FIPB defers decision on Hutch-Essar

Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) has deferred a decision on Hutch – Essar shareholding case. Next meeting with regard to the same will be on 27th of April 2007. Ganesha finds very interesting Numerological pattern in this whole case. Hutch and Essar both are ruled by Mercury – i.e. Number 5 – which indicates tremendous prospects of business together. Business plans should also go well if these two companies unite. Then why is this sudden break in progress of the matter? Ganesha observes that Numerological total of Foreign Investment Promotion Board is 8, ruled by Saturn. By nature, Saturn indicates slower progress and restriction both. Foreign Investment Promotion Board is trying to set up some discipline in this matter. Ruler of both the names Hutch and Essar is Mercury which is debilitated in Transit at present, which is another factor for this disturbance. However, on 27th April 2007, Mercury will be in Aries and transiting Moon will be in Leo, trine to transiting Sun in Aries. So, this matter will surely be sorted out positively by the Grace of Ganesha. Besides this, FIPB being ruled by Saturn may put some restrictions which may not meet expectations of both the companies. Still, as the bond between these two companies seems stronger, numerologically progress is assured with some amount of restriction by FIPB.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,

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