Angarak Yog: Why Mars With Ketu Is Bad News For Everyone?

Angarak Yog


Mars, in Vedic astrology, is considered an aggressive planet. Even in Roman mythology, Mars was the God of War! However, this time, Mars, the planet has entered Scorpio and met the shadow planet Ketu on Dec 5. When Mars comes in contact with a shadow planet Rahu or Ketu, it forms Angarak Yog. And if you haven’t guessed it by the name, Angarak Yog is not the Yog you would want to happen often!

But now that it’s here, let’s see how it’s going to affect the world, and on an individual level, our zodiacs, as per the moon sign.


What Makes Angarak Yog Scary?

Angarak Yog brings aggression. It promotes violence, accidents, and all the aggressive incidents you can imagine. It can spoil relationships among lovers, and unfavourable incidents are also a possibility.

Natural and man-made disasters can also occur under the influence of Angarak Yog. However, there is one light at the end of this gloomy tunnel: after Jan 16, 2022, the effects of the Yog will subside when Mars moves out of Scorpio.


Effects of Angarak Yog on Zodiac Signs

These are some of the effects Angarak Yog will have on the world. However, what does it bring to your individual sign? 


Effects of Angarak Yog on Aries

You may have health-related problems due to the negative effect of Angarak Yog. It is advisable to be careful and follow all the traffic rules while you drive. Women are likely to face problems related to throats, especially with their vocals.


Effects of Angarak Yog on Taurus

For Taurus, the going is likely to get tough. You may face problems in your relationships, be it with your spouse or a business partner. It is also advisable to be careful about your public life and social presence.


Effects of Angarak Yog on Gemini

Gemini natives are likely to share health-related problems under the influence of Angarak Yog. During this time, there also may be some issues between colleagues in the workplace.

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Effects of Angarak Yog on Cancer

With Cancer, Angarak Yog can affect your business or job. You may also feel a drop in your performance and efficiency in the workplace. Moreover, you can face problems in your love life, too.


Effects of Angarak Yog on Leo

Leo natives may face issues related to property under the influence of Angarak Yog. This is likely to disrupt the peace for the Leo natives.


Effects of Angarak Yog on Virgo

This inauspicious Yog can bring the issues between the siblings for Virgos. You are also advised to not begin a new project during this time. Check the right date and day to start anything auspicious, with accurate Hindu Panchang.


Effects of Angarak Yog on Libra

For Libra, Angarak Yog can affect your finances adversely. If you are planning an investment during this time, it should be avoided.


Effects of Angarak Yog on Scorpio

Since the combination is taking place in your sign, you are likely to lose your temper more often. It is advisable to keep that under check. Women are likely to face gynaecological issues during this time.


Effects of Angarak Yog on Sagittarius

With Sagittarius, Angarak Yog can affect your finances. You are likely to spend more during this time, and a large part of your expenses may be medical!

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Effects of Angarak Yog on Capricorn

Capricorn natives may not gain whatever they are expecting out of this period. Moreover, relationships may take a left turn with elder siblings. Those who work in real estate should be extremely careful.


Effects of Angarak Yog on Aquarius

Angarak Yog may bring adverse effects for Aquarius natives, too. It is advisable for them to not start any new ventures or projects till Jan 16.


Effects of Angarak Yog on Pisces

Pisces natives may face issues related to travelling under the effects of Angarak Yog. You are also likely to get inclined towards religion more during this period.


Angarak Yog Remedies: What You Can Do?

There’s always a way in Vedic astrology to get through the trying times. Angarak Yog is considered one of the most feared Yogs in astrology, but there are ways to lessen its effects. You can offer Durva grass to Lord Ganesha during this period or help a person in need or someone differently-abled. And all this while, do not forget to keep your temper in check!

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