Jupiter Retrograde In Virgo 2017: Will The Luck Be In Your Favour?

[Please Note: The predictions are to be considered according to the Moon Sign. But, some effects will also be applicable for the Ascendants.]

Jupiter Retrograde Dates:

Starts on: 6th February, 2017
Ends on: 9th June, 2017

Jupiter Retrogression In Virgo: The Time To Re-Assess The Ratio Between Our Efforts And Fortune

This is the time to get back to that part of the year, when Jupiter will be turning Retrograde in Virgo Sign From 6th February 2017 until 9th June 2017. The planet Jupiter is the ruler of wisdom, generosity, kindness and during the retrogression phase, it gives mixed results. The Jupiter Retrograde can create adverse effects in the fields of education, finance,  philosophy and spirituality. Moreover, there may be blocks in fortune and our intuition may not work as effectively as it would during a normal phase. You will also have to keep a control on your expenses. These are just some of the general indications, find out what Ganesha feels about the 12 Signs. 

Jupiter Retrograde In Virgo For Aries

– Retrograde Jupiter In 6th House

Ganesha feels that this will be an intense period for your interior modification, both physically and psychologically, hence you might find yourself coming closer to your dreams now. Try to be more focused as your willpower and determination at work might get tested. Thus, the Guru Retrograde 2017 seems to be a little dicey for the Aries Moon Sign natives. You might feel that things are getting out of your control. You will stay more engrossed in your routine life. Health will require attention during this phase. Hence it is advisable to keep control on your eating habits and be extra careful about your daily diet chart. 


Jupiter Retrograde In Virgo For Taurus

– Retrograde Jupiter In 5th House

You are likely to focus on improving the strained relationships from the past, be it with friends or family. You might start thinking more logically, rather than getting carried away by emotions. If you have been discontented with some aspects of your career, then you may need to put in extra efforts to earn what you deserve at your workplace. You will have to get in touch with the reality to   achieve your target. Those who are involved in relationships will have to be patient, as this effect of retrograde Jupiter can test the strength of your bond with your mate, feels Ganesha.
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Jupiter Retrograde In Virgo For Gemini

– Retrograde Jupiter In 4th House

If there have been any problems with your loved ones in the past, then you will work on sorting them out. You will receive enough support to get closer to your goals during the Jupiter Retrograde 2017. You will put in your best efforts in achieving your targets at work. This is the phase where you would like to pursue further education and add some values to your career now. You might become too demanding and this aspect may ruffle the feathers of others. Hence Ganesha advises you to be happy with what you have, and not expect too much from others.
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Jupiter Retrograde In Virgo For Cancer

– Retrograde Jupiter In 3rd House

The Jupiter Retrograde 2017 seems to be favorable for you. Travel plans seem to be in the offing and you might want to explore new places and learn new things. You will have to put in extra efforts to prove yourself at work and the path is not going to be easy. It is going to be beneficial if you adapt to changes easily coming your way. This transit will make you start talking more philosophically than ever. Health looks fine. Try to involve in some daily sports activities for better fitness in life, says Ganesha.
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Jupiter Retrograde In Virgo For Leo

– Retrograde Jupiter In 2nd House

The Jupiter Retrograde 2017 is advising you to be careful while communicating your thoughts to others. There are chances of conflicts with people around if you do not convey your thoughts or feelings properly. During the Jupiter Retrograde in Virgo you might see unexpected changes in your finances, hence try to plan out things properly in advance. Do not underestimate yourself, and take the 
plunge for writing or speaking. You will also be able to expand your wisdom and knowledge and discuss ideas with people around you. Ganesha suggests you to be organised in your eating habits, as this will help you to avoid health issues. 
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Jupiter Retrograde In Virgo For Virgo

– Retrograde Jupiter In 1st House

During the Jupiter Retrograde 2017 you shall start focusing more on developing yourself. You are likely to be more generous and kind towards others and will start believing more strongly in the 'power of giving'. This aspect of your personality will impress the people around you. Instead of giving in to the monotony of your daily routine, it would be better to break the shackles and finally sail towards searching the real purpose of your life. Health front looks good for the time being. Ganesha predicts that the Guru Retrograde 2017 will be an excellent time to meditate and make life more peaceful in the months to come. 


Jupiter Retrograde In Virgo For Libra 

– Retrograde Jupiter In 12th House

During the Jupiter Retrograde 2017, you will feel a bit low and may be quite diffident in your approach. There will be a tendency within you to make excuses.  As the retrogression will be taking place in the 12th House, you will be facing some problems in matters related to foreign travel. You will have to be prepared for the unplanned expenses that you may incur during this period. You may feel emotionally unstable and it would be due to the continuous changes taking place in your life. 
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Jupiter Retrograde In Virgo For Scorpio

– Retrograde Jupiter In 11th House

During the Jupiter Retrograde 2017, your luck will be smiling on you. You will be focussed on achiecing your ambitions and the Jupiter Retrogression will help you in your pursuits. This transit will be especially favourable for you, if you have Jupiter Retrograde in your Birth Chart. The Relationship front might face an unexpected twist, hence gear up to experience something unusual. Anticipate some delays in your finances during the Jupiter Retrograde in Virgo. But, according to Ganesha, you will ultimately emerge successful in matters pertaining to finances and will receive what you deserve. 


Jupiter Retrograde In Virgo For Sagittarius

– Retrograde Jupiter In 10th House

During Jupiter Retrograde 2017, Sagittarius, you will be put in determined efforts to manage your personal and career front. You will work towards acquiring some skills that will help you to promote yourself in your work field. You need to focus hard on your work if you need real progress in your work life. You might find some obstacles and uncertainties in your personal life, which can  affect your health as well. Ganesha advises you to not contemplate about  things or situations too much. It would be better to stay calm and go with the flow during this transit.
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Jupiter Retrograde In Virgo for Capricorn

– Retrograde Jupiter In 9th House

Although the Jupiter Retrograde 2017 effects seem to be predictable at first, but it may not remain that way till the end. By the time the Jupiter Retrograde ends, things would have drastically changed. In fact you are likely to travel a lot during this period. But, continuous travelling can affect your health adversely during this period. The Jupiter Retrograde in Virgo indicates that you might incur losses, and tend to spend too much mindlessly. Ganesha advises you to become wiser and put a check on your expenses.
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Jupiter Retrograde In Virgo For Aquarius

– Retrograde Jupiter In 8th House

The Jupiter Retrograde 2017 does not look highly promising as there are possibilities of conflicts with family members. Relationship with friends might also get strained. This retrograde effect might frustrate and low your spirits, as you will not get what you deserve even after repetitive efforts. Do not take any initiative at your work front as your overall progress does not seem to be in your favor. Ganesha says, to not be afraid and try to focus on your target now.
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Jupiter Retrograde In Virgo For Pisces

– Retrograde Jupiter In 7th House

It seems like life is playing tricks on you, and you are not able to see things clearly as you should be. This is the period where you would become more philosophical and try to advise others for their development. During the Jupiter Retrograde 2017, you might experience higher spiritual growth. The professional front might concern you now as there are chances of conflicts and you may not be able to get along with people around you, feels Ganesha.
With Ganesha's Grace,