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Is It Possible to Control The New Omicron Variant of Corona?

Whenever the world is seemingly recovering from the pandemic of coronavirus, the virus seems to mutate itself into a variant more infectious than before. Since the pandemic started in 2019, there have been many mutations in the virus, the latest being Omicron.

Many speculations have already arisen about the Omnicron variant, where some people claim it to be coming from Gauteng, South Africa, on Nov 24. In contrast, some believe it to be present in London, even before that. Another speculation thinks the origin of the variant to be the Netherlands, on Nov 19.

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In countries like India, can Omicron bring the third wave of coronavirus? Is there any light at the end of the tunnel on all the news about the mutating virus? Astrology indicates that we need to be careful about the variant till Jan 17, and there is a strong reason behind it. We will get to it shortly.

With Omicron, let’s consider the place of origin as South Africa as the majority considers it that way. The date of origin would be Nov 24, 2021, when the country’s government shared its findings with the world. Based on that, Omicron will have the Sun, Mercury, and Ketu together in Scorpio. Sun is considered an essential factor when it comes to matters of health.

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On Nov 24, Sun, Mercury, and Ketu were in Anuradha Nakshatra, which is ruled by Saturn. Currently, Saturn and Pluto are together in Anuradha Nakshatra, the planets responsible for a pandemic like this!

Now, the signs do look ominous, and a Solar Eclipse on Dec 4 isn’t helping matters either. However, a glimmer of hope looks down on us, when on Dec 16, the Sun will change signs. Mars and Ketu will still be together to create the Angarak Dosh, still causing some worries. The Omicron may lose momentum from Jan 17, only when Mars will change signs.

The signs do not look good with Omicron, and things are going to be like that till Jan 17, planets suggest!

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