Interested in communication studies? Check if your birth chart approves of it

They say,
'pen is mightier than the sword'. If you feel that it's the right
time to grab the mightier weapon, go for it NOW! But does your birth
chart allow you? Take the reality check given below.

House of the horoscope represents efforts made by a native to achieve
goals in life, communication skills, talent, hobbies, extra
curricular activities and quick writing ability. This House also
indicates short journeys, siblings, servants, subordinates, friends,
neighbours, right ear, shoulder and arm. Talents such as sports,
games, acting, singing, modelling, fashion designing, dancing and
painting can also be judged by the strong 3rd
House of a native?s horoscope.

is the sign whose Lord Mercury is the significator of writing and
communication that governs the 3rd
House in the natural zodiac. Mercury is the planet that gives a
person communicating skills. The 3rd
House of the horoscope governs all forms of communication (through
writing, speaking, mailing, self-expression and speech). People those
who want to opt for a career
in field of writing and editing (stories, scripts, resume, reports
and news) must have a good 3rd
House means placement of benefic planets would enhance the chances of
growth in a field related to communication and writing. If the 3rd
House receives the aspect of benefic planets like Jupiter,
and Moon,
one becomes a good writer and communicates impressively in public.

dasha (period) of the Lord of the 3rd
House reveals hidden talents of the native, therefore during this
period one becomes introvert and shows his talents through hobbies,
correspondence, writings, sports, dance, music and drama. In today?s
scenario, one can predict modelling, fashion designing, beauty salons
from the native?s 3rd
House. This 3rd
House of astrological chart explores the communicating strength of a
person and his relationship in the community, friend circle,
co-workers and neighbours. 3rd House of astrological charts informs
us about the relationship of the native with his younger brother.
Other points decided by the 3rd
House of the astrological charts are mental inclination, ability to
communicate, memory, intellect, inclination to study, courage,
firmness, acting, younger brothers and sisters, cousins, neighbours,
short travels, signing contracts and agreements.

Here are some of the astrological
combinations of a profession related to Journalism, Communication,
Correspondence, Writing and all the hobbies and talents:

  1. If
    the 3rd
    Lord is well placed in the 10th
    House and the 10th
    Lord is placed in the 3rd

  2. If
    the 3rd Lord receives the aspect of the 10th

  3. The
    Lord of profession placed in the 9th

  4. If
    the 3rd
    and 10th
    Lord cover 3/9 axis, means 3rd
    and 10th
    Lord placed either conjunct or aspect each other in 3rd
    or 9th
    House, then the person definitely goes for a profession related to
    communication, this also represents a profession in railways,
    airlines or a job related to lots of travel.

  5. If
    the 3rd
    Lord receives the aspect of Venus, one becomes an actor, model,
    fashion designer, and chooses a field that has glamour.

  6. If
    the 3rd
    House receives the aspect of Jupiter one becomes a teacher,
    religious priest, in today?s world (a person who gives lectures
    based on religion like Katha Vachak, devotional, Santsang people

  7. Sun
    in the 3rd
    House makes a person hard working, therefore one goes for a royal
    profession like economics, agriculture and medicine. Sun in the 10th
    House gives authority and Government Service.

  8. Moon
    in the 3rd
    House represents fine arts, music and poetry.

  9. Mars
    in the 3rd
    House is good for hard work like surgery, marketing, army and wars.

  10. And
    finally, Mercury in the 3rd
    House brings Journalism and Mass Communication as a profession. One
    becomes master and gets success in the field of story writing,
    editing, communicating and all the fields related to communication.

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