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Vaastu for commercial complex

Vaastu for commercial complex

As far as Vaastu for commercial complex is concerned, one should opt for square or rectangle shape plot, as it paves way for profitable business operations. Ganesha says that circular and triangle shapes must be avoided. While constructing the commercial complex on the plot, make sure that there is more of open space in the northern and eastern directions as compared to the western and southern portions. This will increase more positive vibrations.

The population is increasing tremendously in this fast world. The increase rate is such that towns and cities are converting into metropolitan cities. The ratio between land and business is very less, as business is expanding at a fast rate. Therefore, multi-storied buildings are on the rise. Factories have to open their offices at different places due to the increased production. Thus, we can see that buildings for commercial purpose have become a necessity.

In the construction of multi-storied commercial complexes all the principles of Vaastu-Shastra can not be followed as easily as in residential buildings. Commercial complexes which are constructed in accordance with the rules of Vaastu-Shastra become popular and prove to be beneficial and profitable to the business that is carried on from that campus. Therefore commercial complexes should also be constructed according to the principles of Vaastu Shastra.

In complexes, builders try to use each and every inch of space available and thus it sometimes causes blunders. The complexes, which are made according to Vaastu are very famous and successful if compared to other ones.

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We have to take care of the following points while studying about the Vaastu of the commercial complex.

Proper location of the commercial complex regarding roads.

The exteriors of the office like shape, slope, height, water level

The location of the beams

The location of the basement

The direction of the Entrance

The direction & placement of the windows

The direction & placement of the open space to be left

The direction & placement of the space where the construction has to take place

The direction & placement of the offices

The direction & placement of the showrooms

The direction & placement of the electrical equipment like generators, invertors

The direction & placement of the stairs

The direction & placement of AC plant

The direction & placement of the pantry/kitchen

The direction & placement of the toilets

The direction & placement of the water products

The direction & placement of the water boring

The direction & placement of the staff underground water tank

The direction & placement of the overhead water tank

The direction & placement of the septic tank or the waste disposal

Here are some Vaastu tips for commercial buildings:

While constructing building on the plot, enough open space should be left all around. There should be more open space on the north and east than that on the south and west respectively.

Lawn and parking place is auspicious and profitable in the north-east directions.

Slope of the land should be towards north-east direction. South-west portion should be raised.

Tall and dense trees near the main building are not good. There is no harm if the trees are at some distance,

Well or tube-well should be constructed in the north east portion, and overhead tank for storage of water should be constructed in north-west.

Waste water should be drained out of the building and also the rain water should flow towards the north or east directions.

As far as possible, the main gate should be kept in the north or east direction. Height of the main door should be a little more than that of other doors in the building.

Rooms for office etc. should be built in such a manner that rays of the sun reach in each and every room and flow of fresh air is also maintained without any interruption.

Construction of stairs in the south or west portion of the main building is good. Stairs in north-east portion of the building are not auspicious. Balcony should be provided in the north or east direction in each room. If there is requirement of store room along with the office, it should be in the south or west part of the room. If attached toilet is to be provided with the office room, it should be in the south-west portion of the room. Construction of rooms should be so planned that most of the rooms may face towards north or east. Length and breadth of the office rooms should also be as per the Vaastu Shastra.

Ganesha foresees a successful business if one adheres strictly to all these Vaastu Rules.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
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