About Pig Chinese Zodiac

A fun fact to start with: Pig Zodiac is the last sign in the Chinese Zodiac. It is normally related to wealth and luck. People with Pig Zodiac are believed to be humble. They will never harm another person intentionally.

Among these qualities, we add the concept of Chinese Wood Pig, which refers to people born in 1995. They are even more humble than the regular Pig Zodiac natives and are said to be lucky when it comes to matters of the heart. But when you are as simple and honest as they are, who’s to blame?

Not only the Chinese wood pigs of 1995, but Pig natives, in general, are also gifted with great endurance levels. They are ready to be friends with, and they love the feeling of harmony and unity. If you are going through difficult times, they will be the first ones to offer a hand of help.

In Chinese Astrology, Pigs are known to be fashion maniacs. They are quite sharp with their fashion sense and perfectionists when it comes to anything in life. They will be some of the most hardworking people that you will come across. Here’s a curveball. They dress good for the occasions but hardly like to attend those occasions, being the shy people they are.

Pig sign in the Chinese Zodiac are also known to be a little snobbish. Yes, we already told you that they are easy to be friends with, but the key here is to win their trust. There is a hard shell around their softer core. Once you breach that initial snobbiness, they are all yours.

The Chinese sign of Pig is also considered lazy due to their symbolic animals. However, never judge a book by its cover. We have already mentioned how hardworking they can be for the right cause. But there is always some truth in the cliches, isn’t there? Pig natives, true to their Chinese animal, are known to be lazy and clumsy at times.

Cleanliness is also a hit or miss considering their Zodiac animal is, well… Pig. They can either be cleanliness freaks or can be untidy to the core. In the end, it is really a roll of dice, to be honest. But how to identify them apart from their traits? The year you are born decides your Chinese Zodiac Animals. Here, we have prepared the chart for the same.

Chinese Years of Pig Zodiac

The Pig being the last sign of the Chinese Zodiac, they are the end sign of the 12-year cycle. The 12-Year cycle is another important astrological factor in Chinese astrology. The chart below shows the Pig Chinese Zodiac years.

The Chinese zodiacs are calculated by the Chinese lunar calendar, and that is a little different from the western-Gregorian Calendar. Therefore, the calculations can sometimes vary.

Now that you know if you or people you know are from the Pig Zodiac or not, it is time to understand the elements of these natives, based on the years they were born.

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Pig Chinese Zodiac & Its Elements

There are Five elements related to the Chinese Zodiac, and just like Vedic Astrology, these elements represent a certain set of characteristics as well.

As said, each of the elements come with their personality traits, positives and negatives. These characteristics will help us in identifying the ever-important friendship, love, and compatibility factors for the Pig natives. Let’s see what’s in store for that.

Pig Chinese Zodiac with Other Signs

Pigs are normally humble and happy-go-lucky characters. Who will have any problems with them? Well, in Chinese Astrology, the compatibility between signs takes into account the different characteristics of every animal sign.

For the animals where the characteristics are similar or complementary, they are said to be good with each other. If you or anyone you know is a native of the Pig Chinese Zodiac sign, there are your best matches.

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Goat, Tiger, and Rabbit.

People with these animals go well with the Pig Sign. They understand each other well and know how to keep one another happy. Moreover, these signs and Pig signs attract each other and make good companions.

On the other hand, there are some animal signs that do not go well with the Pig sign. And they are:

Monkey and Snake.

Now, there are no signs of animosity on the surface with these signs, too. However, when it comes to deeper connections, lifelong friendships, and love compatibility, natives of the Pig Chinese Zodiac will not be satisfied with these two animal signs.

And this is not all. We have barely even scratched the surface for the Pig Zodiac. What are their personality traits? What about their career, love, relationships, and health? How is their upcoming year looking? To know all that information, yearly score, and much more, read Pig Horoscope 2023.