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Know The Effects Of Mercury’s Direct Transit In Leo On You

Know The Effects Of Mercury's Direct Transit In Leo On You

Dates For Mercury Transit:

Starts: 5th September 2017
Ends: 26th September 2017

Significance Of The Mercury Transit In Leo 2017

Mercury turned direct in Leo sign on September 5, 2017, and will stay there until 26th September 2017. Mercury retrograde was in place before it turned direct on 5th September 2017. It’s retrograde motion had triggered all the unexpected and stressful experiences. Now, it has turned direct and is transiting in Leo.

As Leo sign represents the fire element, this transit is going to inject Mercury specific fiery elements into your life. It also means you may get involved in some activity which requires you to analyze logically to achieve your target. Now, let us see each of the 12 signs, how will they be impacted by this Mercury transit:

[Please Note: The predictions are to be considered according to Moon Sign. But, some effects will also be applicable for the Ascendants. If you want to know your Ascendant/Lagna Sign, click here.]

First Half As Mercury turns direct in Leo, during the fast half, your focus will be to improve your relationship with your near and dear ones. Besides, you will get concerned about your health issues. You may also plan to travel and go out on short trips. You may discuss your daily routine more with others. Well, this may have different implications for different ascendants like Leo ascendant and so on.

Second Half During the second half of this Mercury transit 2017, you will get more concerned about your family members, especially those who are younger to you. You may want to do some small changes or try something new. You will find a better way to express your views. Success in life gives us happiness. And success should be all round. We have the means to show you the future and provide you rich guidance for success. You can do it if you buy the 2023 Detailed Yearly Report.

First Half You will be involved in your career during this transit period as Mercury turns direct in Leo. You will focus all your energies towards improving your professional prospects. However, you will need to be calm and composed else it may have a direct influence on your finances. You are likely to incur expenses which may hurt you in the long run. So, you should control your spending. You should plan your finances wisely. We need money to satisfy the needs of our life. For that to happen, our career should flourish. Do you want to know what will your career unfold for you in future? If yes, buy the 2017 Career Report.

Second Half You will be disturbed because of conflicts or disputes in your personal life. This may affect your health adversely as Mercury turns direct. Thus, you need to follow a strict health regime in order to stay fit, mentally and physically. There may develop issue at home and this may distance you from your near and dear ones. Hence, you should maintain patience while dealing with people close to you, especially during this period.

First Half As Mercury goes direct, you will feel the need to take a break. You may go out for some short trips or occupy yourself with some amusement activity. You will focus strongly on your wishes and goals during this period. You should certainly resolve your issues with your siblings or near & dear ones so that you can spend some time with them. Our relatives are our real strength. We need their support in moments of difficulties. It’s important to have a smooth equation with them. Are you facing troubles in your relationships? Buy the 2017 Personal Life & Relationship Report and get them sorted out.

Second Half Most probably, you will focus on your health and fitness during this period under Mercury direct. You may do that by joining a gym or a yoga class. It’s the best if you involve yourself in some creative activity. In case you are not exercising your creativity, you should start spending time for hobbies or the things that you like the most.

First Half You will bring changes in the way you express your views in accordance with Mercury direct 2017. Your manner of communication will also witness changes. You may turn more philosophical during this phase. However, if things are not in harmony, it may come out in an aggressive manner. You should be guarded against any such aggressive behaviour as it may put down your image.

Second Half You will be more concerned about your finances during this period. According to Mercury direct September 2017, you may experience sudden expenses, which could affect your budget. You will need to control and improve your eating habits else they can cause you health issues. You will be doing a lot of planning and analyzing for your future. Ganesha has predicted not a very good time for your financial situation. Are you curious about the future of your finances and want to mend it? You can do it if you buy the 2023 Finance Report.

First Half You will focus on yourself during this period as per Mercury turns direct effects. You may think about changing your lifestyle. These things will be necessary to improve your relationship with others. You may come across new friends or reconnect with old ones. You will be more concerned about your family members and this may affect your peace of mind. We need all round progress for happiness in life. Is your all round progress restricted? See your future and get the problem solved with 2023 Detailed Yearly Report.

Second Half During the Mercury transit, you will once again get concerned with your career and find it important to perform well and get financially stable. If you put in good efforts during this period, you are sure to make financial gains sometime later. You will receive the fruits of your labour. However, you should be careful regarding what you speak with others or else it can create problems for you.

