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The Mighty Jupiter Enters Earthy Virgo – What Sort Of Effects Will It Have On Your Life?

The Mighty Jupiter Enters Earthy Virgo – What Sort Of Effects Will It Have On Your Life?

In Astrology, Jupiter is considered to be the planet of wisdom, grandeur, prosperity, higher learning, virtues, optimism and a lot more bright areas of life. Without the blessings of the mighty planet, it would be very difficult to enjoy happiness and wealth. Planet Jupiter is the most benevolent and magnanimous amongst the 9 planets, and its auspicious blessings are inevitable for favourable events to take place in life.

The giant planet will be entering the Earthy Sign – Virgo, on the 11th August, 2016. From 30th January, 2016, Jupiter was in conjunction with the malefic Rahu, and thus the inherent benevolent traits of the great planet have been under a cloud. The Jupiter-Rahu conjunction may have also induced people to commit logical or judgmental errors. But, its journey through the Sign ruled by Mercury may bring about a lot of changes in the intellectual and technological sphere and even in other areas.
What changes or influences does Ganesha envisage for us in different areas of life? Find out in this article.

During this transit of the mighty Jupiter in the Earth Sign Virgo, your logical and analytical skills may get a solid boost. Your general awareness will increase and you may start giving more importance to details. You may want to keep yourself updated about the latest trends and events around the world. All these aspects may have a direct or indirect impact on your career and business. If you have been planning to upgrade your technological knowledge, so as to get an edge in your career, then there can’t be a better time than this! This would be a highly favourable period for those into research, information and technology, software, computer programming and teaching fields. Businessmen may now get the opportunities to plan well and to create solid business strategies.

Amongst the planets, Jupiter happens to be the Karaka or natural significator of wealth and prosperity. Its journey through Virgo will be highly favourable for making long-term financial planning and creating financial reserves. If you have been wanting to change your spending habits, or control the extravagant tendencies within you, then during this period, you will be gifted with the self-control and wisdom, so make the best use of it. You would be able to attract new opportunities from to earn wealth, so do not make the mistake of letting such chances go!

These predictions in this article are based on a generalised perspective, and the effects and influences of this transit may differ from person to person. So, they are not to considered as personalised predictions. To get a detailed and a more clearer view of the effects of this transit, based on your personal birth details, order the exclusive Jupiter Transit Report now!
Love and Relationships Jupiter’s transit through Virgo will put the spotlight on communication and you may be made to learn the art of being flexible and adaptable. This transit will push you to think from different perspective and to analyse the real bond between you and your loved one. You may prefer to share your intimate desires and special ideas with your partner and you may witness that you are being able to connect to your partner more easily on the intellectual plane. This period would not be just about frivolous relationships or experiments, but you would develop a more serious outlook towards relationships. For those married, you would be presented with the opportunities to understand your spouse better and to realise what matters the most in their life.

Virgo happens to be the natural 6th Sign of the Zodiac, and the 6th House represents health, vigour and vitality. Jupiter’s transit through this Sign would make you more conscious about your health and well-being. This will be a good time to join fitness programmes or to hit the gym. You may now adopt a more analytical and discriminating approach towards your health.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
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