Fearless and adventurous are the key words that can be associated with Roosters or chicken as they are also called. Always protective about their near and dear ones, they are ready to fight for any injustice done to them. Extremely talkative, sharp and observant, a Rooster easily gets into arguments. In fact, he ensures that he makes a valid point and wins the every argument. Extremely meticulous and cautious, they are very tactful at handling money matters. Planning and budgeting is very well taken care of if assigned to them. Pleasant-looking Roosters are quite suave and sophisticated in their mannerisms. They manage to grab eyeballs either with their flattering ways or spectacular performances. Yes, they prefer career or hobbies that let them showcase their talents in front of people, and thus make them grab some attention. However, the female Rooster come across as calm and composed than their male counterparts. They are down-to-earth, adapt to the situation easily and fulfil their responsibilities sincerely.

Just like a rooster’s walk, they promise to be meticulous and cautious with every step they are taking. There is no doubt why these composed and observant creatures declare the break of the new day for the world! But how will this metaphor of the new hope stand true for the whole year? Let’s find out with Rooster Horoscope 2021. Read More…


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