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Mars and Venus Conjunction 2021: What’s Coming For Your Sign?

Mars is the fighter planet in Vedic astrology. It represents our ability to take action, express anger, motivation, dynamism and sex drive. Mars shows our capacity to work and ability to perform. It is believed that we require a strong Mars to succeed in all areas of our life, so its position equally plays an important role in individuals’ birth charts.

On the other hand, Venus shows love, relationships, marriage, girlfriend and wife. It also represents beauty, arts, aesthetics, things which please us and what makes us look attractive. Venus placement also shows our natural desires and their dignity matter in overall happiness in family life. Without the blessings of Venus, we can’t enjoy our true beauty.

Mars and Venus conjunction on July 20, 2021 increases passion for things in our life. It increases lust and desires in our lives as well as we get attracted towards materialistic things. The conjunction makes individuals more creative and romantic. However, this also sometimes bring harmful effect in natives life because of over aggressiveness and anger. It destroys relationships and married life as well. It has both positive and negative effects depending on the sign and house placement in the natal horoscope.

Leo is the fiery sign ruled by Sun, which represents drama, power, fun, creativity, status and father. So this time, the conjunction of Mars and Venus in Leo will bring the best time for all of us. It can trigger a fresh start in some specific areas of life such as Education, Career, Love and Romance and Married life, especially after the pandemic. We can infuse new fresh energy into our lives and start living life happily again. The study will be good, and love life will flourish—a good time for romance and fun. Excellent time for career growth, but unexpected events may be expected now. Lost passion will come back, and life will be at its best again. Artists will have a very good time.

But even though this conjunction will bring the best out of ourselves, still everyone will get affected in a new way concerning different Moon signs and can create a different impact on all of us. Let’s discuss it now-

Mars and Venus conjunction in the Leo sign will be very beneficial for Aries Moon sign. Creativity will be at its best—an excellent time for education and study. Students will get a lot of benefits from this fiery energy which can indicate success in examinations. Single, just tie your shoes now that a new love life can be predicted. Romantic life will be grand and enjoyable—control on false pride and aggressiveness. Couples can go for a candlelight dinner in a lavish hotel. Control on false pride and aggressiveness as this can damage your existing relationship. Try to maintain balance—an excellent time for artists like singers, painters, musicians and actors. You will enjoy your work and get success to make the masses happy.

Mars and Venus conjunction in Leo will give mixed results for the Taurus Moon sign. You will be very happy in your home environment. You might feel that decorating your home and making necessary changes which will make you pleased. Your approach towards your domestic life will be very passionate. You might want to buy a new house and also a good time to buy a new car. Celebrations at home will give you happiness this time. Parents will be proud of you, and you will feel very happy with them this time. You will invest a lot of time with your grandparents. Control on aggressiveness as this can bring family discords in your life. It’s time for students to get success and be free. Romantic lovers will try to convince their parents this time.

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Mars and Venus conjunction in Leo will give good results for Gemini Moon sign. You will be very active and dynamic, which will increase your desire level. You will be adventurous and want thrill in your life. You will travel to hills and go trekking there. A good time for your siblings as get together and the party will be on your mind. You will make efforts to do something unique for your siblings during this time. You will be very creative as well, which will help in your professional life as well. It’s a good time for artists, such as sketching and painting. You will also be involved in a spicy romantic relationship which will give you immense pleasure. You will be very bold and courageous this time. Great time for sports and success is for sure.

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Mars and Venus transit in Leo will give good results to the Cancer Moon sign. This time you will more concentrate on your financial matters. Your bank balance will be very good, and you will take the necessary steps to increase it more. You will take time and make sure your family life will be full of fun. You may plan a picnic with your family. You will be very bold as you want to celebrate this time with your family in a unique way. Students will get good results and make their parents happy. This time is suitable for those who want second marriage in their life. Love life will be good. Singles will find love from their close ones. Someone from childhood can be expected to start new love life.

Mars and Venus conjunction in Leo will give very good results for the Leo Moon sign. This time you will be very courageous and fearless. You will be bold and take extreme pride to do things in your life. You can be aggressive this time and you will show the other side of your personality this time. It’s time to control your anger and ego; otherwise, some complications can come into your life. You will be very romantic. Put efforts to make your love life more thrilling and entertaining. If single, you will surely be committed to someone. And surprisingly, if you’re committed, you will take your love life to the next level. Well, students will put effort and get desired outputs. A very bright time for Leo Moon sign as they will rule for sure.

