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Effects of the Sun transit in Libra on Virgo Individuals

Effects of the Sun transit in Libra on Virgo Individuals

Lord Sun is the ruler of all the planets. It is during this Fall Equinox that it will make a transit in Libra from Virgo. It is the presence of Sun in the third, sixth and eleventh House that spells really favorable results. While its presence in the tenth house is said to have a sound impact. It is said that the Moon, Mars, and Jupiter are said to have a friendly impact while Venus and Saturn are antagonistic.

It is said that if the Sun is present in a beneficial position in your Janampatri, you can expect great success in life. Your performance goes up significantly in almost all aspects of life. You will also bag huge appreciation from your father. If things go well, it is possible that you land in a government job. Sun stands for fire element.

The transit of the Sun in the Libra sign is going to take place in the second house of your Janampatri and this house is ruled by Taurus. The third house in a horoscope is a significator of wealth, family, imagination and speech. The transit of the Sun in an opposite sign would be unfavorable and you should take care of your speech as this house is a significator of speech.

The almighty Sun would bring a strong impact on Virgo individuals. Let us see whether the transit of the Sun in Libra sign is going to be a boon or a bane for Virgo individuals.

The coming days demand a lot of patience and calm. You should think properly before communicating. You should control harsh words and temper while communicating.

On the work front, you would be less egoistic than usual. This would be beneficial for you.

You may even face a transfer or some internal changes at work. Your job role may change and you would have some added responsibility. You may get a promotion or get transferred to another branch of the same company.

Finances will remain stable still you have to be careful about them. You need to take advice from experts before taking any major investment decisions.

There will be concerns around your personal life and it is quite possible that you develop differences with your partner due to small misunderstandings. So your family life would remain disturbed. Avoid arguments and misunderstandings with your closed ones.

It is imperative that you keep calm and treat your loved ones with patience and do not end up making any hasty decisions. Poise and patience are the need of the hour. Make every decision very carefully and try to keep cool.

It is possible that you will face issues in the tasks that you had previously taken up with ease. Be watchful of your opponents who may just come together to pull you down.

There are chances that you develop a clash with your senior officials. So you should avoid arguments with them and control and watch your words while communicating with superiors.

You would not get recognition of the efforts that you put into the workplace. Don’t be disheartened; your efforts will not go waste. Continue working at the same pace and you will get recognition for your work soon.

Health will remain stable but moderate. There are no major health ailments foreseen during this period.

Check what you speak and maintain a great flow of networking and communication. It is a time when you should not be entering into rash decisions and be attentive to the things going on around you.

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