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Astrology and Planetary combinations required to become a writer

Astrology and Planetary combinations required to become a writer

A writer knows what life is all about and guide us to have a decent and successful life from the literature he writes. The writer understands the emotions, feelings and mentality of a people. The writer has a powerful imagination to visualize a situation and draft that visualization in his writing using his writing skills. Such draft brings a revolution in society and helps an individual to bring change in him and also in society.

Effective and efficient writers understand the mindset of the people belonging to their community and they not only talk about problems prevailing in the society but also come up with an effective solution to those problems. The problem-solving ability of a writer helps in development and upliftment of the society and a state.

Writers write on politics, economics, religion, spirituality, astrology, creativity, films. Poetry, novels and many more areas. Hence it is not at all easy to be a writer. It requires a lot of creativity, understanding, visualization and empathy for the people living in a society.

The career astrology and planetary placement in your horoscope empower you with these qualities of a writer.

1. What are the important planets that influence your career horoscope for becoming a successful writer? Which planet is responsible for becoming a writer in astrology?

a) The moon empowers you with intuition, imagination and visualization.
b) Mercury empowers you with strong intellectual, reasoning and writing skills.
c) Jupiter empowers you with exceptionally good writing skills.
d) Saturn empowers you to think deeply and do a detailed analysis of a situation.
e) Venus empowers you with style, sophistication and creativity.

2. How do these key planets help to become a successful writer?

a) The Moon and Mercury play a key role for comedy, drama, fiction and poetry.
b) Saturn plays a key role in pessimistic and analytical writing.
c) Venus plays a key role in art, fashion, style and romantic writing.
d) Jupiter and Mars play a key role in versatility and logic.
e) The Sun and Venus give you recognition in the society.

3. Which are the key houses to be considered while predicting for a career as a writer?

The houses that are connected with writing are the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, ninth and tenth.
a) The third house represents writing, communication and social activities.
b) The second house represents education.
c) The fourth house represents the thinking line.
d) The fifth house represents intelligence.
e) The ninth house represents higher education and destiny.
f) The tenth house represents name and fame, career and profession.

4. What are the planetary combinations required in a career horoscope to be a successful writer?

Planetary combinations required to be a successful writer
a) When the Lagna, the lord of Lagna and the third house, the lord of the third house are in connection with Jupiter, the Moon and Mercury and the tenth house, you can be a successful writer.
b) When the Sun, Mercury, Mars and Venus are placed in the tenth house, you can be a successful writer.
c) When there is a combination of the Sun, Mercury and Venus in the second, fourth and fifth house, you can be a scholar writer.
d) Lord of the fourth house, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter are in own house, exalted in Kendra or trine.
e) When Jupiter, Mercury and Venus are placed in the ninth house.
f) When Jupiter and Mercury are placed in the second or tenth house.
g) As per Parashara, the lord of the fifth house in ninth makes you an illustrious writer.
h) Saraswati Yoga, Gandharva Yoga, Kalanidhi yoga in your horoscope can make you a successful writer.

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