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Chandra Mangal Yoga In Astrology and its Effects

Vedic astrology is said to endow you with a lot of abundances if you follow it to the core. It is full of many mysterious planetary combinations that can influence your lives in umpteen ways. The Chandra-Mangal yoga is one of those rare occurrences that have the power to bring you untold success and prosperity. Yoga is developed when the Moon and Mars are in conjunction with one another. It is also known as the Shashi Mangal yoga. Moon is believed to be a fast planet in Astrology, and hence yoga is frequent and is dependent on placement and rulership in the horoscope.

Exploring Chandra Mangal Yoga in depth

Many yogas in our horoscope come to bring about life-changing phases. These are a highly strong combination of planetary energies that cannot be ignored. These often show their effects in certain areas of work and life. We are able to achieve distinct successes. We all are well aware of the lives of Bill Gates and Angelina Jolie, both of whom are highly successful in their respective fields of work. A large part of their success is based on the presence of Chandra Mangal yoga in their horoscopes. We are not trying to say that it wasn’t their hard-work or abilities, but are enumerating that this highly influenced the level of success they achieved. They have been blessed with this unique ability to generate wealth based on the work. Yoga helped them perform their work unmatched by others, and hence the outcomes are not hidden from anyone.

How is the Chandra Mangal Yoga formed?

Chandra Mangal yoga can bring about many beneficial aspects, depending on the overall horoscope of the native. If both Chandra or Moon and Mangal or Mars are present in the same house of the horoscope of the native, then this yoga is developed. Astrology also believes that when Moon and Mars cast an Aspect on each other in the horoscope, yoga is also formed. Yoga blesses the native with amazing results.

Let us now take this discussion one notch deeper.
We all know that there are twelve signs and likewise twelve houses in the horoscopes. This means that the chances of the Moon coming in conjunction with Mars are one in twelve. For instance, if Moon is said to be present in the second house of the sign of Aries, then the presence of Mars in the same sign is one of twelve, and that so in the second house is again one in twelve. This should mean that yoga should be a presence in every twelfth person of the world, and hence this person should be blessed with that kind of success and abundance. This is not what we see around so definitely, there have to be more conditions for the yoga to be formed. Now let us take this discussion one more step higher.

Moon is believed to stay in a sign or transits through a sign for a maximum of two and quarter days while Mars stays in the horoscope in a sign for a month and a half. So, it clearly means that yoga develops only when Mars and Moon are found in conjunction in the same house of a sign, so this will thus stay for two and a quarter days. Yoga, in other words, will remain active for two and a quarter days. So, this typically means there have to be other conditions for this yoga to work effectively.

Let us see this in great depth.
One more condition, apart from the presence of the two planets in the same house is that all the planets that are involved in the formation of the yoga have to work in the positive direction in the horoscope of the native. This means that both Mars and the Moon have to be beneficial in that horoscope. Mars and Moon can technically make four combinations in the horoscope, that will qualify for the Chandra Mangal yoga to be formed. Out of all these, only the one with the combination of positive Mars and positive Moon will bring the necessary benefits. While the other three combinations, namely, the malefic Moon and beneficial Mars, malefic Mars and beneficial Moon; or both malefic, will not breed the desired results. All these combinations will, in turn, affect the positive aspects of yoga. In all three above combinations, if Mars or Moon will dominate will depend on the strength of the position of other planets in the horoscope.

Another important aspect of yoga is that if both the planets are present positively in the same house in the horoscope, then the next important thing is to find out about their strength and activity level. For instance, if both Mars and Moon are present strongly in the horoscope of the native and also are highly active, then the results of the Chandra Mangal yoga will be stronger.

The impact and position of other positive and negative planets also have to be checked as it can also hugely impact the overall result of the yoga. Even the running times of the planets involved will have a suitable impact on the native.

Thus, you can see that many factors contribute to the effectiveness of yoga. Even a small tweak in the factors can hugely impact the same and can change all the results. There are multiple factors involved, and each needs to be fine-tuned to get the best possible results.

Significance of Chandra Mangal Yoga

This moon conjunct mars yoga is a highly formidable combination of planets to generate wealth by the native. Chandra Mangal Yoga is formed when the Moon and Mars are in conjunction with the birth chart of the individual. It is also known as Mahabhagya yoga. Apart from the financial successes, it also imparts the native with much respect and fame in society. Moon is linked with wealth, happiness, and mental strength, while Mars bestows power to work hard and achieve all your goals in life.

However, a vital aspect also states that when Moon and Mars are found in combination with auspicious planets, the person often makes money by honest ventures. In contrast, if they are found with inauspicious planets, the money is generated by unfair means.

The persons with this yoga may achieve unparalleled success but will not enjoy good relations with their families. The person often becomes tough and emotionless. In many cases, it has been seen that their relationship with their mother is also deeply affected. Also, it has been seen that the native becomes short-tempered and stubborn. Although, in the case of a male, he will be better placed to receive help from others and will attain all the great success by his own effort. There are chances that the native faces stress and other issues.

The effects of the same in a woman’s Kundali are drastically different. You can explore the effects of different yogas in your horoscope from your personalized Premium Janampatri.

Let us consider the Effects of the Chandra Mangal Yoga as per the sun signs.

Sashi Mangal Yoga will get altered depending on the lordship of the Ascendant.

Chandra Mangal yoga can have significant effects when present in the 9/10/11th house in the case of Cancer, Leo, Libra, Pisces, etc. They will try and earn money nobly and honestly. They will be a tough challenge to their competitors.

The yoga in the benefic houses heralds a variety of mixed results in the case of Libra. Here one is a functional benefic while the other is malefic.

In the case of Taurus, Sagittarius, Virgo, and Aquarius, yoga can be highly harmful and bring great distress in life as both the planets that are involved are malefic in the horoscope. However, if Jupiter is in ascendant with yoga, then we can expect nearly 50% of the effects are nullified.

Thus, we see the significance of Chandra Mangal yoga and in the life of the native. Astrology is full of abundances if the planetary positions are accurate. For having a more in-depth view of the same and more questions, you may talk to our expert astrologer.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
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