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Want To Improve Your Business? Business Astrology May Help.

We all want a luxurious and comfortable life. For that, we need a steady source of income. There are various ways money can be earned. Depending on the strategy and risk-taking abilities, one can become rich overnight while others like to walk like a tortoise, slow and steady. We all take career advice either from a seasoned professional or a consultant. Have you thought about astrological advice? Yes, astrological advice can launch your business. With the help of Vedic astrology, one can increase the source of income. Business is for those who want freedom and dictates their own terms and conditions. If you ask anybody, everyone will desire to own a business. But this is not fruitful for all. This may be due to the planetary position and combinations, which can impact the decision making and fate of the business. Let us find out how business and astrology are connected.

A business Horoscope can be divided into two parts. The first being the horoscope of the person, and the second the astrology of the business itself. Which house is responsible for business according to the astrological chart? To initiate a successful business, one needs to know the 7th house of his birth chart. The lord of the 7th house is responsible for giving the maximum result in a business sector. As per business astrology, if the lord of the 7th house is strong, then the person will make gains in his sector.

Along with the lord, the planets in the 7th house also need to be considered. Benefic or malefic planets can give varying results depending on the condition they land in the 7th house. One often has heard the term lucky planets, bad planets. These planets can decide the fate of the business. Mercury is one of the main planets for business. It is the planet of communication, and the person under the influence of strong mercury will be successful in his field. While single planets like Saturn, Venus, Sun and Mars in the 7th house are also responsible for making a person a good businessman. However, a weak 7th house or weak Mercury is a sign that a person should not try any business; rather, he should go for a job.

The second part of business horoscope analysis talks about the type of business one chooses. The time to initiate a business and the track of business is important. Depending on the planets in your business house, one should select a particular business track. For example, if Jupiter is ruling in your 7th house, then you should take fields like education, astrology or spiritual guru. If Saturn is in your business house, then he should take real estate. Choosing the wrong line of business will have an adverse effect in the long run.

So it is very important to know the birth of the business or the launch date. Secondly, if the business is already running and if one needs to improve the condition, then along with the 7th house, the 11th house also plays an important role. Let us track the line of the business planet wise.

Successful businessman astrology will tell you that there are few important planets responsible for the success of business. There are three important planets for business as per astrology that brings success. Moon is the first one. It indicates the mental strength required for a business to run. Business, unlike 9 to 5 jobs, requires a lot of patience and mental strength. The focus and the strength to handle the situation is given by Moon.

The next important plant is the sun. A weak sun will give less stamina, energy and vitality. Weak sun also makes the human body weak. This will be an obstacle for people trying to get into business requiring physical work. Sun also represents the power and authority required for a businessman to run and control the people working for them.

How can we forget Mercury? He is the significator of any business. Mercury determines intellect, finance and logic. A successful businessman will always have good intellect and use logic over emotion.

The bottom line remains the same. For a strong business, the native ruling planet in the 7th house has to be strong. Let us scrutinise which business one should opt for a successful income.

Strong sun in your business house indicates gain from business fields related to import and export, gold, thermal energy, garments, medicine and government-related business.

Moon is a feminine character. So a native with a moon in his house can try the business of dairy, beverages. Business related to water, silver, tours and travel, garments, agriculture, transport, and salt can also give good results.

Fiery Mars selects a pitta type of work where physical work is heavy. Business-related to hard work like machinery, electric, defence, surgery, sports equipment, petroleum cna give good dividends. Besides these, they can also try pharma, fertiliser and pesticide business also.

The god of communication will advise you to take business related to telecom and print media. Business related to marketing, advertisement, book publishing or business related to stock commodity will also give good results. They can run their own call centres and help give employment to others.

Jupiter is the spiritual guru. Any business related to rituals, ceremony, religious products will work. Motels, NGOs, businesses related to food products, dairy and oil, will flourish. However, if one is good with figures, then he may opt for a CA agency, Banking Sector business.

Venus is the goddess of love. Beauty products and jewellery business would give good results. Other than beauty products, one can go for an entertainment business like a film producer. Other businesses like an interior decorator, architect, readymade garment, event management can make you rich.

Shanidev advises one to take business related to metals. This includes fabrication, casting and moulding, civil work, construction, building materials and other worlds. Business related to mines, coals, cement, petroleum products will also bear fruit.

IT advises you to take a few technical areas related to work like automobiles, engineering, products related to fertiliser, chemical, antibiotics, mines and pesticides. They, however, tend to diverge themselves to fraudulent work as means of earning money through short cut ways.

If Ketu is associated with your business house, then one should opt for the season worlds, multi-business. Seasonal fruit, gym equipment, pharmaceutical drugs, chemicals and products related to the forest can give good results.

These are just indications, but a strong determination and strategy from a person can enable him to get great results in different businesses. How will your career pan out this year? Ask an Expert and get precise answers to all your career concerns.

If the business is not going good, then there are several reasons. Choosing different lines of business, malefic planets, time of initiating any project was inauspicious etc. If there is a problem, there will be a solution also. Foremost, the 7th house and Mercury should be analysed. A weak Mercury can be treated by wearing green emerald or donating green clothes. If the business is related to construction, then one should consider the Vastu shastra and its remedies. The birth of a child defines the future, which is not in our control but choosing a business and initiating on a proper occasion is in our hands.

Which Rashi is good for business? We always have that question in mind while discussing business astrology. There are certain native signs who are good at dealing with business issues. Let us discuss a few of them.

Capricorns are very good in business because they are punctual. They do not wait for the perfect time to do something rather they are so well organised that they will complete their work well before time.

Geminis are good negotiators. They know how to tackle odd situations. They will excel in a business where negotiation is the key.

Libra native tend to look at everything in an optimistic way. They will tend to find a light at the end of a dark tunnel. They will analyse their business mistakes and try to improve on their negative traits.

Leo people are trustworthy and faithful. They often tend to inject trust in others, and this quality helps them to get the best out of others. They have high business acumen.

That’s all folks. This is all you need to know about Business Astrology and everything around it.

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