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How much devilish feeling do you possess?

How much devilish feeling do you possess?

Dussehra is a festival to celebrate the victory of good over devil. The battle between the two phenomena is age old and good has always got the better of the devil.

But not always has one to conquer external devil; sometime we have to kill the devil within. But before doing so, we need to recognize how much devilish feeling we possess. Ganesha can help you identify the Satan. Know the devil according to your sun sign and go ahead.

Arians are very energetic. This separates them from the crowd. Arians take charge of a situation and their sense of certainty usually makes others fall in line. This makes the Sun in Aries a born leader. Sun becomes exalted in Aries. Because of this, Arians don’t possess any devilish feeling.

Taureans are practical, artistic, careful and patient. They are most unassuming. Taureans make pleasant atmosphere wherever they go. Due to earth sign, they are selfish, arrogant and prejudiced. Thus Taureans can do any thing for achieving whatever they want to achieve. They might get inclined to act like a devil.

Geminians are curious and this keeps them learning new things. They are brilliant and enthusiastic, diplomatic and tactful. The negative side is they are indecisive, self-cantered, careless, indifferent and cruel. They might have some amount of devilish feelings.

Cancerians are sensitive and sympathetic, obstinate, ambitious, religious, spiritual and imaginative. They have got an unstable nature. The negative side is they are moody, unforgiving, pessimistic, easily hurt. As the Lord of cancer is Moon they don’t feel devilish.

Leonians are open hearted and friendly. They are generous, dignified, and dynamic; self-awareness and ego are also seen. The negative side is that they are violent, arrogant and impulsive, impatient. Over-confidence can also be seen in them but the sign Lord is Sun hence they don’t think like devil.

Virgoans are methodical, exact and reasonable, expressive, analytical; what others hate is that they are too critical, narrow-minded and rigid. As it is an earth sign, Virgoans are selfish. Thus they might have some amount of devilish feeling.

Librans are diplomatic, charming, intelligent and graceful. The negative side is they are sometimes lazy, indecisive, selfish and unfixed. As a result, they possess devilish felling.

Scorpians are strong- willed, resourceful, full of self-confident. But they are jealous, domineering and crafty, ruthless and proud. The devilish feelings might arouse when they are dealing with their enemies.

Sagittarians are religious and spiritual, fearless and frank. The negative side is they are boastful and aggressive, cruel. As Sagittarius Lord is Jupiter they don’t think devilish.

Capricorneans are practical and efficient, helpful, logical, gentle and reserve. The negative side is they are suspicious and cold, selfish and pessimistic. They can do anything for achieving something. Hence, Ganesha says they have devilish feelings.

Aquarians are caring and creative. They are broad-minded. The negative side is Aquarians are erratic, eccentric and changing. They don’t think devilish.

Pisceans are very liberal and sensitive, gentle and caring, imaginative, progressive and kind. They love nature. Negative side is Pisceans are sometimes difficult to understand and impractical. This means they don’t possess any devilish feeling.

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