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August Festivals 2023: The Complete List

Shravan Month is all about monsoon, green vegetation, tasty food, and festivals. Mainly, the month of Shravan falls in August and then follows a marathon of festivals. Today we will be reading about all the August festivals 2023.

August festivals 2023 include Shravan month, Nag Panchami, Raksha Bandhan, and Janmashtami.

Shravan is considered a holy month dedicated to Lord Shiva when people perform pujas for the fulfillment of their wishes, visit temples, observe fast to make their lives more prosperous and happy.

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So, what are we waiting for? Let’s celebrate! Let us go ahead and enjoy the journey of festivals by knowing their importance and significance.
The first one for us to celebrate is Shravan Month which has already begun.

Shravan name comes from the Nakshatra Shravan, which governs the sky on the day of the full moon day, and that is where the name comes from.
Pujas during Shravan Maas is one of the ways to seek blessing and be bestowed with good health and fortune.

One of the stories associated with Shravan month is that – Sati, the daughter of Daksh, sacrificed her life and was reborn as Himalaya King’s daughter Parvati. Goddess Parvati wished to marry Lord Shiva. During Shravan month, she performed penance because Lord Shiva was pleased, and he fulfilled her wish.

Subsequently, the second legend consists of the Samudra Manthan. It was performed during the month of Shravan. Fourteen elements came out during this process. One of which was poison, and Lord Mahadev consumed the poison to save the world. Upon finishing the poison, his throat turned blue, after which he was also referred to as Neelkanth.

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Nag Panchami will be celebrated on August 21, 2023. On this day, the serpent-gods are worshipped, and special pujas are conducted. Food is offered to brahmins, the snakes and snake charmers are offered food and sweets.

The legendary story associated with Nag Panchami is that once, a farmer ran over three baby snakes, resulting in their death while ploughing the land. The mother serpent sought revenge for her children by killing the farmer and his family, which consisted of his wife, two sons and a daughter.
Mother serpent entered the house and bit the family, and all of them died trying to save the daughter. When the Mother serpent entered the house the next day, the farmer’s daughter offered her a bowlful of milk and requested her to forgive her father for the deaths. The snake was happy with this gesture. She forgave them and got the family back to life. Since then, Nag Panchami is celebrated.

Raksha Bandhan is probably one of the favourite festivals, like Diwali, as it is a festival about fun, food, feast, enjoyment, glory, and a message of the love of siblings, protection of each other, and being there for each other under any circumstances.
Raksha Bandhan is dated back to the Mahabharata era, where Draupadi tied a knot to Lord Krishna when he was hurt because of a sharp weapon. Shri Krishna considered this as a Raksha sutra. During Draupti’s Vastraharan, Shri Krishna sent her an endless sari to protect her from disgrace. Rakhi has been used by many emperors to avoid fight, wars and instead choosing to walk the path of love, grace and chose relationships, peace over war.

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The best part about Raksha Bandhan is that the relationship is not just about the blood ties; it moves beyond family, religion, colour, race and country.

After eating all the sweets and good food and availing all the sales of Raksha Bandhan, everyone awaits for Janmashtami. It will be celebrated on September 6, 2023. It is usually celebrated during midnight, as Lord Krishna was born during stormy, windy midnight.

Lord Krishna was an incarnation of Lord Vishnu; he was the eighth child of Vasudev and Devaki. Kansa, the evil ruler of Mathura, was Krishna’s uncle. Kansa was aware of the prophecy that the couple’s eighth child would kill him. So, he started killing all of Devaki’s children. But before Krishna was born, Lord Vishnu appeared in front of Vasudev and told him the child they would have is his incarnation and helped him save Krishna.
The prophecy came true, and Krishna was the person who killed Kansa and ended his evil reign.

On the day of Janamashtami, dahi handi is also celebrated in certain states. This is in honour of Krishna’s childhood days where he stole butter in the village and was famously called Makhan chor.

So, this was a list for you guys to have a festive August which you can spend with your family with good food, lots of energy, and vigour.

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