Jane Felix-Browne’s fairytale romance comes to a climax

After much secrecy, Jane Felix-Browne has cleared the air that she is in matrimonial tie with Omar Ossama bin Laden, the fourth eldest son of notorious bin Laden. Jane Felix-Browne, who married Omar after a “fairytale romance” in Egypt, has resigned from her post as a councillor in Moulton, Cheshire.

Ganesha predicts her future with the young groom.

She has Sun in Sagittarius in square with Jupiter and trine Uranus, indicating the sudden happy change in life. This is her 6th marriage, so which are the planetary forces that indicate such serious relationships and divorces?

She has Sun trine Uranus, which suggests frequent changes in relationship, which are controversial also. Venus in Sagittarius loves to travel and to have international relationships. Venus-Rahu-Sun are in trine with Uranus and this causes intense love and need for pleasure and warmth. 50% of the planets are in fire signs therefore, she is energetic and quick and maintaining good physique as well. Transit Jupiter is in square with Uranus, an indication of a positive change in life being experienced by her.

Many things claimed by her appear to be fantasy and that matches with the afflicted Mercury in conjunction with Saturn and square Pluto-Uranus.

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Ganesha’s Grace,
Tanmay K Thakar,

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