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Bobby Jindal elected as Governor in US

Bobby Jindal elected as Governor in US

They say history repeats itself; yes, it’s true, but sometimes it repeats in reverse. And what we have seen recently in Louisiana is in complete contrast to what happened a century ago in Bellingham, Washington, where some 400-500 white men attacked Indian immigrants only to drive them out. We are talking about Bobby Jindal, who has won the Governor’s election inLouisiana.

Piyush Bobby Jindal was born in Baton Rouge on 10th June 1971. Looking at his Sun chart, Ganesha notes that Saturn which is the significator of politics is situated in the 1st house and is aspecting the 10th house of career. This gives Love for politics. Furthermore, Venus is in its own sign which gives success on each step which has been taking for politics. There are powerful conjunction of Saturn and Mercury hence he is a good writer. Saturn, Venus, Mercury and Sun- all the four planets are aspected by powerful Jupiter which is favourable for political field. Moreover, the degree of Jupiter and Saturn is on equal terms in Natal chart. This means that he is under the powerful and positive influence of both the planets which are playing vital roles after his wining in political field. This indicates that step by step he will get success. All in all, if we consider the strength of planet, Ganesha feels that next year would be favourable for political field because transiting Jupiter will pass over the Natal Moon. This position will bring prosperity. Taken as a whole, Ganesha finds that Jindal’s future is bright in Political field.

Ganesha wishes his all the best for future. May Lord Ganesha bless him with more such honours in future! Consult Our Astrologer to get your personalized solution.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,