27th October 2014 – Stockmarket and NIFTY Predictions

Market Predictions



वृषतुरंगमविक्रमविक्रमन्द्विजसुरार्चनदानमनाः पुमान् ।
शशिनि तौलिगते बहुदारभाग्विभवसंभवसंचितविक्रमः ।।

Implication – Those born under the Moon Sign Libra are gallant people. Worshippers of Devas and Brahmins, they tend to be charitable and generous. Marvellous people themselves, they usually live a happy and prosperous life. By birth, they have a potential to possess bullocks, horses and various other types of vehicles. They also, however, have the potential to have many wives (spouses).

General –
Stars and planets change their position, and bring you considerable relief and happiness, as the year begins. The last two years of your life may have be stressful, owing to Rahu-Saturn’s transits through your Moon Sign, but you anyway may have seen relative betterment in the situation from July 2014 onwards, when Rahu exited your Moon Sign Libra. Now, on 2nd November 2014, Saturn too leave your Moon Sign to enter Scorpio. Also, Jupiter is giving you a good support, and this will many areas of your life, including business and overall progress in life, says Ganesha. Post July 2015, when Jupiter moves to Leo, you can expect even better times on fronts like education, benefits, gains, children and progeny. However, Saturn’s movement to your House of Wealth may cause you some struggle on that account. You may feel that your income has decreased somewhat. Rahu’s influence may also affect your financial situation. You may have to spend on legal or medical bills. Be careful and cut unnecessary expenses. Also, these planetary influences may leave you confused as to whether things are good or no-so-good, smiles and says Ganesha. Don’t worry, overall things shall be much better than how they were in the last year.

Finance and Profession
Mars rules your House of Finances, and Moon rules your House of Business or Profession. If you offer your prayers to these planets and please them, you can get excellent results this year, says Ganesha. You will see that you are getting concrete progress in your work and business, but may also remain confused as this may not translate equally in form of financial rewards. Now, note that Jupiter is transiting through a Sign that is the House of Profession and Business from your Moon Sign, thus the success, fame and progress. But, Saturn’s influence may cut down on the monetary benefits. But, don’t worry, for even if Saturn brings struggles, it also brings you your fair rewards. Also, you may worship Shree Yantra to get better results.

You may suffer from seasonal ailments, owing to your weak immune system, during the year ahead, as the adverse planet Ketu shall be transiting through your House of Diseases. You may also remain confused about your overall health, as your medical diagnostic reports may continue to deem you hale and hearty, while you may feel unwell and unsettled. You should get Sarpa Sukta done by a proficient brahmin, in order to get rid of your troubles, advises Ganesha.

Love and Married Relationship
The year ahead may bring a bag of mixed results for you in the realm of love and relationships, feels Ganesha. Post July 2015, you may expect a considerable boost to this sphere. You may even fall in love at this time, feels Ganesha. However, before you move ahead and stamp this relationship as committed, do weigh your pros and cons, and also get your Kundalis matched, specifically if you plan to get married.

The year ahead shall be quite smooth on the account of career and education for your Moon Sign, feels Ganesha. Also, Jupiter, currently passing through your House of Gains shall help you even more on this account. You will get success and progress. People who are involved in work and studies related to the fields of media, entertainment, automobiles etc. stand to benefit a lot, says Ganesha.

Considering all the planetary positions, Ganesha suggests you to follow these remedial measures.

  • Every Saturday, offer food and grains, especially in the fried form to the beggars/ needy sitting outside a Hanuman temple. Also, every Saturday, chant Hanuman Chalisa eleven times.
  • Recite Sundarkaand on Saturdays.
  • Wear Seven Mukhi (Faced) or Eleven Mukhi Rudraksh.Get Homatmak Or Japatmak Laghu Rudra Yagna performed.
  • For financial gains, use Quartz Crystal beaded (Sphatik) maalaa and chant Om Shree Aem Shree (ॐ श्री ऐं श्री ) mantra 108 times.
  • Since Venus is the Lord of your Sign, you are advised to chant the mantra give here

|| Himkunda Mrunalabham Detyanama Paramam Guru
Sarvasastra Pravaktaram Bhargavam Praanmayamham ||

II हिमकुन्द मृणालाभम् दैत्यानाम् परमं गुरूम्
सर्व शास्त्र प्रवक्तारम् भार्गवं प्रणम्यामहम् II

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,

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