Extremely clever, jovial, flexible and extraordinarily creative are all those born during a Monkey year. They may surprise you with their presence of mind, sharp observations and intellectual discussions. They possess the innate quality of communicating flawlessly and impressively. But, people close to them may feel that Monkeys may have a superiority complex. At times, they can be extremely selfish, egoistic and vengeful. Moreover, they can be extremely ruthless when it comes to chasing their ambitions. If you happen to be their competitor, expect no mercy! And, if there is a mention of Monkey girls, they are one step ahead of Monkey men. Irresistibly beautiful and charming, there’s no way they can go unnoticed. Natural performers as they are, they often take up the field of arts, dance or theatre. A live wire in their social circuits, the ladies born in a Monkey are ultra-competitive and the official attention-seekers at social dos. Well, at least they think so!

Such entertaining personalities! Not a single moment of boredom. If this was a planet of the apes, what’s there to complain? There is beauty, performance, intelligence, and not to forget the mischievousness! How do all of these quantities combine to make this year, the year of the monkey? Find out now with Monkey Horoscope 2021. Read More…



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