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Moderate quake shakes Saurashtra

Moderate quake shakes Saurashtra

A moderate earthquake jolted Saurastra region of Gujarat state twice on 6th November. The epicenter was near Junagadh District. The intensity was 4.8 on Richter scale and the first jerk was felt around 5.58 AM.

At the time of earthquake transiting Moon was in earthy sign Virgo in square with Mars and Pluto and hemmed in malefic planets. It has been noticed that earthquake generally occurs either around new moon or full moon. This quake also occurred close to a Full Moon date. Major planets JupiterRahu and Saturn were in mutual angels, which is also a major factor for the quake. Major planets always play an important role in causing earthquakes.

It was moderate quake as there was no retrograde planet involved. Whenever malefic retrograde planet is involved, the intensity magnifies. Mars will be moving retrograde from 15th of November in airy sign Gemini, which looks threatening. And Sun, Jupiter, Rahu, Saturn and Ketu in mutual angel on 17th November with Moon in earthy sign Capricorn and on 18th November Moon entering Airy sign Aquarius in conjunction with Rahu doesn’t look good. We cannot rule out the quake possibility on that particular date. November 24 is also a threatening date. From 19th December Saturn would be moving retrograde and that might increase the risk. December 25, 2007, January 8, 19, 26 of 2008 and February 8 in 2008 are dangerous dates.

Astrology is meant to serve the people and we must ensure the peace, safety and harmony by taking every precautionary measure. The above-written signals are based on some observations and not to make people scared but to make them aware of the hazards.

May Lord Ganesha bless all of us and save from every possible hazard.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,