First Half Your top priority will be your job during this period according to the Mercury transit 2017. You may be required to travel in relation to your work. You may witness significant changes in your career. However, you should stay guarded against any abrupt or unexpected happening while you are traveling. You may spend a lot but your actions may come back to bite you.

Second Half You will be able to focus on yourself. Your health and self-development will be all over your mind during Mercury in Leo. You may try to improve your lifestyle. This would bring a lot of transformation and help you progress in life. You will just need to focus on the brighter side of things. We need career growth to stay positive and happy. Buy the Career Prospect Report to watch the future of your career.

First Half You may find it difficult to get along with your friends even though you will spend a lot of money on them. You may even plan a trip with them as per the movement of Mercury planet. You may also come across opportunities to travel or settle down abroad. If you are able to maintain patience and re-orient your anger for good use, you will be able to achieve your goals.

Second Half You may see a turning point in your life during this period. You may lose someone dear to you. You should focus on maintaining a good relationship with everybody around you in accordance with the Mercury astrology. It is possible that you may witness some differences with others. You will need to balance your life so that your family, friends, and work get your due attention. The balancing act in life gets tough at times. In fact, sometimes life becomes strange. If that is the case, we are to your rescue. Buy the Ask Any Question Report, get the answer to your most pressing problem.

First Half You will give importance to your profession and bring about some progressive changes in your life according to Mercury transit 2017. You may witness some unexpected experiences which may ultimately help you create a better future for yourself. You will need to divert your aggressive nature to some fun activity in order to avoid conflict with your colleagues.

Second Half You will be able to fulfill your goals during this period. You may need to express your views easily and should avoid concealing your thoughts as it may lead you to problems. If you avoid sharing your experiences with others, it may lead you to miss opportunities for growth during the Mercury transit. Opportunities should get converted into growth. Same is the case with monetary opportunities. Is your wealth generation getting obstructed? You can get the answer as to why is this happening, if you buy the Wealth Ask a Question Report.

First Half As per Mercury transit 2017, you may focus more on networking in order to strengthen your relationships. You may go out with your spouse on a short trip or may be on a romantic date. You will be traveling a lot. Besides, you may be concerned about your career and may be looking for better opportunities.

Second Half You will be concerned about the rewards of your hard work. As Mercury turns direct in Leo, you may face conflicts or arguments with others while looking for your dues. However, Ganesha has advised you to maintain patience and wait for the right opportunity. Besides, you may witness some changes in your profession which may be beneficial for you in the long run. Things are so unpredictable in profession. But you can make it predictable. Buy the Career Prospects Report and know the future of your career.

First Half You will be focused more on finances and it could be about the money from an inheritance or a loan. In other words, you will be looking for ways to make your finances grow. You may long for luck to favour you in this regard as per the Mercury transit 2017. You will stay cautious about whom to trust especially when it comes to money. Ganesha says you will have money at the center of your attention. Are you curious to know the future of your finances? Get the 2023 Finance Report.

Second Half You may feel that your hard work in the career is not giving you the desired results. You will need to do something concrete in that direction. You should not hesitate to try something new. You may find it challenging but eventually, you will taste success in accordance with Mercury direct astrology.

First Half You will try to mend things between you and your partner as Mercury goes direct. Things may not be easy as ego may make it difficult to smoothen things between both of you. However, you should forgive and seek forgiveness and start your relationship fresh. It requires a lot of courage and strength to forgive and forget but you should do it as restoring the relationships ought to be your top priority. Relationships support us. They also trouble us. You can choose to make relationships more harmonious. You can do it if you buy the Relationships Ask Question: Detailed Advice Report.

Second Half If you don’t achieve peace of mind and plan for a better future, your career is likely to get affected. You will need to be careful about your communication so that you do not get into a dispute. You may want to terminate some bad habit of yours and see positive changes happen in your life as per Mercury transit 2017.

First Half You will spend money on the household things as Mercury turns direct. You may even make plans to renovate your house. You will think of improving your lifestyle and may take the required steps in that direction. You will also undertake some physical activity in order to stay fit and healthy. You will stay concerned about issues on the domestic front.

Second Half You will want to spend time with your siblings. You may face certain issues with your spouse or life partner according to Mercury transit 2017. You should hold on to your patience, gradually the things will fall in your favour. You may also think of borrowing money. Besides, your relationships at workplace will get sweeter. Be more efficient at workplace. Get your doubts cleared. Buy the Career Ask A Question Report.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Aakanksha Jhunjhunwala,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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