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Federer’s progress may begin to slow down from mid Jan 2008

Federer’s progress may begin to slow down from mid Jan 2008

Roger FEDERER the Swiss tennis champion has created history by winning the Wimbledon five times in a row.

He has Leo rising and Sun- the Ascendant Lord, is placed in the 12th house. Saturn and Jupiter conjunction is forming Raja Yoga in his chart.

Atmakaraka planet Moon is placed in the 3rd house (house of sports and enterprise) and the Lord of 10th house (house of profession) Venus which is also the Lord of 3rd house is placed in the fiery sign Leo in the Ascendant indicating career in sports.

On July 6, 2003, he defeated Mark Philippoussis and won his first Grand Slam title in Wimbledon as the first Swiss male player to do so. He has never looked back from that point of time. He was passing through Saturn-Rahu period at that time. The sub period of Rahu has lifted his career becaue Rahu is placed in Virgo Navmansa and D-9 Ascendant itself. Adding to this, Sun and Rahu placed in the 10th house from Moon strengthen the house of profession. Saturn is placed in the 9th house and Rahu is in the 5th house of D-10 chart, which helped in lifting his career temendously.

He is currently under the influence of Saturn-Jupiter-Mars period. Saturn and Jupiter are placed well in the D-10 charts and Mars aspecting the 6th house (house of competition) is giving him strength to demoralise the opponent by applying continuous pressure.

Federer has always done well at the Wimbledon because Wimbledon is always played in late June/early July, while the Sun is in Gemini. This is Federer’s 11th house, where the Sun gets 4 Astkavarga points. On the day of Wimbledon final, Mars, the significator of aggression and passion, was in Aries aspecting the Moon of his natal chart. Moon signifies mind and Mars’ aspect on Moon denoted him great reflexes through quick decision-making. Venus, the Lord of 10th house, was approaching his natal Venus, which was also a decisive factor to achieve glory and fame. The most important factor in any Tennis player is the concentration and focus. The transiting Moon was moving in the 5th house from the natal Moon which was the prime factor of his wonderful focus and amazing concentration.

We might see some extra ordinary Tennis from the champion in year 2007. His progress might begin to slow down from mid January 2008.

We wish him all the luck and may Lord Ganesha bless him!!!!!

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Ganesha’s Grace,
Tanmay K. Thakar