Jupiter Transit In Aquarius 2021: Time To See the Big Picture!

Jupiter Transit 2021


Jupiter transit in Aquarius on Nov 20, 2021, is one of the dramatic astrological events this year. Holding both negative and positive aspects, Jupiter transit in Aquarius on Nov 20 2021, has more to offer you. With a lot of speculation around due to the pandemic, let’s see what it unveils. 

Jupiter is the most benefic planet in astrology. It has very significant importance in our lives for all auspicious events. Jupiter represents knowledge, wisdom, education, religion, philosophy, and prosperity. It is the epitome of wealth and childbirth. Jupiter transit plays an important role in all events such as Marriage, baby showers and childbirth. Without the blessings of Jupiter, it would be difficult to move ahead in our lives, and we cannot gain what we want in our lives.

Aquarius is the sign ruled by taskmaster Shani dev. It is an airy sign which shows freedom, friendships and invention. Intellectual capacity is the speciality of the Aquarius sign, and now Jupiter is transiting through Aquarius.


Jupiter Transiting in Aquarius What To Expect?


Jupiter transit in Aquarius will bring fresh air into our lives. Pandemic has created a lot of obstacles in our lives. From children to elders, everyone got affected. With the progressive transit in Aquarius, we will find our life back on track. Education will be good, and some new rules will be there for sure. The government’s regulations can bring new hope for people. Marriage events may start again. We need to remain more careful as environmental changes may affect all of us. So, with all these happenings, let’s dig deeper and find what’s in there for you according to your zodiac sign. 

Note: All predictions are based on Moon Signs


Jupiter Transit 2021: Jupiter in Aquarius Effects On Aries

This time Jupiter transit will give very beneficial results for the Aries Moon sign. It's an excellent time for new investments as there may be more gains. Your innovative ideas will help you to increase your finances. Social life may be full of fun, and celebration will make you stress-free. Large organisations may get benefits as new structuring and investment may bring in tremendous profits. Good times for elderly brothers as the issues may start resolving. 


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Jupiter In Astrology


Jupiter Transit 2021: Jupiter in Aquarius Effects on Taurus

This time, Jupiter in Aquarius Transit brings good results for the Taurus Moon sign. Excellent time to start a new career, where promotion and growth might surprise you. No doubt, career focus will bring happiness back in your life, where you can even expect a sudden new position and authority. Gains through Government are strongly indicated for you. Fathers role might play a crucial role in your career, and relations with him may improve. The best time for the judiciary system and new laws are expected. 


Jupiter Transit 2021: Jupiter in Aquarius Effects on Gemini

According to Vedic astrology, Jupiter transit in Aquarius 2021 will give good results for the Gemini Moon sign. Many unexpected events might surprise you. Travel-related work can lead to success. You are likely to assess all of your moral views and make the necessary changes required. Jupiter transit is a good time for lawyers, and they can expect growth in their field. You might visit pilgrimages and indeed try spiritual practises. It’s a favourable time for priests, and they may be more dedicated to religious rituals and pujas.


Jupiter Transit 2021: Jupiter in Aquarius Effects on Cancer

Jupiter's transit in Aquarius can give mixed results for the Cancer Moon sign. Unexpected gains might be possible. It's a good moment to get an inheritance. You may try buying a lottery ticket. You'll be more curious and try to discover solutions to all of your problems. For scientists, good times and new investments may offer new hope. You might enjoy reading mystery books. Doctors' professions will prosper, and they will finally be pleased, as they have been waiting so far. Insurance businesses can be upscale and more clients are possible.


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Jupiter has the shortest day of all planets, despite its hefty size!


Jupiter Transit 2021: Jupiter in Aquarius Effects on Leo

Jupiter transit in Aquarius 2021 has its own play for the Leo Moon sign. Excellent time to plan a marriage. Committed partners are likely to take relationships to a new level. It's time to strengthen your relationship. Couples may have happier times, and marriage troubles may begin to fade. On the business front, it will be good as growth might be seen. New companies and partnerships may emerge, so keep your eyes open. It is a good moment for lawyers as legal concerns can lead to success. 


