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Know How Stellium 2019 will affect Gemini Zodiac Sign

Know How Stellium 2019 will affect Gemini Zodiac Sign

Conjunction of three or more planets in astrology is said to be a Stellium. The conjunction should be in one house and in one zodiac sign to make a Stellium. Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn are going to form one such Stellium in Sagittarius zodiac sign from November 21, 2019, for approximately a month. How it will affect Gemini sign can be determined with the help of this conjunction in a particular house it falls in. Hence, it depends on which house this will be formed and how the Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn conjunction would impact on the major areas of your life in that house.

For the Gemini twins, the Stellium will be formed in the seventh house of your Janampatri. The seventh house in the birth chart of a native signifies their married life, relationship with love partners and social circle, personality of spouse, fame, journey. These are the areas of your life which would be majorly affected due to the conjunction of three planets. A phase filled with roller coasters is predicted by Ganesha and you would have to be a bit more careful with your emotions to tackle your relationship problems.

For married couples, the conjunction of Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn has some ups and downs during this period. You may have a disagreement with your spouse and things may not go in good flow. It may also lead to quarrels and peace in your marital life can be shaken.

There may be days in this period that you would feel things are not working as you wanted them to. You may feel a lack of confidence due to this and lose your calm. It is suggested that you look at things from a different perspective and give time to settle them down. It would be good if you can sort things out with your partner in a mature and sensible way. To get your personalized solutions in marriage and relationship matters, consult our expert astrologers.

People who are single might get new proposals from a nearby or distant acquaintance. Your love life may start to bloom during this phase. However, you are suggested to take decisions with proper understanding and not rush into relationship.

There is a rise in competition as foreseen by Ganesha in your career. You are suggested to remain cautious in your office. You will have to struggle at the workplace to achieve the desired results. Your superiors may not be able to support you during this transit which may cause stress.

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If you are a business person, you would also face competition in the market. Your opponents may get an upper hand due to lack of key factors in your project work. Hence, it is suggested that you carefully weigh all the risks in your business before finalizing the project. However, there are chances of receiving monetary benefits from some unknown sources.

Students would focus on improving their concentration powers which would be beneficial to study well and get good marks in examination.

You are also suggested to take out some time for proper exercise and keep small fitness goals. You should also have a healthy diet to remain in the pink of your health during the transit phase.

In a nutshell, this Stellium of three planets would remain moderate for the Geminis.

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