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12-year jail term to Vo Van Duc

12-year jail term to Vo Van Duc

The Criminal Court handed down a 12-year jail term to Vo Van Duc for attempting to bomb the Vietnamese embassy in Bangkok in 2001.

In his chart, Sun and Saturn are placed in fiery sign Sagittarius. Sun signifies the authority and the conjunction with Saturn always creates confrontation with ruling class and government authority.

He has Mars placed in Scorpio with Mercury and Jupiter. Mars and Pluto are in square and it is noticed that Mars prominent in a chart gives aggressive attitude that leads to crime and in his case, it is more obvious due to Mars-Pluto square.

Sun in freedom loving sign Sagittarius in square with Rahu gives him obsessive will to be an authority and catch the eyes of the world by his act.

Currently, the transiting Saturn is moving adversely in his chart troubling him enormously. He said he would make an appeal against the “inhumane sentence”. But it is very unlikely that he gets any relief. The transiting Saturn may increase pain in future as well and the transiting Saturn in Virgo in the later part of the year 2009 may create many problems, which may result in great sorrow and pain in his life.

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