Snake-Rabbit Compatibility

Snake Husband and Rabbit Wife

He is domineering but the sophisticated Rabbit will be open to his ideas. As the two share the same likes and dislikes, they can achieve a compatible relationship both mentally and emotionally. However, neither of these signs is very accommodating, and may neglect each others’ search for mental and emotional gratification. But she is not very possessive, not as much as the Snake, and will not be too disturbed if he does not pay her enough attention. She will be happy is he takes care of the domestic expenses and provides all the necessities, It will be a compatible union.

Rabbit Husband and Snake Wife

These two, if they can complement each others’ strong points, can make a very compatible marriage combination. He has great ability and foresight. She is success-oriented and supports his materialistic goals. However, even tough both have a lot in common including a love for relaxation and an easy life, the Snake could be too enthusiastic and coercive for the Rabbit’s casual style of involvement. Both are thoughtful and meditative, but if they become negative, the union could get into trouble.



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Rat-Rat Compatibility
Rat Husband and Rat Wife
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