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Astrological Combinations Required For A Medical Profession

Astrological Combinations Required For A Medical Profession

The doctor is one of the most prestigious professions which everyone fantasizes in their childhood. It gives pride to you as you can add the title Dr. in front of your name after becoming a doctor.

Not only this, you would earn a lot of money and attain huge financial gain once you get set in this profession. There are many fields of a doctor’s profession.

Let us see the planetary combination required for the medical profession.

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1. Which planets play a major role in the medical profession horoscope?

For surgeons, Mars plays an important role, and for a doctor of medicine, Venus plays an important role. Apart from these planets, Sun, Jupiter and Moon also play a prominent role. Jupiter is a sign that empowers knowledge to cure a person.

To become a doctor, Moon should be afflicted or have a malefic effect on Jupiter. This combination makes a person strong enough to cure and heal the patients.

Sun is the sign that indicates the soul, and it shows the ability to cure and giving life to the patients. Sun should be in Scorpio or Sagittarius to become a successful doctor.

Venus sign empowers the knowledge to cure a person almost dead, and Mars empowers an individual to handle blood and deal with the physical body. So these planetary positions need to be checked in your horoscope or birth chart.

2. Which are the houses that need to be considered in career horoscope of a doctor?

a) The fifth house showcase education and intelligence.
b) The tenth house showcase profession, status, rewards and recognition.

So planetary placement should be strong in these two houses to become a doctor. Scorpio sign should have prominent influence either in Rashi chart or divisional chart to become a doctor.

c) The second house, ninth house and eleventh house are supporting house and Jupiter, Sun, Moon, Mars or Venus should have strong relations with these houses and signs.

3. What are the planetary combinations or astrological combinations for the medical profession?

Planetary combinations for a Surgeon

The planetary position of Mars, Sun and Saturn are important, and from this Mars, plays an important role to become a surgeon.
a) Sun and Mars should be together in the tenth house in Scorpio sign to become a successful surgeon.
b) If Mars is in cancer with mutual aspect, Saturn is in Libra can also become a surgeon. But both the planet should be in Kendra Sthan that is in the first, fourth, seventh or tenth house.
c) When the tenth Lord from Lagna is in Aries or Scorpio Navamsha or the Moon is in Aries or Scorpio Navamsha, the individual can be a successful surgeon.

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Planetary combinations for a Doctor of Medicine

a) The lord of the fifth house or tenth house is linked with the lord of sixth house or twelfth house. The link can be due to conjunction, placement or aspect.
b) There should be a strong influence of Jupiter in the fifth house, tenth house or the Lagna or the Lord of the fifth house or tenth house. Moon should be distressed.
c) The Moon and the Sun are related to the sixth, eighth or twelfth house or their lords. The Moon and the Sun are distressed by Malefics.
d) The Sun and Saturn are linked with each other either by mutual aspect or conjunction or exchange between the Sun and Saturn is helpful to make a career in the doctor of medicine profession

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