Predictions How to determine whether you can make a career in the Government Sectors? Find out!

How to determine whether you can make a career in the Government Sectors? Find out!

Securing a government job is one of the most common ambitions of the middle class and lower middle class youth. Though they are aware of the fact that in recent times private jobs have become better than government jobs, the charm of govt. jobs is still higher. Why? There are many benefits in govt. job that a private job cannot offer. The most outstanding feature of a govt. job is its security and stability. It is recession proof and is not affected by any problems related to the economy. Moreover, you get fixed numbers of holidays and vacations, free health care facilities and lot of free time to look after your family.

Tenth house indicates one’s job or profession. It’s a very important House as one spends more than half of his life earning money through one’s karma. Now let us have a quick glimpse of the indications of various signs, if they fall in the 10th House and the results of the association of planets, related to govt. jobs:

Aries – Police, Defence, Doctors, Surgeons, etc.,
Taurus–Banks and Finance
Gemini – Accounting, Communications, Arbitrators,
Cancer – Water related jobs,
Leo – Government jobs, Physicians, Forest Services, Zoologists etc.,
Virgo – Accounts, Audit, Engineering etc.,
Libra – Legal services, Architects.
Scorpio – Insurance sector, Technology, Machinery, Water Projects, Surgeons etc.,
Sagittarius – Teachers, Lawyers, Judges,
Capricorn– Service, Labor, Mines, Minerals
Aquarius – Aeronautics, Astronomy, Wireless electronics
Pisces – Navy, Oceanography, off-shore explorations, Shipping, Harbors, Submarines, Marine Engineering etc.

Sun – All Government and Public sector jobs, Politics, Physicians, Medicines,
Moon – Sailors, Marine products, travelling jobs, Fisheries,
Mars – Defence, Surgery, Police, Lawyers, Investigative Iron and Steel,
Mercury – Communications, Media, Journalism, Accounts, Insurance, Railways,
Jupiter –Teachers, Professors, Judges, Bankers, Financial experts,
Venus – Music, Arts, Creativity, Designing and Literature related jobs,
Saturn – Mining, Labour, Service, Coal,
Rahu – Sectors that are controlled by Mars,
Ketu – Sectors that are controlled by Mars.

The most significant factor to become an IAS officer is a strong Sun. Two other important planets are Jupiter and Mars. These planets should not be debilitated or placed in an inimical sign or in the 6th, 8th or 12th House. The Sun and Jupiter should be free from malefic aspects. If one or more of these planets are exalted and are placed in 2nd, 9th, 10th or 11th Houses of your Kundli, then the chances are higher.

Sun is still the primary planet you can bank upon for govt. jobs. If there is Jupiter’s aspect upon the Sun, then chances will be brighter. If Mars is also strong, you will get a higher position. Govt. job in research and development (R&D) and Archeology department is likely, if your Sun is in 8th house. It’s a recognized fact that if the Sun is in the 10th House in a friendly sign or in its own sign, a government job is a big possibility. If Sun is weak, then you should consult a reliable astrologer to make accentuate its effects with sensible remedial measures. You might get a job in legal services or in courts, if your Sun is in the 6th House. Government owned media or travel enterprises can employ you, if your Sun is in the 3rd House. Likewise, you may become property related tax collector if your Sun is in the 4th House. If Sun occupies your 12th House, then it can give you a job in hospitals. The degree of the Sun (and Mars also) are further accountable for how much power that person would be having while in service.

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