Mars and Venus conjunction in Leo will give mixed results for the Virgo Moon sign. An excellent time for foreign travelling. You will get a chance to visit a new country this time. You must control your expenses. Otherwise, excessive money can be gone. Your desire will be more but check it and control it. Eat proper food as health issues might be there. Maintain cordial relations as well with seniors; otherwise, fiery and aggressive nature can create some troubles. Stay away from hidden enemies. Very good to be spiritual and get success in it. Visit solitude place is high which will convert your approach towards life. Visit Ashram or Yoga camp is highly beneficial this time. Good time to start meditation. Students may feel very isolated but will give them to introspect themselves. Not a good time for romance. Lovebirds must control their feelings. Otherwise, relations can break. Stay alert and handle consciously.

Mars and Venus conjunction in Leo will give very beneficial results to the Libra Moon sign. It is time you will enjoy your social group at its best. You will enjoy it with your friends and have a blast in it. Party and celebration will be very grand. Excellent time for new investment. Gains through businesses will be very profitable. Promotion chances are higher. Your desire will be huge, and you need some out of the box this time to live a luxurious lifestyle. You will be very creative and passionate, which will again increase your assets. Whatever you will do, you will take extreme pride in it. Students will be very happy and can expect good results. Romance will be a thrill, and sensuality will be at its best.

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Mars and Venus conjunction in Leo will give very good results for the Scorpio Moon sign. You will be more focused on your career this time. You will concentrate and put all your efforts into it to achieve the desires results which you dreamed of so far. Your workplace will be happy, and you feel proud of your work. Promotion is highly beneficial for you. You can expect some new company with huge salary as well. Students will be very happy in their life. You will plan the things for your future w.r.t your career. Gains through governments are highly possible—a very good time to clear government examinations. Concentration will be good. Singles can find their love in the workplace. Love life will flourish, and lovebirds feel it.

Mars and Venus conjunction in Leo will be very much beneficial for the Sagittarius Moon sign. Travelling is strongly indicated for you. You will travel to pilgrimage or religious places. You will start to take an interest in other cultures as well. You will be very philosophical this time and take pride to explain your belief values. Singles will surely find love. Lovebirds will travel and enjoy the adventure. The chances are high that you will find your soulmate during the trip. Also, it’s an excellent time for Post-Graduate students. The degree will be earned and happily exist from University. Relationship with Father will be better. You will make extra efforts to make it more beautiful. Don’t be aggressive and control your anger. Religious activities might be the centre of your attention this time.

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Mars and Venus conjunction in Leo will give average results for Capricorn Moon sign. You will get many unexpected events this time. You will get aggressive and hyper for small issues. Hidden issues might come out. Health-related problems might come out suddenly. Maintain cordial relations with in-laws; otherwise, relations might damage. Research interest will be there. Sensuality will be at its best, and it’s an excellent time for couples. Romance will be thrill, fun and passionate. Committed partners will spend some time with each other. Students stay alert and put extra effort to get positive outcomes. Invest in Gold will be beneficial. Gains through unexpected sources also possible this time for you. Get a maximum advantage.

Mars and Venus conjunction in Leo will give good results for the Aquarius Moon sign. Excellent time for couples to tie knots. Life will be full of passion and thrill. The marriage ceremony will be grand and huge for you—a very good time for committed partners for the next step. Singles can get committed, and relationships will be stronger this time. Married couples will be happy, and the problems will start reducing—an excellent time for business and partnerships. You might start a new business with a new partner. Legal issues will be solved, and you will surely get success. Very good time for get-together and celebrations will be at their best. Students will b a very confident and good time for exams.

Mars and Venus conjunction in Leo will give mixed results for Pisces Moon sign. You will be very passionate about your work. You will infuse new energy in your workplace which will be mazed to everyone. Your daily life will be thrill, fun and majestic. Stay alert in health issues. Control on food and eat proper food. You will be very egoistic this time which can create trouble for you. Control on anger and don’t be aggressive as it will not be good for you. Your enemies might increase. Stay alert in legal issues. Avoid unnecessary things and don’t involve where you are not needed—an excellent time for students to clear exams. Good time for sports competition and you will be on winning side. Take care of relationships as things can break. Avoid hyper and trust issues.

So this is all about Mars and Venus conjunction in Leo sign for all the 12 Zodiac signs. Everyone is getting affected, and we can expect all the positivity and passionate life again in our lives which we are missing after this devastating pandemic. Many more changes will come in our lives. Wherever energy we needed to start as fresh will surely get achieved by this as Leo sign is the King in the solar system and having Mars and Venus in it will surely add fuel to the fire. These two planets will become stronger in Leo and bring lots of energy at its best.

Now we just have to wait to feel this incredible energy in our lives, Be happy and ready!

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