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How Jupiter’s transit in Sagittarius affects you?

How Jupiter’s transit in Sagittarius affects you?

On 22 November, 07 at 5.23 a.m. the great Jupiter is entering in the Moola Nakshtra of Sagittarius Moon sign. It is according to sidereal position of the Zodiac and its presence in the Sagittarius will be about 13 months and 9 days and roughly it will enter its next sign Capricorn in 4th week of December, 2008. Till that time, it will give its good and bad effects to various Lagna and Moon sign. Although the Jupiter has benefices significance but for those who have retrogression, debilitated, and unfriendly sign at the time birth, will face its adverse and unpleasant taste during its transit in various constellation in fiery sign Sagittarius. Normally Jupiter reacts very badly in its fiery sign even those who have favorable and neutral in their Horoscope in spite of its lordship. Another lordship of Jupiter has in Watery sign Pisces in which it gives better results even during its normal conditions to the native during its transit. Jupiter becomes more cruel, hard-hearted and judicious and definite regulator of natural justice when it comes in the Sagittarius sign. The top person of the world, bureaucrats, rulers and intelligent people like judges, authors, writers, law makers, welfare founder and sages have felt it most uneasy time even they have a respective and normal position otherwise. Jupiter is lord of North east & south east direction in the mundane astrology and it has wide spectrum in democratic, economically and culturally strong countries.

According to Saravali, Jupiter or Guru stays in a sign for around one year. It is highly benefic or Subha Graha. When Jupiter aspects and joins any friendly planet during its transit, it excites the Good influence of that planet which he aspects from its transiting position or pass over the natal position of any planet. Normally Jupiter’s transit in the 2nd, 5th, 7th, 9th and 11th house from the natal Moon is highly beneficial. It is also notable that its transit through 1st, 3rd, 4th, 6th, 8th, 10th and 12th creates bad results according to the signification of these houses. In this article I will explain its pros & cons while its transit in various signs and lagna.

Aries Moon sign / Lagna:
During its transit in Sagittarius it will give all round prosperity and happiness, it enhances the fate and prestige due to noble karma or deeds. The native gets respects from others and happiness from elders, son and relatives. He also has pleasures in voyages and happiness of religious task. A benefic and exalted Jupiter provides increase in income and gain of land/houses or jewels and other awards etc.

At the same time if Jupiter is week, retrograde and in its inimical and debilitated sign, it increase humiliation in the society, failure in examination /venture, demotion in job and loss of wealth in diseases and disputes.

Taurus Moon sign / Lagna:
For Taurus sign and lagna, Jupiter will have an 8th position. The native will have fatigue by wearisome journeys, adversity and trouble with family members and friends. Physical and mental imbalance, failure in judgments and planning, and suffers loss of money and will be in miserable condition abruptly. The native will thought himself unlucky and misfit in every effort. If in the birth charts Jupiter has a good strength, exalted or in friendly sign or houses, the above resulted will curbed and neutralized up to some extent.

Gemini Moon Sign /Lagna:
It will transit through 7th house and the person will travel on an auspicious undertaking, will be happy with his partner/wife. He will be get blessing s from Guru and elders of the family and his children will spreads his/her name. He/she get recognition and honor in the work field, good health, marriage and a blissful enjoyment in high society and domestic happiness and good food. Similarly an adverse Jupiter in the birth chart does not confer above good results rather accumulate blame and dispute with spouse or partner. The person becomes a victim of sexual abuses or suffer due excess of food and bad nutrition.

Cancer Moon sign/lagna:
For this sign or lagna the transit of Jupiter in its 6th will create trouble from enemies and rivals. He fell in to sickness and distress due to bad health and lack of finance. If he may be in joint family, domestic quarrels and unhappiness of spouse makes him furious. The person gets loss of money in venture or increased of expenditure in the running business. The person goes towards fruitless undertakings. The native gets anxiety and dispute with unknown person and sometime near relatives.

If the Jupiter at the time of birth is benefic, the above resulted goes minimum to harm the person but he/she cannot escapes from court or legal dispute and other temporary sickness.

Leo Moon sign/lagna:
For Leo Moon sign/lagna the Jupiter will enter in its 5th house. The benefic Jupiter will produce very diligent results throughout the year. One will be blessed with child, gain through education, region and happiness though his/her intelligence. The native will have friendship with good people, royal favor to extra ordinary person in literature/art/culture or classical sculptures. Some people will get defeat of enemies/rivals, gain of knowledge and acquisition of property and gift from the well-wisher and fans.

