Is Your Project’s Launch Date Auspicious?

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It is believed that “All’s well that ends well”. But in case of any business or inception of a project, the beginning is the most important. It can be the deciding factor for the success or failure of the business. So, all those who look forward to starting any business should always go for business astrology.

What is Business Astrology?

The Vedic astrology provides auspicious days and dates for each and every event in a native’s life. It guides the individual about the most appropriate career option, financial growth, marriage, love and sex and many other aspects of life. Similarly, it can predict the most auspicious date for the launching of a new venture. This can be done with Business Astrology. The business astrology segment can be for two separate zones. First can be consultation about business problems or questions, and second for market forecast.

Business astrology and financial astrology go together to determine the success of a native. However, astrologers nowadays have separated the two astrology into two fields. Business Astrology takes into account the daily workings of the company and its owners. Business astrology anticipates the best business options or fields for the native and supports a company in putting together the plans.

Business astrology is also used for choosing a good time to start a business. It also helps in determining the best time for marketing the product and reorganizing the structure of a company, Business astrology also helps in analyzing the first trade chart.

When a native consults an astrologer for business problems, his birth chart is read to make the business astrology chart that helps in determining the best business practices. With the help of the astrology birth chart, one can choose the business’s birth date and time to enhance the potential for the success of the business. This auspicious time is known as Muhurat in Vedic Astrology. Thus, if you are planning to start a new venture, do not forget to consult our expert astrologers and know the Shubh Muhurat for your business.

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Birth chart of Janampatri and business astrology

For a prospect businessman, it is important that the benefic planets be strong and be placed in the right house of his/her birth chart. The benefic planets are Jupiter and Venus and the best houses are 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th houses. The timing techniques of Vedic Astrology for prediction of events, work well for business charts. The transition of planets also plays a vital role in this.

The tenth house is a significator of Success. Jupiter is the synonym of energy. So, when Jupiter transits the tenth house, it results in business expansion. When Saturn transits in the tenth house, it makes one work harder. Rahu transiting in the tenth house helps in innovation and transformation. The second and eleventh house is also important as they are responsible for profit income. The seventh house depicts partnerships and relationships with clients. The fifth house is important for investment.

The ninth house is for Good fortune and the twelfth house is for the “unknown”. If the benefic planets transit from these houses, they all make an auspicious time to yield the best results in business.

But there is also some combination of planets and houses which can yield loss to the native. The sixth house depicts a struggle while the eighth house shows problems. When the planets transit through these houses, the businessman may suffer loss or face obstacles in growth and success. Get personalized details from our astrologers for favorable conditions to be a businessman.

Yogas for business in your Kundli

There are many yogas in Kundli. But some yogas are specifically associated with success in business. Such yogas are Rajyoga, Dhan Yoga, Panch Mahapurusha, Gajakesari Yoga and Karma Jiva Yoga.

Planetary combination favorable for Business

Planets are known to be benefic or malefic and have a positive or negative influence on the native’s life. Their combination and correct placement in houses can change the track of one’s life. Below given are some combinations for success in business.

If Saturn is placed in the ninth house, while it is the lord of the eleventh house, its native becomes very ambitious and is likely to be a successful businessman.

If Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury are in conjunction with Kendra, the Yoga for wealth is formed in the birth-chart.

If the lord of the second house is placed in the ascendant and Mercury is exalted then the native may start a business in his youth.

If the planets in the second, seventh and ninth house in a Birth chart are benefic, then the native is likely to own a business.

If Mercury forms a relationship with the lord of the eleventh or second house, then the person will become a successful businessman.

If the lord of the tenth house is in the Nakshatra of the third, seventh or eleventh house, then the person can be a businessman

Time to Decide

Everyone yearns for a successful business or work life. A planetary position at the inception of a new business is significant for the success of a business. Also, the planets that rule business should be well-placed and should not be in their weak signs or in difficult houses in the astrological chart. If all the favorable conditions are visible in the birth chart then the business astrology will give you a green signal to go ahead with the business. Ask our expert astrologer for the auspicious Muhurat.


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