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Know How To Make Your Life Better During The Upcoming Lunar Eclipse

Know How To Make Your Life Better During The Upcoming Lunar Eclipse

The open sky has always been mysterious for the people. Even today much remains to be explored. Perhaps, as the universe is infinite so its study will also never cease. It may go on & on and may even become the measurement standard for the development of human progress. Well, that’s about scientific development. But for many people, the sky is not just about Astronomy and Astrophysics. The sky is the canvas of imagination, an entity which sparks huge energy and creativity. And when we talk about the open sky, we are bound to think about the Sun and Moon. These two celestial bodies have occupied a very important position in human actions and imagination. And indeed, Solar and lunar eclipses are spectacular occurrences in the open sky. These are the events when Sun and Moon become all the more important even in the Indian Astrology. Well, a partial lunar eclipse is almost here.

India will get to witness the lunar eclipse on the full moon day of Ashaadh month i.e. July 16. This is going to be a Khagras Lunar Eclipse (Khagras Chandra Grahan). The eclipse will begin near midnight between July 16 and 17, at around 1.31 AM. The eclipse will reach its peak at 3.01 AM and will end in the early morning at 4.30 AM. The shorthand period (Sutak Kaal or Sutak Period) will begin 9 hours before the eclipse begins, i.e. the Sutak Period for this lunar eclipse will begin at 4.30 PM on 16th of July and will prevail till the end of the eclipse on 17th of July.

One must know that Guru Purnima also falls on the same day, i.e. 16th of July. Therefore, it is recommended to accomplish all auspicious activities including Guru Pujan (Honouring the Gurus/Masters) before 4.30 PM on July 16.

Apart from India, this Lunar Eclipse will be seen in most parts of Australia, Africa, Europe, North and South America and Asia (excluding North-East part of the continent).

At the time of setting of the moon, the eclipse will be visible in some parts of New Zealand, east of Australia, North and South Korea, North China and some parts of Russia while the people of Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, West Brazil, Peru and North Atlantic Ocean will witness this celestial phenomenon at the time of rising of the moon.

1. Do not apply oil to hair, have food and water, keep your hair open, engage in intercourse, brush your teeth, wash clothes, open locks during the time of the eclipse.
2. Do not – sleep during the eclipse period, sleeping at the time of eclipse invites illnesses. Bowel movement during the eclipse increases the possibilities of the problem of stomach worms. One must also not get a massage.
3. Do not eat. It is mentioned in the Devi Bhaagvat that people who take food during the period of solar or lunar eclipse get affected by the stomach and digestive problems. They may also suffer from dental or eye problems. Therefore one must have his/her food 9 hours before the eclipse, while the children, the elderly and the sick should have their food 3 hours before the eclipse.
4. Do not pluck flowers, leaves, grass and branches of trees or plants on the day of the eclipse.
5. Do not eat someone else’s food at the time of the eclipse. As per Skanda Purana, it ruins the rewards you have earned out of your good deeds.
6. Do not initiate new or auspicious work during the eclipse.

1. One should take a bath before the eclipse begins and worship God, do Yagya and engage in chanting.
2. The most revered Maharishi Ved Vyas has said that the good deeds like charity, meditation, chanting etc. done in the lunar eclipse, multiplies itself and its rewards by one lakh times and by ten lakh times when done in a solar eclipse.
3. One should chant Guru Mantra or mantra of the God or simply chant the name of God at the time of the eclipse.
4. After the end of the eclipse, one should take bath and offer some gifts or donation to the Brahmins.
5. When the eclipse ends, one should get rid of all stored water and cooked food. One should fill the water pots with fresh water and cook new food.
6. One must take food only after the solar or lunar eclipse has ended completely.
7. One should wash all the clothes that he/she has touched during the eclipse period and he/she should also take a bath.
8. One should feed the cow and birds and donate clothes to the needy during the eclipse, it is considered to be auspicious and believed to pay back by multiple times.

1. A pregnant woman must not watch the eclipse as it is known to affect or harm the body organs of her child in the womb. The child may become physically challenged. Besides that, the possibilities of miscarriage also rise as a consequence of watching the eclipse.
2. To protect herself and her unborn child from the eclipse, a pregnant woman may apply the paste of cow dung and basil leaves on her stomach. This shield keeps Rahu-Ketu away from her and her child.
3. A pregnant woman should not cut anything with a knife or scissor during the eclipse period. She should also not engage in sewing clothes at that time. It is said that such activities lead to severe damage to the unborn child’s body organs.

This lunar eclipse will have its adverse effects on 8 sun signs viz. Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn. People belonging to these signs are therefore advised to be careful. Cancer, Libra, Aquarius and Pisces are predicted to remain unaffected by this eclipse.

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