associated with it.

Jupiter – Yellow Sapphire. Jupiter is the planet that governs good fortune, wealth and success. It also gives strength, vitality and immunity. Yellow Sapphire, which represents Jupiter, has many healing powers and thus improves one’s health. It also helps better financial status, increase bank balance, wealth and status.

Venus – Diamond. Venus is a planet that symbolises love, romance, charm, beauty and controls the reproductive system. Diamond, which represents Venus, helps enhance marital bliss, mental and physical purity and promotes happiness, wealth, artistic ability and creativity.

Saturn – Blue Sapphire. Saturn is known to instil stability in life, bringing good reputation, success, and prosperity. Blue Sapphire, the ratna associated with Saturn, helps enhance wealth, health, happiness and prosperity. It gives you protection from danger and increases detachment.

Rahu – Hessonite. Rahu’s positive effects include heightened awareness, detachment, popularity and self-fulfilment. The gem associated with Rahu is Hessonite, also known as Cinnamon stone. This gemstone helps defeat opponents, remove obstacles, and promotes peace of mind by removing mental stress.

Ketu – Cat’s eye. Ketu is a planet of wisdom and aids the cultivation of spirituality. Cat’s eye, which represents Ketu, helps improve psychic and spiritual perception. Besides, it protects you from dangers and hidden enemies.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team