In the case of weak and retrograde Jupiter the person will become victim of over confidence, loss in speculation and business and defamation due to harsh speech.

Virgo Moon sign/Lagna:
The 4th house transit of Jupiter will also produces sorrows through relations, parents or trusted friend. The person get loss of money in investment/business, fear in the journey or danger through wicked person,. He also suffers humiliations and false implication. The other adversaries are apprehending danger from wild animals/cattle’s, domestic unhappiness and accidents while traveling in the nights.

An exalted or average Jupiter in the natal chart reduces the above effects up to some extent but the person has to leave home or ancestral house due to certain reason.

Libra Moon sign /Lagna:
The third house transit of Jupiter create loss of power and position, separation from the loved ones, fear of theft or loss in the business and demotion in the profession or career. It also causes ill health and mental tension due to frequent losses of wealth. Some other definition of such Jupiter is deceit from friends, loss of status due to irregularities and transfer from the comfortable job. Change of residence due to wicked neighbors is also result of such Jupiter.

If the Jupiter is moderate in position, exalted or strong in the Horoscope, the native performs Yogas/spirituals lectures during this period.

Scorpio Moon sign/Lagna:
This is a good sign of 2nd house transit as the native attain success in examination/interview and written test. The person acquires new job/position and fine package of money. It increases domestic and family happiness and accumulation of household goods and commodities. Due to ones sudden rise, people offer relationship or marriage proposal to the person and defeat of rivals and enemies makes one comfortable in new position status.

If the native have retrograde or weak Jupiter in natal chart, the above results can be ruled out.

Sagittarius Moon sign/Lagna:
Normally the transit of Jupiter is not considered good in lagna or Moon sign according to Indian Astrology. But in Western Astrology Jupiter’s transit over birth Moon sign considered good and favorable. As per my experience, the Jupiter in the Moon sign/1st house gives fear of unfavorable circumstances and the person bound to leave the town or state due to pressure of creditors. If he/she may in the Govt. or in a responsible position, the person has to be victim of false charges/allegations and corruption etc and ultimately face legal trail and court cases etc. The person loses his accumulated wealth in the waste activities and increases enemies due to harsh speech.

If the Jupiter is benefic or strong in the natal chart, the person is alleged to misbehave his or her family members/spouse and bears ill will towards well-wishers and kith and kens.

Capricorn Sign/Lagna:
In such case the 12th house Jupiter create fear, mental anguish, grief and fear caused through property dispute. The person have to undertake tedious journeys due to profession/job, separation from the family, anxiety, increased expenditure and ill health/ treatment hospitalization are the affected transit of Jupiter. If the natal Jupiter belongs to strong in the position and benefic in the chart, one has to perform daughter/son’s marriages, holy journeys or foreign tours in that year.

Aquarius Sign/Lagna:
This is also a good resulting transit of Jupiter. The native will be blessed with a child, acquire new position and money in the career/business or profession. The person gets honor, liked by all in the family circle and he/she may become able to provide employment to them. In certain cases marriage or re-marriage of the person can be held and gain or jewels /articles/promotion/social respect are the prime results of Jupiter in its transit. Even a debilitated or weak Jupiter can also become positive during its transits and the person gets lot of wealth and money through malpractices and illegal source. But his son’s or brother deceive him and grab the wealth for their benefit and the person can waste the income in fraud deals.

Pisces Sign/Lagna:
The 10th house transit of Jupiter is also not recorded as a good resulting rather it implicate the person in proud and false notion about him/herself. The person loses ethical norms in the dealing and experience humility and loss of respect in the career/profession. Such a transit is a danger to prosperity, position and children. These effects will be minimize if the Jupiter belong to Cancer or exalted sign in any trine house. However domestic quarrel, separation from the friend and sons and displeasure of the superior and change of work field or transfer of duty are the likely result of such a transit.

To minimize the adverse results of Jupiter’s transit, one has to worship their Kul Devta and prime deity .In addition, wear Pukhraj in the Gold and orange clothes during day time. Also take turmeric/ sandal/saffron in the bath. The person has respect to his/her Guru or offers them fruits, medicines and yellow dresses for the better results of Jupiter’s adverse transit.

Kewal Anand Joshi,
Celebrity Astrologer,