Jupiter Transit 2021: Jupiter in Aquarius Effects on Virgo

Surpassing ups and downs, Jupiter transit in Aquarius 2021 may give mixed results for the Virgo Moon sign. Loans and debts might begin to get reduced slowly. You are likely to join a gym and concentrate more on physical exercise. You may feel positive in your daily routine and will be very happy in your workplace. Enemies may fail to harm you, and you will be more confident in your approach now. You can expect positive results in your life. You will be able to keep your expenses under control, which will make you delighted. Restaurant owners can benefit from more customers. Maintain your health since a new diet plan might be available to you.


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Jupiter Transit 2021: Jupiter in Aquarius Effects on Libra

For Librans, Jupiter transit in Aquarius 2021 fetches very good results. Excellent time for children's health and education. Students will be pleased with their studies as changes in learning are possible. Rewarding time for politicians as growth and new responsibility might be possible. It's a good time for couples to start a family. It is an excellent opportunity to invest in the stock market as great outcomes are expected. You may develop a sudden interest in gambling; however, stay alert with it. On a different node, you may be inclined to spirituality and mythology.

jupiter transit impact of sectors


Jupiter Transit 2021: Jupiter in Aquarius Effects on Scorpio

Jupiter transit in Aquarius showers good time for the Scorpio Moon signs. Excellent time to buy a new home or relocation might be possible. Happy family timings, as your relations with in-laws, may improve. Amazingly, your research interest may increase. For politicians, it’s time to rock. As well, on the career front, you can expect job promotion. Married life might be good, and problems are likely to start resolving. Heart patients may get some relief. Grandparents may experience a happy and healthy phase. Your spouse’s career may flourish, and new growth is expected. 


Jupiter Transit 2021: Jupiter in Aquarius Effects on Sagittarius

Jupiter transit in Aquarius can bring in good results for the Sagittarius Moon sign. However, you will be confident in your approach, but you must be cautious with overwhelming desires. You might go on some adventure trips. Good times for singers and musicians, since their art can achieve popularity. Transiting Jupiter may inspire you to think about marriage. You may work on your write-up with that creative nudge, and it's time for publishers to expect a new novel. Sports and other outside activities will make your life more enjoyable.


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Jupiter Transit 2021: Jupiter in Aquarius Effects on Capricorn

Jupiter transit in Aquarius is likely to give good results for the Capricorn Moon sign. Anniversaries and celebrations can make you happy. Your financial gains are likely to increase. The new investment can provide you with success. This time around, you can expect some good marriage proposals. Might get success in Research and Investigation. It's time to start a new partnership. 


Jupiter Transit 2021: Jupiter in Aquarius Effects on Aquarius

Jupiter transit in Aquarius for the Aquarius Moon sign may bring in a lot of good results. You might remain confident and energetic. You may enjoy the freedom, and past issues start diminishing. You are likely to stay stress-free. You can be involved in group activities and may take the initiative to finish the projects. Married life is expected to remain good. The business front might improve. New partnerships are possible. Good time for lawyers and the judiciary as cases may start resolving speedily.


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Jupiter Transit 2021: Jupiter in Aquarius Effects on Pisces

Jupiter transit in Aquarius is likely to give mixed results for the Pisces Moon sign. Foreign travelling is possible for you. You may lose touch with others and spend a lot of time alone. It’s a good time for yoga and meditation. You might become spiritual and might find a new guru. Health may improve, but control of your diet is necessary as weight might increase. Avoid extreme circumstances where your involvement is not required, as there may be chances of legal issues. Expenses might remain under control. However, avoid taking loans or borrowing money.

So, overall a new and fast start for all of us in the upcoming time. Jupiter transit in Aquarius will free us all and remove all hurdles created by the pandemic. Our ability to achieve things might improve. Minor concerns will not matter much, and we will focus on the larger picture. You are likely to enjoy your freedom, be more creative and find the best way to express yourself.

So just witness a huge change in a revolutionary way and just feel it!


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