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The Astrology Behind Government Jobs And Private Jobs

There can be several queries in one’s mind regarding the career that he/she may have in the distant future. We do not just have to know about the job we involve in, but what kind is it, what growth will it provide and how secure is it?

Generally, people are confused if they should go for a private job or a government job for both of them have their own benefits and disadvantages depending on the choice of the individual and what is written in your Janampatri!

Numerous questions like: “Is there a government job in my kundli?”, “Will I Get a Government Job In The Future?”, “Which Is Better – Government Job Or Private Job?”, “What is the possibility of a Government Job Or Private Job As Per My Horoscope?” and many more. Hence, know how Astrology helps in answering these questions for your good! Read more on how career and astrology are associated!

When you are troubled by the dilemma of whether to go in for a private job or a government job, you will be surprised to find that the answers to all your doubts can be found in job astrology. Your unique Kundali based on your birth details contains all the answers to your job queries, such as what chances are there for you to get a government job? When exactly you are likely to get a job? Whether it will be a government or a private job? and most important, What are the key planets which are influencing your job prospects?

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Friends and relatives can offer you good advice regarding all your questions related to your government or private job aspirations, but it is only astrology that can offer you valuable insights and accurate predictions to help you make wise decisions. Our Expert Astrologers, will guide you throughout with the assistance of your birth chart and the planetary combinations to let you know of your chances in your govt or private jobs. You can also buy our Career Report to know the details of your opportunities at the work front and get all the clarity needed.

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With the help of the fundamental principles of job astrology and your birth details, Ask An Expert provides thoroughly customized predictions for your government or private job-related questions. Your Kundli contains great insights about your past, present, and future, and only an expert astrologer can glean out these insights and present them to you in a lucid manner.

Moreover, there are several planetary factors and houses that may play a major role in determining the future of your career. For example the 10th house is affiliated with career and varying planets in this house may help us in deciding the path you may tread ahead! Want to know what complications you may face during this Sade Sati period? Buy Our Saturn Transit Report 2023 now!

Are your planets positioned inauspiciously? Why are the circumstances not favoring you in your job search? Is your thinking pattern too negative? These and all questions related to the delays that you may be experiencing in your efforts to get a stable job. The least you can do is to avoid the delay on your part in getting timely government or private job! Furthermore, there are various challenges that one may need to face as per their birth chart and the influence of the planets in it. One can also find several remedial solutions for a career, in the report observed by our experts!

The objective of seeking expert astrological guidance for a government job or private job-related matters is that it can help you make well-informed decisions. The biggest advantage of seeking astrological guidance regarding your job prospects is that you will know whether you are more suitable for a government job or a private job, how soon will you get your desired job offer, and whether you will be stable in your career. Knowing these aspects of your job prospects will give you a lot of peace of mind.

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To understand the cause of your job concerns and to present the answer to you, our Astrologers analyze multiple factors in your Birth Chart. The Sun is the primary indicator of a government job. So, if you are looking for a government job, then the placement of the Sun in your Birth Chart needs to be checked. If the Sun is placed in its strong Signs – Aries and Leo or in its friendly Signs, or if it is placed in the 10th House, 11th House or the 6th House, then the chances of a government job may be higher. Additionally, Saturn also has a very important role in blessing a native with success and stability in government jobs or government sectors.

Apart from this, the Astrologer has to see the dignity of the 10th House as well as its Lord. Even the 6th House has an important role, as it happens to be the House of employment. Moreover, even if you clear any of the above criteria, if your transiting planets and the Mahadasha and Antardasha sequence are not supportive, then it may hamper your government job aspirations. Thus, only an astrologer with sound knowledge of such finer aspects can present an accurate picture of your government job concerns. You can also read our article on how planets plays a crucial role in getting government jobs!

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Apart from getting the proper guidance regarding your government job or private job queries, it also gives you remedies to overcome the adverse circumstances, if any, in your path to a stable and prosperous career.

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