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Effects Of Saturn Transit On Virgo

Saturn, located about 1.4 billion kilometres away from the Sun, takes about 30 years to complete its orbit around the Sun. Similarly, it takes only about 30 years for Saturn to travel through all the 12 zodiac signs of the zodiac. In this sense, it takes a full two and a half years for Saturn to complete the cycle of any one zodiac sign. At present, Saturn is transiting in Sagittarius. But on 23 January 2020, Saturn is going to change its zodiac sign and enter Capricorn from Sagittarius. According to his nature, Shani will also travel in Capricorn for two and a half years. Thus, the period of Saturn’s visit to Capricorn is going to be from January 2020 to April 2022. Saturn’s zodiac change will affect every zodiac sign. To know the effect of Saturn’s transit on the general public, we have to assess its effect on each zodiac sign. For the time being, we will try to know the effects of Saturn’s transit in Capricorn on Virgo.
Saturn’s visit to Capricorn is also special because Capricorn is Saturn’s own planetary sign. According to the horoscope of the Virgo people, Saturn is the lord of the fifth and sixth houses. According to the birth chart of Virgo, Saturn is currently going to transit in the fifth house. The fifth house is related to children, esoteric knowledge, learning, love affair, fame, artistic skill, splendour and other major areas. Since this house is also related to your married life, Therefore, the current transit of Saturn is going to be very sensitive for you. Saturn’s transit in Capricorn has the potential to create rifts or differences in your marital or love relationship. Along with this, this transit can also create hurdles in your business. To avoid its ill effects, you will need accurate astrological remedies.

The last transit of Saturn took place in the year 2017, at that time Saturn had entered Sagittarius from Scorpio. Since then, the time may not have been the best time of your life. In the last two and a half years, your focus must have been on other areas like education, career, business, love affair, marriage and health which have a major impact on life. If you conclude these two and a half years, then during this time period you will become more alert and serious about life. At present, Saturn is going to enter Capricorn from Sagittarius, let us try to know what new changes are going to bring about Saturn’s transit in Capricorn in the year 2020 for Virgo natives.

The transit of Saturn, which is going to happen on January 23, 2020, is going to happen in Capricorn, this transit is going to have a mixed effect on the people of Virgo. Both positive and negative effects of this zodiac change will be seen on Virgo. The hard work done during this period will give you growth in your career. Shani inspires you to work hard while being disciplined. Saturn transit in Capricorn 2020 will also teach you to be patient and not to take hasty decisions.

During this time you will face some problems in the workplace, but you will easily solve these problems while remaining practical.
Saturn transit is going to be very beneficial for my career. Perhaps during this time, you will also get the promotion, which was awaited for a long time.
The workload will increase continuously, as well as there will be pressure to finish the work within the time limit. To deal with this situation, the work will have to be divided on the basis of priority and to complete it, work will have to be done with concentration. The hard work done during this period will also get a fair reward.

During this time you are going to suffer from a lack of discipline and concentration. It will be difficult to complete even small and simple tasks.

The effect of this transit on the business class may create some adverse situations, possibly during this time your plans may go through a recession.
It encourages to use of the acquired experience in business development plans. During this, your reasoning power will help strengthen the situation.
According to Ganeshji, you should be persistent in the work, when you work hard continuously to complete a task, then automatically you get closer to the goal.
This transit of Saturn demands a lot of attention and a logical approach before finalizing any decision. This will help in achieving the desired level of success.

There is a possibility of some unplanned expenses during Saturn transit. In such a situation, try to stick to your budget plan. Otherwise, there may be an economic slowdown. During this time, you are going to be dissatisfied with your deposit savings. Will expect more savings for their wants and financial security. You will work harder to achieve your financial goals.

One can plan long-term investments for better economic condition and stability, which will provide security to the future. Saturn’s transit in Capricorn in 2020 will have a mixed effect on the financial condition of Virgo natives.

Saturn transit 2020 will create a situation of conflict in the love relationship of Virgo natives. Suddenly a situation of argument will be created in mutual dialogue, which will make you sad.
The transit of Saturn in Capricorn also has the ability to end the relationship of Virgo natives. During this time, there is a need to make a favourable policy to solve the problems arising with the partner. It can save the relationship from falling apart.
This period can create tension in married life. During this, differences between you and your partner will increase, because what you expect from your partner, he is going to be unable to fulfil. In reality, both of you will fail to meet each other’s expectations. During this, you will have to face these negative situations in your relationship by showing patience and endurance. 
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Saturn transit is going to have an average effect on the health of Virgo. But during this time you will feel emotional weakness.
If you are facing any anxiety or stress, then the emotional side needs careful attention during this transit. Emotional instability gives rise to mental stress, which in turn leads to health problems.
It is suggested to be optimistic about any obstacles that come your way. If you allow negative thoughts to dominate you during this time, then depression and despair can harm you. During this time, keeping in mind the larger scenario, do not let any situation dominate you, and try to maintain self-peace.

The influence of Saturn works to make the person disciplined and careful. There is no doubt about the fact that the influence of Saturn makes a person work hard, but Saturn also does the work of giving proper results of that hard work. During this time, one needs to maintain patience and self-peace. If you maintain patience and self-peace, then your life will be filled with happiness as this phase passes. The influence of Saturn works to test the native. It leads you to fill with negative thoughts and take wrong decisions. But with patience and positive energy, you can reduce as well as eliminate its effects. If you want to neutralize the negative effects of Saturn transit in a precise way, then our experienced astrologers can help you with this. Based on your personal horoscope, you can control the ill effects of Saturn transit in Capricorn.

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With the blessings of Ganeshji, Ganeshspeaks

With the blessings of Ganeshji,