Are your planets in your favour of becoming a writer?

Are your planets in your favour of becoming a writer?

Every phase in life comes with some in-built challenges, be it the phase of education, marriage, offsprings or choosing the right profession. The desire and thought to be successful in career keep oscillating in each one’s mind. Believe it or not, knowing the position of planets in the horoscope can help you choose a better and correct career option.

Vedic Astrology can be instrumental in understanding the planets and professions for you. The planetary position in your horoscope is also responsible for the choice of your profession. All the planets have specific characteristics which influence the native’s profession. A person with a powerful Sun is inclined towards government services or business. While someone with a Jupiter may be involved in intellectual professions like lecturers, teachers and counsellor.

The twelve zodiacs also can choose their prospect career by understanding career astrology. If you are aspiring to be a writer, then your planetary positions may have Moon, Mercury and Jupiter in the career house. The Moon represents intuition, imagination and visualization. Mercury signifies intellect, logical thinking and writing skills. Exceptionally good writers have a strongly placed Jupiter. Deep thinkers and analysts are blessed with strong Saturn while sophisticated and creative people are ruled by Venus.


Conjunction of Planets for a Writer

There is no doubt that the planets have a strong influence over the native’s profession. But the position of these planets in the horoscope’s houses also plays an equally important part. The houses associated with the writing skills are Lagna, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 9th, 10th. The third house is responsible to make the native’s communication influential. The second house is the house of education, the fourth house is the house of thinking line and the fifth house is for intelligence. The ninth house is the house of higher education while the tenth house is the house of karma. To become a successful or a good writer, the combination of planets required in the houses are:

If the Sun, Mars, Mercury, Venus are in the 10th house, the native is more likely to become a writer.
The combination of Sun, Mercury and Venus in 2nd, 4th, and 5th house makes a person an excellent writer.
When Jupiter, Venus and Mercury are in their own house, exalted in Kendra or Kona, there are bright chances of becoming a writer.
Sun, Moon and Mercury help in gaining education, name and fame.
Jupiter, Mercury, Venus in 9th house are a great combination for writers.
Presence of Jupiter and Mercury in 2nd or 10th house is favourable for writers.
When the lord of the 5th house is positioned in the 9th house, it makes one a successful author, according to Parashara.
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Remedies for weak writing skills

Remedies help in strengthening a weak planet and protects from the malefic planet. If one aspires to become a successful writer and has skills too, but is unable to succeed, then he/she must look for remedies for writing skills. The planet Mercury is majorly responsible for the writing skill of the individual. So, a weak Mercury should be handled for this cause. Below given are a few remedies for Mercury doshas.

  • Chant Mercury’s mool mantra 10000 times in 40 days. The mantra is “Om Braam Breem Braum Sah Budhaya Namah”
  • Worship Lord Vishnu and goddess Saraswati
  • Perform Vishnu Suktam Havan
  • Donate green things like moong dal, green clothes and green flowers
  • Donate at some educational institute as Vidyadan
  • Observe the Ekadashi vrat and Saraswati vrat
  • After consulting an astrologer, wear an Emerald and Dus Mukhi or Char Mukhi Rudraksh.
  • Consult an astrologer and get one Buddha Yantra
  • Feed cows with fresh green grass

Aspire to become a writer?

It seems to be easy to become a writer. But it requires a lot of creativity and understanding of vocabulary. Your astrologer can help you know the best profession for you but ultimately you have to work rigorously to achieve success. Planets can show the chances of success or failure but your destiny should be governed by your hard work. So, put on your thinking caps and start creating a new chapter to become a successful writer. Don’t waste your education and don’t let your creativity die due to a shortage of ideas.

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